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Date: October 03, 2013 07:30PM

here is the next workshop []

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Date: October 04, 2013 08:12PM

Moved on from Bulgaria then? The Bulgarian patient lover may have stories to tell if anyone can contact her.

Seeing a "spiritual guru" (self professed) turn into a foul mouthed alcoholic sloth given to violent outbursts in front of her eyes will have been confusing.

Anyone able to move this site up the google rankings again?

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Date: October 05, 2013 11:40PM

so active person in Facebook, indeed []

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Date: October 09, 2013 09:58PM

waiting for 2 years the new book


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Date: October 14, 2013 08:25PM

This will lead to more sexual abuse being reported.

Sexual offences: Wrong questions asked of victims, says Keir Starmer

Victims of sexual offences have been afraid of reporting them because police have asked "the wrong questions", the director of public prosecutions for England and Wales has said.

They included whether offences had been reported straight away, he said.

He said that, in the past, "many victims didn't have the confidence to come forward because we were asking the wrong questions".

"If you go into a police station and report a burglary the first question is not 'are you telling the truth'?

"If you are the victim of a sexual offence, very often in the past that has been the first question."

He said that, for the past two years, he had tried to "fundamentally shift" this attidude.

He said that, if victims knew that "you will come in, give your account and then there'll be a proper investigation", it would give them more confidence to come forward.

The change was introduced after it emerged that some of Jimmy Savile's victims were reluctant to pursue their individual complaint because they thought they were the only accuser.

If you have been sexually abused, even if it was years ago and you would like to see Christopher Hansard exposed, get in touch with Witness Against Abuse (now the Centre for Boundary Studies) []. Witness will gve you contact details of a solicitor in this field and the solicitors have my story. There is a file.

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Date: June 09, 2014 08:59PM

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Date: August 31, 2014 02:46PM

with new Bulgarian wife

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Date: October 04, 2014 09:14PM

Christopher Hansard FRSA FRI

15 de setembro

My Facebook pages have been trolled and my Facebook friends sent defamatory private messages about me. The person defaming me is going through my FB friends list. I would appreciate you sending me the contents of the communication. You will not be involved any further, but your help would be much appreciated. I know who this person is , which country they are in and where they live, and through my legal counsel I will take appropriate action. I have reasons to believe that this person is a professional troll who has been harassing other people on the internet for a very long time and therefore it is important that they are stopped before they cause a disaster to someone who is more vulnerable that myself . Your assistance will help my lawyers stop this person from devastating other people's lives. Thanking you in advance.'
Curtir · Comentar

Raquel Delgado, Georgi Penchev, Marie Sanden e outras 3 pessoas curtiram isso.

Sorik Houlberg thanks for the warning my friend

2 · 15 de setembro às 05:44

Christopher Hansard FRSA FRI thank you Sorik

1 · 15 de setembro às 05:53



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Date: October 04, 2014 09:28PM

Dorje Wrote:
> If you start at the beginning of this discussion
> and work your way through you will find your
> answer.

I got started reading all pages and I'm continued surprising that CH has still workshop in Norway?

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Date: October 04, 2014 11:14PM

lorenzetti Wrote:
> I urge anyone who is reading this forum and knew
> Chris in New Zealand to come forward.
> As previously stated, he attended Selwyn College
> (Kohimarama Road, Kohimarama) in 1974/75. Some of
> the jocks referred to him as ‘Kung Fu’ – I
> am trying to jog memories here. He was living in
> Auckland until about 1990. I think he was involved
> with the dance group Limbs at one time. He told me
> that he was interested in starting up a mime
> school. As he claimed he was terminally ill at the
> time, I don’t know if he did this or not.
> If it can be shown, by collective statements on
> this forum, that his claims regarding his
> background and training are lies, it will add
> weight to any kind of future investigation.
> Again, thank you for starting this forum Pema

looked this. can find a picture of CH

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