Those who can't laugh at themselves
Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: September 29, 2002 06:28AM

On Purim, besides reading from the Megillah, Jews also dress up in costumes and do pranks. One really artful prank was a spoof on the Jewish Press called, "Not the Jewish Press". Without getting involved in all the details, the second version had a mass rally pictured on the cover with thousands of people waving their arms in the air. The headline read, "Meshiach Hegiyah" which means "the messiah has arrived". I was leaning towards orthodoxy back then and I thought I missed the grand event.
Rereading the headline, I realized it was the joke paper
Now, let me ask everyone a question? What are you really hoping for to happen with the Messiah arrives (for the first time for the Jews) and when Jesus returns (for the Christians).
Maybe one day, people will stop killing each other in the name of all of this. I hope for that day.
In the mean time, one kosher food company makes money because they "answer to a higher authority". It's all in the marketing mix.

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