Other Sterling Groups
Posted by: Bam-Bam*Pebbles ()
Date: August 16, 2003 12:27AM

Wanted to raise awareness of Sterling Off-Shoots and receive feedback on them

World Institute of Human Development out of Northern California Sponsors the Young Men's Ultimate Weekend or YMUW

Also the:

Eyes of Men
NoM Nation of Men same thing out of Northern California

Any one have any experience with these groups?

Will give more detail on my personal experience later.

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Other Sterling Groups
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 16, 2003 01:48AM

I suggest periodically checking Craiglist.org and if you catch these groups recruiting there, do some counter-posts on CL and warn people that this is a set up that has generated casualties. Provide information and URLs!

You can search the community discussion listings and the 'group activities' listing to see if any of these groups are placing ads. However, ads expire in 10 days from CL so keep that in mind.

Or, if you're really concerned, just post a 'heads up' warning on CL in the community discussions section and alert people.

Information expires from CL after 10 days. If you find solid info on any of these spin-offs, post it on [www.culteducation.com] in the message board. That way its always there and you can give a URL to the thread on Rickross.com any time you have to post or re-post on a place like CL

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Other Sterling Groups
Posted by: Bam-Bam*Pebbles ()
Date: August 22, 2003 04:35AM

Wanted to give more detail on what I know about Young Men's Ultimate Weekend and he World Institute of Human Development, Inc.

the Institute is out of Marin & Sonoma Countys they are a CA non-profit organization

The person I know has become obsessed wih this organization and has spent over 2000(I'm sure more money since the time of this writing) attendin weekends with older males in the mountains releasing the testosterone he has apparently built up.

The people from YMUW approached him when he became separated from his wife of 10 years, who moved out of state with both his children. He was depressed, confused, vulnerable.

They found him through A.A. in So Cal.

They claim to take young male adults ages 13-20 away for the weekend in the mountains and turn them into men. They claim that young males and older males problems are ragin hormones and testoterone build up. They create a raging roaring fire and encircle the male and taunt them to release or "g0-ff" as they put it. Then they restrain or hold back the individual. This seems to be some type of rage release technique. After attending a weekend with this group he returned with bruises all over his upper body from either restraining and individual or being restrained himself, and no voice rom yelling. I also noticed that since attending these weekends it became easier for him to "go-off" or enter into a "rage state" at home. The more one does something the easier it becomes to repeat the behavior.

They also burn sage because it supposedly cleanses the sould and cleanses spririts. They enter Tee-Pee's and do indian chants. They compare the weekend to the indian culturual proactices where they send a young man out to the forest for an amount of time and he returns or becomes a man. The man I know is now obssessed with indian culture. he considers himself an Alpha-males and warrior. He has assigned himself some role of being the Chief of the apartment complex he lives in.

The heirarchy of the organization seems ideal for a cult. They have weekends away for the parents, men mentoring men meetings, weekends for women as well. I've learned that after attendin these weekends a different young male was not allowed to discuss anything that wend on during the weekend with anyone other then the men in YMUW they are iven a list of men to call and they are only to talk to them.

See htt://www.factnet.org/discus/messages/6/807/html?1060784567 to see my posting in May and a mother's reply after her experience with her teenage son attending one of these weekends. I will tell you that after speaking with her in more detail through e-mail she has taken her son completely out of it.

The man I know tnow thinks of women as lesser individuals that are only good for making lists and controlling situations. They say that men should only talk to women about how the woman's day was. He recently was looking into finding a mail order bride form the Phillipines becase they are "submissive" in their culture as he puts it.

I've aso learned through another mother that the her son was deprived of sleep during these weekends.

The man I know has mentioned he now knows millionaires when I asked him where one of them made his money he didn't know. I would guess from this and likely other non-profits. He mentioned that he wants them to start paying him a salary. He's been paying them to participate taking time off of work to participate. Attending men mentoring me weekends. It consumes all of his time.

Since being invovled with this group the man I know took a 13 year old boy, blindfolded him and took him somewhere down to the beach. The childs mother allowed him to do this. This is has to be one of their practices, I've known him all our lives and I would never think he would do anything like that. A week after he blindfolded the child the child washospitalized in a psychiatric facility, as a result of beating his mother.

He punishes his 12 year old son by socially isolating, by humiliating him in public. The point is we saw these changes since he became involved in YMUW he is using the techniques he has learned from YMUW.

He tells his 12 your old son not to talk to women including his mohter, he is only to ask his mother how her day was, his son has told us his father has told him that, "he is training me to become a man, and most ercently in April I quote, "my father is training me not to think for myself." All of this stuff are cultish practices.

The organization is an offshoot of Sterling follow the sites below and you will see the connection:



[ymuw.com] - to check out site then click on links
you'll see nation of men which is now eyes of men try to click on it and the page will be expired go to

check out homepage
who we are
and click on history or go to


click on Events you will see YMUW listed


there is more guys these supposed school improvements the NoM do

They were kicked out of a couple because the pto or pta volunteers after seeing their practices asked them to leave they noticed how weird things were and were actually trying to be recruited by NoM and their Women's Group Offshoot

Will give you a URL on that later

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Other Sterling Groups
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 22, 2003 10:07PM

It all sounds like classic thought reform set up.

And that stuff about getting the guys to build up, then release all that emotion (what shrinks call 'catharisis' and what folks in the street would call 'puking your emotions')
...all that is based on out dated 1960s encounter group technique. These days (and after working with many casulties of the 60s and 70s human potential movement!) mental health professonals who are up to date now understand that venting emotion does not, by itself lead to insight or transform a person for the better.

Instead, we have found out that if someone goes around constantly blasting out anger, this 'kindles' certain pathways in the brain and central nervous system, making it EASIER to get angry in the future. This has been verified in the laboratory by doing brain scans on people using positron emission tomography scanning (PET scan).

In short, the more you vent anger, the easier it is for you to become angry. This is not to recommend repression of emotion. But venting emotion isnt the way to learn self mastery. The key is become aware of emotion WITHOUT ACTING OUT, and learn to 'hold' emotion, and cultivate emotion creatively, neither repressing it or acting on impulse. Its like martial arts--cultivating skill and vitality, so that you know how to fight, without needing to fight.

A set up like what you describe is actually a school for violence, NOT a true program for self-mastery.

Tribal groups who lived close to survival margin would not have tolerated any sort of indoctrination that created men who were disruptive to their families or to society in the ways you describe--there was no margin for error and if a tribe produced too many disruptive eccentrics, it would not survive.

Given that your friend was recruited through an AA group, that alone is worth emphasizing. There are certain groups that are very helpful (or at least innocuous) such as AA or the Unity Churches, but because they are so inclusive, and attract vulnerable people, they are excellent 'hunting grounds' for recruiters. And there's no one more vulnerable than someone recovering from a substance addiction who is trying to get a sense of who they really are.

If you are ready to deal with folks who accuse you of cynicism and closemindedness, consider posting what you've learned to some of the newsgroups and craigslist.org

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Other Sterling Groups
Posted by: Bam-Bam*Pebbles ()
Date: August 28, 2003 03:45AM

I'm going to try to check out Craig List

Do you know anything about whether or not I could like start a web page and call it Anti-YMUW or something like that

I do have postings on Factnet.com under families and relationships fortunately it has helped one family and the person I spoke to is passing on the info.

Would like to confront the person I'm close to who's in YMUW like an intervention, not sure though

Anyone have any advice on intervention

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Other Sterling Groups
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 28, 2003 11:07AM

Intervention is delicate. Read all the material you can on intervention on this site and on freedomofmind.com

If you're really concerned, talk to Rick and see if he can recommend an exit counselor in your area. Intervention can help, but it has to be done properly--and you want expert advice.

Its also very, very important to have some kind of sanity producing centering practice for yourself so you can stay steady and calm in highly provocative situations. Cults like to invalidate people when they engage in normal displays of emotion. You will want to be very steady and clear on your intentions.

Thats where the exit counselor can help.

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Other Sterling Groups
Posted by: Bam-Bam*Pebbles ()
Date: September 03, 2003 04:56AM

Hi Corboy;

Not going to mess with intervention. These YMUW guys are trying to get the guy I know involved with Sterling. He's been talking to one family member for last couple of weeks, and has mentioned Sterling too her. But he is definately in a bad spot. Flat broke now. Still spends all his time with the men from YMUW.

Letting go and Letting God

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