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Asaram bapu of yoga vedanta samiti is destructive hindu cult
Posted by: Ram_Gopal ()
Date: August 06, 2006 03:12AM

India's very prominent religious destructive cult started by Asaram Bapu and his son and sureshanand has ruined thousands of innocent peoples lifes. They have asaram bapu as leader and ashrams as asaram ashram of asaram pujya. they run a destructive cult by exploiting people to work in ashram and have them promote CD, books, asaram discourses, etc to raise funds. Asaram bapu has grabbed properties of hundreds of people and thousands of people are brainwashed by him.

Hinduism doesn't teaches you to disrespect our religious feelings. But these days some people have made it commercial for making money. Seems like some scammers greed doesn't ends there, besides raping our faith and having us waste our precious time in serving their ashram for their own benefit in the name of spirituality. Well these duo have crossed the limit, and we condemn their philosophy and the way they have used our Hindu religion.

It's a shame and disgrace on us when they call themselves as bhagwan (god)
Details and link to video is at []
We are hurt by Asaram and his son actions and using Hindu religion as their saviour to hide their cowardly acts. They are shame on our society. Making fool of people in the name of spirituality by using influence or exploiting innocent people in the name of devotees and guru is not recommended in hindu or infact in any religion. Hinduism is a sacred religion and people like asaram should be exposed for exploiting poor and illeterate people in india who get easily influenced when they see them as public figure. It's a shame and disgrace to sadhu samaj, and on our hindu culture.

It's really a two-part problem. First, Asaram Bapu cult is founded by a single person who retains
a position of exclusive power within the organization, and power tends to corrupt even the most
ethical among us. In the case of The Asaram Bapu, there is evidence that its leader, Asaram Bapu,
is abusing religious beliefs and is involved in forgery, scams, land grabbing, land encroachment,
seduction, mass fantatics protestors. Because Asaram Bapu groups operate outside the mainstream,
there is usually no one checking up on their operating procedures, so a corrupt or mentally
unstable leader like Asaram Bapu is free to exploit his followers to his heart's content. In
addition to this authoritarian leadership structure, some primary tactics or characteristics of a
destructive cult like of asaram bapu uses are ::

[b:c744c088af]Charismatic leadership[/b:c744c088af] --- It is asaram himself who poses himself as god to his followers. and
followers become fanatic in believing asaram as god and they forget in real god or the supreme

[b:c744c088af]Deception in recruiting[/b:c744c088af] ---- Asaram manipulates his new followers by showing he is a religious man
rather than coming in open and telling this is my past and how many people and families i have
ruined for my own benefit.

[b:c744c088af]Use of thought-reform methods[/b:c744c088af] ---- Asaram followers who are manipulated to live in ashram as sadak
are never left open to know whats happening in the world , they are made to listen to his tapes 24
hours /day and think about asaram only.

[b:c744c088af]Isolation (physical and/or psychological) [/b:c744c088af]--- asaram bapu has grabbed lands and built number of
ashrams all over India with small rooms and instructs his followers to lock themselves in room
for hours and think about asaram only, they call it dhayan. Infact in psychology a person is made
to think about asaram only and only asaram. Plus most of his followers are dislocated like Delhi
follower will be sent to work in his Ahmedabad factory and Ahmedabad follower will be sent to Delhi
vice versa. he has number of thikanas to hide his followers if followers family want to take their
son/daughter back to their homes.

[b:c744c088af]Demand for absolute, unquestioning devotion and loyalty [/b:c744c088af]==== asaram will ask for total dedication
from his followers who are living in his ashram, or are new recruits, they are not allowed to pray
to any god except asaram, they are not allowed to belive in or listen to any other religious

[b:c744c088af]Sharp, unsurpassable distinction between "us" (good, saved) and "them" (bad, going to Hell) [/b:c744c088af]======
Asaram bapu has made categories like hierarchy in followership -- like a new follower is seen as a
skeptic, and then when a person leaves his home and starts living in his ashram then he is given
some work, and made to think if he works hard and recruit more people form his family then he is
promoted with in his cult . Followers are taught any one who speaks against asaram bapu is an evil,
and his followers will go to the person who speaks the truth about asaram and will harass him, like
they did to Nana Patekar, to new magazine in Delhi, or to respectable saint in north Delhi.

[b:c744c088af]"Inside language" that only members fully understand [/b:c744c088af]==== Ask any of the family members who are
hurt by asaram what happened to their child, in fact followers attitude towards parents and family
changes , and he sees them as an outsider, and his sect in ashram has their own code words like
satta bazaar has their own words same way asaram followers who are living in Ahmedabad ashram has
their own words which we can't understand. in these words they tell each other we can trust the
third person or be aware of the person because he is against asaram, or if we can make fool and con
the person of his money or can make him a slave for their ashram.

[b:c744c088af]Strict control over members' daily routines [/b:c744c088af]==== Asaram bapu control the daily routine of his
followers who are living in his ashram by not giving them any real knowledge or skill rather than
to emotionally blackmail them and make them speak they were unhappy in this world now they are
happy by ruining their life and family and are happy while working as slaves in un humane
conditions, It's amazing to see some people are working 20-22 hours per days and have been working
in the ashram form last 10 years . asaram in his private meeting with his staff will manipulate all
court cases against him and say these outsiders people are fool they are suing me, they cant do
anything to me.

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Asaram bapu of yoga vedanta samiti is destructive hindu cult
Posted by: GopalMittal ()
Date: August 18, 2006 01:37PM

[b:cc61c28385]‘Sinful acts’ land saint in soup [/b:cc61c28385]

Fr[i:cc61c28385]om Abhay Kumar DH News Service Patna:

Aasharam Bapu seems to be heading for a hard time ahead. The saint, who commands a huge fan-following the world over, has been accused of usurping land and property worth Rs 2 crore in the Kadamkuan area of Patna, where his ashram allegedly runs in an “unlawful” manner.

The Bihar State Religious Trust Board, which detected the anomaly, has served a notice to Bapu, wherein it has been said that the 13-kattha land of his ashram actually belonged to one Bhisma Das Thakurbari. Stating that it was being run in an “illegal way,” the notice has also asked Bapu to vacate the premises by August 20 or face consequent legal action.

Confirming this, Bihar State Religious Trust Board president Kishore Kunal, a retired IPS officer, told Deccan Herald on Saturday that a legal notice has been sent to Bapu’s Sabarmati address in Ahmedabad.

“Initially, we asked him to produce the papers relating to the land. But neither he nor his associates in Patna could do so,” said Mr Kunal, adding, “Besides, an unlicensed medicine shop is also run on behalf of the ashram, which never issues any receipt on purchase of medicines. This is yet another violation of Consumer Protection laws.”

Expressing dismay over such kind of “illegal” activities by prominent persons, he said, “If Bapu fails to respond, we will serve one more notice before lodging an FIR.”

Launching a crackdown on other unlawful activities in religious centres of Bihar, Mr Kunal also removed Baba Bhikari Das from the Madhavpur Religious Trust and appointed Goplaganj superintendent of police RK Rathi as its temporary trustee. Mr Das has been charged with smuggling and adultery.

Besides this, he verified the accounts of the renowned Sheetla Mata Mandir in Agam Kuan, which showed Rs 8,000 as its annual income. “The fact is, the temple gets Rs 9,000 as chadawa (offering) everyday,” said Mr Kunal, elaborating on his plan to stem the rot in other temples too.

Above article is listed at


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Asaram bapu & his son Narayan Sindhi aka narayan sai run a cult
Posted by: GopalMittal ()
Date: October 08, 2008 05:31AM

Dear Ram_Gopal Ji,

Asaram bapu & his son Narayan sindhi aka Narayan sai runs a destructive religious cult.
they have a branch in USA also, Please get them banned in america.
A widowed mother is waiting for her to be returned from this cult form 14 years. she was on TV begging from this cult leadr asaram bapu but he replied to her with ego that her son is counting money in ashram & he doesn't give a damn about her son. he has crores of people like her son in his ashram. But it's been two months she is still wiating for her son.
please watch more on this mind washing cult at []
there are number of reports of murders rapes tantick of this cult.
He bsacially sells ayurvedic products made in his factory & factory needs slaves to work.
He brainwashes people then exploits them forever. In the way he murders all who want to leave his ashram or see his sexual exploitations.


I have already sent requested to home department here hopefully scotland yard police in UK will ban this cult soon as it has some people here also.


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Re: Asaram bapu & his son Narayan Sindhi aka narayan sai run a cult
Posted by: mukesh.1985 ()
Date: December 26, 2008 02:45AM

please see...



thank you

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Asaram bapu ashrams are now terror camps in hinduism supported by Modi
Posted by: Dheeraj ()
Date: February 28, 2009 03:00AM

The links posted above of youtube by Mukesh.1985 is from the propaganda asaram bapu and his son Narayan Sindhi aka Narayan Prem Sai aka SRI SRI Narayan are doing to suppress their expose. Infact they went too far even in buying air time on almost all news channels for their advertisements of half an hour as televangelist.
After effect is almost all expose murders and news are not delivered on any of the channels, may be for compulsion some channels give here and there 10 seconds of expose. In India it's easy to buy anything with money & he has over a Billion Dollars to spend. Although channels did charged him premium charges but who cares he is dying to save his dying cult.

It's a fight he will fight till the time judiciary won't wake up or CBI doesn't get involves. With the support of Chief Minister of Gujarat Narender Modi who was responsible for genocide of over 3,000 Muslims in Gujarat and is banned by USA asaram flourished his criminal network in last 10 years wherever BJP is there.

Raped women can't raise their voice because the police they go to and report the head of police is controlled by Chief Minister and they start harassing the victims itself. Same is in murder cases, so many murders are being done just to hide the previous murderers expose. Media is well paid up including top editors of National newspapers, remember this is the same media asaram and his followers were criticizing in the propaganda. And about the forgery cheating there is no record how many thousands of Crores is in the market for money laundering form USA and India and about properties even Modi government had to admit Yes asaram has grabbed land. But at the end who cares, his shop was still running but at the dying speed, as general public has understood the Gimmick asaram is playing with disguised in the religion.

In India legal system is slow and it can take up to 20-30 years for a case before convict can be put in jail and if he has political connections it will not be possible as is in the case of Asaram Bapu and narayan Sai. He is getting deeper & deeper in trouble because all along in his propaganda he was saying that people who are opposing him or have filed court cases against him are Christian Missionaries people then he came with that they are paid with Missionaries, then he even filed two FIR's against over 20 of his ex followers who wanted to get their salary that they belong to Muslim Terrorist organizations. Asaram didn't left any trick to divert people attention he even blamed Christian & Muslim people for his expose. Although it's well aware that asaram and friends along with Modi were involved in murders of innocent 3,000 people. Asaram also used to go to villages and convert Christians into Hindu's by force. His followers were arrested once for forcefully converting Christians to Hinduism. Even though VHP who brought couple of other criminals disguised as Guru's to speak in favor of asaram. VHP is the same party which supported Muthalik in Bangalore riots and VHP is responsible for terror organizations like sadhvi pragya. Asaram Bapu and his son narayan is not only a religious cult rather they have become a terror to innocent people.

Here is link to the story where Government even admit that asaram ashrams are on land which is not owned by them.

Interestingly there are people who live nearby they are willing to confess to the murders done when asaram grabbed this land and even removed a bus stop from there. He just took over.

Part of money laundry from USA is handled by Doctor and his son in new jersey ashram, and partly from diamond merchants who are Gujarati and sindhi and on 46th street in New York and have related offices in Surat in Gujarat. All have swiss bank account and even imported some residents from switzerland in their ashram, and poor people came in the trap and are now working as slaves in ashram.

He is sitting on all of his ashrams which are not owned by him and he telling government to prove that it's not his. He tells rape victims who were sexually abused by him that why you took 3 years to come out . As is in the mind abuse case in deception of cults it takes time for people to recover physically and mentally. I called India and people narrated me tales of horror which they went through with asaram it's just un humane. Till the time Indian politics is supporting these criminals India will never shine. Although asaram will be shutdown soon but there are number of them more who are still mushrooming.

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2018 Asaram Bapu in jail awaiting verdict on rape charges
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 23, 2018 09:18PM

The above posts are from nine to twelve years ago.

Additional news articles up to April 2018

Rise and Fall of a Godman - 1999


Inside Asaram's Evil Empire November 30, 1999 (With updates)


Key Witness in Asaram Bapu Rape Case Shot Dead; 9 Witnesses Attacked So Far 2015


Asaram Bapu rape case: Victim’s father gets death threat

March 20, 2016


Asaram's followers removed from Jodhpur ashram ahead of 2012 rape case verdict

April 23, 2018




But what eventually drove men like Prajapati, Raju Chandak (a former ashram manager), his own son-in-law Hemant Bulani, former man Friday Dinesh Bhagchandani and scores of other once-committed followers away from Asaram's mesmerising gridlock was their discovery of his irrepressible weakness for young women. Something that has now landed the godman in jail on charges of forcing himself on a minor girl.

Fifty-two-year-old Sudha Patel, who became a part of Asaram's flock at the Motera ashram in 1986, says she was forced to flee a decade later. "It was no longer an ashram, a place where one could seek god," she says recounting sordid details of how two young women codenamed 'dehl' (peahen in Gujarati) and 'bungalow' would act as spotters, constantly scoping out congregations for young women. Their cue, she says, was when the godman threw a fruit or piece of candy, at a girl he fancied amid his devotees.

"It was a simple and practiced routine," says Sudha. "The spotters and older sadhikas (female disciples) convinced the girl's parents that their daughter had been blessed. They cajoled them to take her to Asaram's kutir where he would perform anusthaan (special puja) especially for her."

Sudha and Prajapati, however, admit that there was seldom any coercion. "Most girls and families believed they were blessed. After all, their 'god' had chosen them. He was 'Krishna' and they would be his 'gopis'," says Prajapati, recalling instances where he was witness to arguments over who would go into Asaram's kutir on a particular day.

Sudha, who earns a meagre living selling ayurvedic medicines in Ahmedabad, says she is among a handful of women of the Motera ashram who survived despite spurning the godman. She claims Asaram had openly offered to reward anyone who could bring her around. "He would often announce during the satsangs-'jo Sudha ko sudhaar ke dikhawe, use ek lakh rupaye inaam doonga' (whoever reforms Sudha will be rewarded with Rs 1 lakh)," she says.

On January 7, amid the raging storm over the brutal gang rape of a physiotherapy student in south Delhi on December 16, Asaram declared the victim was as guilty as her attackers. "The girl should have called the culprits her brothers and begged them to stop this could have saved her life," he stated, adding to the outrage.

Would Asaram have relented if the 16-year-old he is accused of raping had addressed him as brother? "Not a chance," says Prajapati, "he would not have backed off even if she had called him 'father'. He insists he is god and everything he does is an 'act of god'."

Edited 4 time(s). Last edit at 04/23/2018 09:29PM by corboy.

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Asaram Bapu money laundering
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 24, 2018 06:25AM

Asaram Bapu "money laundering" - google search


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Re: Asaram bapu of yoga vedanta samiti is destructive hindu cult
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 27, 2018 09:57AM

Asaram asked to leave Naini ashram in the 1960s for being ‘too attached to worldly pleasures’



Nainital: According to inmates of an ashram situated on the outskirts of Nainital, convicted self-styled godman Asaram resided in their ashram for almost four years in the 1960s before he was thrown out since he was found to be “too much attached to worldly pleasures.” The controversial godman arrived at the Swami Leela Shah ashram situiated at Hanumangarhi near Nainital in 1964 along with his wife, according to Chabbal Das Tejwani, 75, the present administrator of the ashram .”He was found to spend most of his time organising wrestling matches and going sight-seeing with his wife. Since he didn’t seem keen on following the discipline of a spiritual path, he was asked to leave in 1968,” Tejwani told TOI.

The ashram’s founder, Swami Leela Shah who hailed from Sindh in Pakistan and had migrated to India after Partition, was an ardent campaigner agsint the dowry system and proponent of women empowerment as per Tejwani. “Asaram wanted to be initiated as Swamiji’s disciple but Swamiji refused. He later asked him to leave the ashram since Asaram was too much involved in material pursuits,” Tejwani, who has been managing the ashram since 1994, added.


LK Aswani, a local who has been associated with the ashram since the last 20 years, added that a few decades back, Asaram and his supporters had tried to forcefully occupy a part of the ashram. “In 1999, Asaram’s supporters forcibly tried to take over a part of our ashram in the garb of organising a religious event here. It was only after we put up a stiff resistance that we were able to save the ashram from being occupied by them.”

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Re: Asaram bapu of yoga vedanta samiti is destructive hindu cult
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 28, 2018 10:38PM




In one of the fiercest attacks on the BJP government in Gujarat, Shantilal Vaghela, father of Abhishek, an alleged victim of occult practices at Asaram Ashram, has accused the political dispensation for a farcical probe into the Dipesh-Abhishek killings that has reached nowhere, a decade after the incident.

“Asaram is behind bars in Rajasthan because of prompt police action and non-interference by the political dispensation at the time that allowed investigation to run its course. Upright investigating officers committed to justice worked without fear despite threats. This is in stark contrast to shoddy investigation in the Dipesh-Abhishek ‘murders’ where the reluctant police carried out a lackadaisical probe while Asaram enjoyed political patronage. Even a commission probing the case was appointed to stifle the public outrage. Politicians here have not bothered to open the commission’s report ten years after the incident and five years after it submitted the report,” Vaghela told Mirror on Thursday.


Gujarat govt mulls tabling probe report on Asaram ashram murders


Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 04/28/2018 10:41PM by corboy.

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Re: Asaram bapu of yoga vedanta samiti is destructive hindu cult
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 28, 2018 10:46PM

Asaram’s followers launch ‘oust BJP’ campaign, rapist baba once said he had found Lord Shiva in Narendra Modi




Claiming that the Wednesday’s judgement was allegedly engineered by the BJP, the 77-year-old rapist baba’s supporters have vowed to teach the BJP a lesson in the coming elections. According to some estimate, Asaram has nearly 40 million (4 crore) followers spread across several BJP-ruled states including Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

According to a report by NDTV, a press note by Asaram’s followers titled “Bapuji’s crores of followers will shunt out the BJP in the coming elections,” accused the BJP-led government of judicial intervention.


This assumes significance in light of the upcoming assembly elections in Rajasthan, where Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia will be seeking a second-term. Scindia was one of the high-profile BJP leaders, who had visited Asaram’s ashram and paid rich tributes to the latter’s godliness in the past.

The press statement by Asaram’s supporters, as reported by NDTV, also alleged that “the BJP’s interference in judicial matters is clearly visible.” This was in reference to the impeachment motion initiated by the opposition against the Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra.

Curiously, Asaram had once famously claimed that he found Lord Shiva in Narendra Modi. On another occasion, he had also expressed satisfaction on Modi becoming the prime minister. (Watch the special video below)

Go to URL for full article to view the video



A court in Jodhpur on Wednesday had sentenced Asaram to life in jail, while also awarding 20-year jail terms to other two convicts, both his aides.

Asaram broke down in courtroom after hearing his sentence. Two other convicts namely Shilpi alias Sanchita Gupta and Sharatchandra were handed out 20 years each in jail.

This was just hours after the court had found them guilty of raping a teenager from Uttar Pradesh at Asaram’s ashram. Sharatchandra was the director of Chhindwara residential school where the 16-year-old girl was studying in Class 12, and Shilpi worked there as the warden of her hostel.

Asaram’s spokesperson Neelam Dubey had told the media that they will appeal the verdict in the Rajasthan High Court.

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