Qumran Bet -Arkansas Cult
Posted by: Dr.John Lupoli ()
Date: September 02, 2002 12:37PM

To whom it may concern,

I am a pastor and a photojournalist. From time to time I come across weird and bizarre issues as they relate to cults and off the wall religions. I would be more than glad to supply you with a flow of information as I uncover it.

On a recent trip to Arkansas I uncovered a group/cult that I think you may have interest in investigating.

The name of this group is Qumran Bet and they believe that they are the second center of the universe.

Under normal circumstances one can identify a group by the religion they parallel closest. This is impossible with this group.

This group would include a blend of witchcraft, Satanism, Judaism, YHWH-ism
and Christianity.

This group’s sacred literature would include anything printed on paper regardless of or authenticity or origin, however they continue with reckless disregard to historical Cannon citing trans-literal error.

This group has a regular practice of animal abuse, animal sacrifice, Torah manipulation, deception and duplicity as “ permissible by scripture”. Of course no cult would be complete without an arsenal and this cult has one as well. Hidden under the façade of the two elderly people that front the group – their motto is “our knives are sharp and our guns are loaded”.

David Koresh is a hero and the US government has no authority on their property. The IRS is wrong / as they collect non-profit contribution without authorization and the FBI and ATF are instruments of the government to overthrow the people. They actually have named their two dogs Waco and Ruby Ridge in memory of their departure from Waco. They claim to have been there.

They are self-professing communists, believe in aliens, and are now teaching that they are the chosen nation.

The above is just designed to wet your appetite.

I have listed below are their two websites were their perverted theology is proclaimed.


There is also an article written by myself on the website of The World Council of Independent Christian Churches at [www.wcicc.org] and click on the cult page.

If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me worldtraveler@qixis.net.

Thank you,
Rev.Dr.John Lupoli

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Qumran Bet -Arkansas Cult
Posted by: Qumran Bet ()
Date: September 05, 2002 06:15AM

John, why have you concocted this labyrinth of convoluted inaccuracies? You are an intelligent and knowledgeable man. This is the kind of inflammatory rhetoric that has led to much pain and suffering in past times. You, yourself, know that these statements you declare about Qumran Bet are lies by distortion. What would possess an astute individual, learned as you are in the intricacies of the legalities of both man and G-d, to employ such counterproductive measures? I well understand your hurt and anger, but this kind of attack is more likely to backfire than have the result you intend. These destructive distortions you purport may have great power never will they have the power of truth.

When you cried out for help, we helped you. When you needed travel expenses, we opened our wallet. When you were hungry, we fed you. When you were too warm, we cooled you, even at an expense we could not afford. We did not demand repayment although you faithfully assured us all, full and complete repayment. We brothers and sisters understood this was a non-deductible donation (do be sure to report this as personal gifts to satisfy the tax code).

Now in manner of explanation, when your integrity came into open question and we came to understand your intentions and understood your involvement in 501 chicanery, even trying to entice Sis and I’s complicity what else could we do? In this light, we were left with no other option than to ask you to leave the property. Because of your reluctance to vacate and demands for special consideration the Sheriff had to become involved. For us two crippled old people there was no other viable alternative. It wasn't until after you left we heard of your defrauding innocent young model wannabes out in CA. we were so relieved you three were gone.

We do not now or have we ever claimed to know ALL truth. We here are involved in search and research to first find truth and second live according to it. A little over two years ago when we did the painless banding of Chockly, the now, steer, we were unaware of the laws forbidding it. As I confided to you, we will have to market this corn-fed prime beef, on the hoof to the Gentiles. This will mean a sizable loss.

Here is only another example of how you set out to twist truth into a lie for a desired effect. We here who are involved in Qumran Bet are in a learning curve. We have stopped looking to human religions to supply the answers. We‘ve come to see them as fierce combatants in a kingdom turf war. To them truth seems secondary to effect.

We seek only to be subjects in His kingdom. Your suggestion that we must be about building our mansion and baronage to honor Him through our own exaltation is to us heresy. We see the path to Him as one we individually are obligated to discover, then faithfully walk.

We do not see the government of men as instituted by His hand or the leaders as chosen by the Most High Eternal. We see only the kings of Yisrael and Yahudah as picked by Him. We obey the laws of the land if they are not in contradiction to Torah. The last time I checked, the people in this country elect their leaders. You seem to be saying Caesar is your Mighty One. We have paid every tax due. No one who has helped with the expenses of the Qumran Bet web-site expects a tax deduction. This is their property and we all share the expenses. We receive no government largess or tax exemption. We do receive monies from that which we have paid in, as we are entitled by contract. We, like so many, paid dearly during our years of employment in some dollars that were worth ten of today’s dollars.

John, you nearly made me howl in laughter. My Grandfather, Frank (George) Baldus was the inventor of that memorable phrase. He was born in the 1880's and to help keep our little fingers from dangerous curiosity, he would good-naturedly quip,

“Remember, all guns are loaded and all knives are sharp.”

John you are a very practiced man in the art of ‘decontexualization’. In my book, that is witchcraft. But thank you for sharing Grandpa’s proverb with so many. He would be proud.

Another twisted lie that cries out for mention. We have not sacrificed any animal, anywhere, ever. We have kosher (cleanly) killed and bar-be-qued. Is this against the laws of God or man? On the other hand, the roosters you and ‘mountain mama’ took such pleasure in hunting down and killing or injuring, we were stunned. You did not cleanly kill as we specified. We found bodies of chickens who had suffered and died days after you had departed. A single, well, placed shot to the head will bring a quick end to suffering. You left evidence that you had violated that directive. Shoot to wound gave Pat a visceral thrill and it was shocking to us when she excitedly announced she enjoyed it extremely because she would picture one of her ex-husbands as she pulled the trigger.

I found nothing in your treatise that was true. These are some examples of the stratagem you employed. By this, the reader will be able to easily see your bent. We’re clean, squeaky clean. We invite any responsible investigator to come and see. The F.B.I., the I.R.S. or the A.T.F. is welcome here. We are not an armed compound. Sis has a 410 and 22 caliber varmint guns. I own 2 BB/pellet guns and I personally do not use firearms.

Weren’t these the kind of inflammatory allegations that led to many deaths and much useless destruction in recent history?

John, listen to your relatives and those who know you best. Get help with these clearly counter-productive behaviors.

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