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Re: Can charismatic cult founders be helped or reformed?
Posted by: karen ()
Date: August 04, 2008 03:40PM

I think the majority of charismatics really are true Christians but they go overboard with it with all of that emotionalism. The first time I went to a Charismatic church I just about freaked, it was so spooky to me. They were all babbiling and ranting and raving like lunatics and singing loud as they waved to God, swaying back and forth, some rocking like a baby as they sat.
I think the leaders can be reformed if they realise just how much bs they've been
learning. I think some of that indoctrination is just a trick from the devil to keep good Christians off track. How far can you really advance as a Christian when it's all about emotions and signs and wonders and healing? I thought those "gifts" were done away when the cannon of the Scripture was completed? Some people say that the devil can heal people of things to, like blindness and all that, just to get a true Christian caught up in the holy roller emotional ride.
They can be reformed if they want more from the Christian life than just a roller coaster ride.

Charlotte Moore

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