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Posted by: Jamie123 ()
Date: April 28, 2024 07:25PM

Ep 6 - Sphinx Spiritual

The more I write, the more Sphinx’s ‘cultic’ behavior’s come to the fore.

I recently learnt, Sphinx (Ian & Pearl) are blaming the wrong person for my posts. They know me and my contacts. Like I said earlier (and will keep saying) at any time Ian, Pearl or the whole Council (including Jesus) want to meet and discuss my evidence, I will. I even suggest connecting to Polygraph (lie detector) machines to confirm the truth!!!

The wagons are circling, blaming others, making up stories, and denying the evidence before them. If Spirit’s never wrong, maybe the issue is there interpretation, especially when I’ve already detailed facts they got 100% wrong?

I standby and can prove everything I’m writing with ‘real’ admissible evidence.

The same happens to some ex-members who questioned or failed to comply. Their departure followed selective in-house false (Sphinx favorable) stories to protect Sphinx's reputation and group ex-communication. The stories are astounding and will follow!

** The ex-communication and false statements; why does a spiritual group have to do that? Most groups I know (excluding for criminal and alike matters) do not exclude past members? I suggest, it’s a cultic behavior to manage reputation and more importantly ensure their ‘false truth’ and ‘real truth’ do not cross. It’s also a compliance tool, being observed, implied and stated as a consequence for non-compliance.

A good example of reputation protection, was during a Course, when a student’s partner (with media connections) threatened to investigate Sphinx. Strangely enough, that student left the course. ** Again, why? If Sphinx is honest and accountable, why doesn’t it stand on its credibility?

I question the Sphinx followers (either following these posts or listening to the rhetoric) for not asking, if my statements are false, why doesn’t Sphinx take legal action??? I could not think of anything better, a legal ruling on the bona fides of Sphinx!

Going back to blaming the wrong person, this again fully confirms Ian or Pearl (aka Spirit) have no idea! If their purported credentials were true, they would have been looking inside their own group years ago. They have no idea!!!!!!!!!!

Ep 7. Next – Pythagoras (now Stock Nostradamus) Share Trading platform.

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