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Date: April 07, 2024 08:30AM

Sphinx Spiritual – Ep 4.

From the Sphinx Spiritual website, Deep Trance Mediumship (DTM) is ‘the pinnacle of the work conducted by Sphinx ... as it goes to the core of our business: providing an elite level of spiritual knowledge to help people live their lives better. … some mediums, there is a capability to bring forward information from the spiritual world in a direct form without human interference. … Ian Rogers has specialized in DTM, an art rarely performed in today’s world and offers the opportunity to gain direct access to this direct knowledge from Spirit’ … at bi-monthly DTM nights.

My first trance experience was a DTM night at Mornington. It cost non-Sphinx members $50, and members $25. Inside Ian sits in an arm chair on a small stage with 50 plus chairs facing him. The trance starts and Ian talks on a pre-advertised subject, with an accent applicable to the relevant spirit. The session last about an hour, then ‘spirit’ answers questions until they’ve had enough. Ian recovers in his seat with is eyes closed and attendees are told not to approach him as he has to regain his energy. The trance’s are recorded and then, for $20 you could order a copy for Jemimah. Now, a whole range of trance’s can be purchased from Sphinx’s online store.

I went to two of the deep trance’s and for me, there was no real definable or quantifiable content. At one Trance night, I think it was spirit Francis Bacon (1561-1626) who advised the group to vote independent, and not for either major political party at the last Australian election. Unfortunately, for a spirit that knows everything, he failed to account Australia has a preference system and Independent votes are redirected to one of the major parties???

In the Counselling Course, Ian tranced Sigmund Freud and I was the subject. I sat in a chair in the middle of a semi-circle of students and Ian (aka Sigmund) sat behind me. In a mocked English- German voice, and amongst other things, the conversation went, ‘what did I eat for breakfast,’ then ‘what did I eat for breakfast as a child?’ I replied, ‘cereal’. Ian inferred, ‘I hadn’t change from my childhood, because I still ate cereal?’ I replied, ‘I do eat other breakfasts ... and I’ve changed cereal over the years.’ Staunch and not conceding his assertion, Ian moved on. He asked, ‘as a child did you play with your po?’ I said ‘po?’ After some confusion, I identifying ‘po’ was pooh? I said ‘no’. The trance ended shortly thereafter. **Reviewing the notes from another student, the trance again contained nothing meaningful, insightful or nothing not already known about me. And as for the cereal thing, really!!! I still like something from my childhood, so I haven’t changed??? For an evolved spirit and Council member, why didn’t Sigmund ask, why do I still eat cereal? I would have replied ‘it’s healthy, high in fiber, etc, etc’ **Another example of the quality of this spiritual Council!!

Watching some of the Sphinx’s members body language, most were nodding and affirming Sigmund?? It’s scary, they would have believed anything he said.

During the Counselling course, one student being targeted/bullied, but under the Sphinx guises of ‘his personal development.’ Ian, trancing (aka Francis Bacon) started the trance; “Is gay boy in the room” and it was directed at this person. **Francis allegedly knows everything. Why didn’t he know that person was in the room??? I researched the language of 1600’s and I couldn’t find any evidence of the word ‘gay boy’??? Maybe Francis evolved his language with time??

I have subsequently learnt why this person was being targeted (a great upcoming story) and yes the behavior contravened today’s acceptable standards.

And, don’t forget the Jesus trances mentioned earlier. For me, all my trance’s, have been weak in substance and just rehashed basic psychology or life advice. I would have thought that being evolved spirits, the Council and Jesus, would provide something that was definitive, life or even world changing???

Do think I’m not encouraging people to attend Deep Trance nights or to listen to the trance recordings. Quite the opposite, I encourage all the explore and draw their own conclusions.

Ep 4 (Confidentiality & the Share Trading Platform) next.

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