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Date: April 06, 2024 07:41AM

Sphinx Spiritual – Episode 3

Apologies for the grammar etc in Ep. 2, I mistakenly posted the draft.

I don’t have an issue with mediums/spiritual people making mistakes. However, I do with those profiting and attesting their honesty, integrity and accuracy, when that clearly wasn’t mine or others experiences.

My observation of Sphinx, is many members have lost their willingness or the ability to rationally question. They believe everything the leaders or spirit say. Is it because of their search for spiritual purpose or meaning, a desire to change, confirmation bias, their vulnerability, group dynamics, the indoctrination and other techniques utilized, etc, etc?? It’s interesting to watch, because even when confronted with overwhelming evidence and provided tests to validate that evidence, people deny what is provable, and believe the uncorroborated word of a person or aka spirit.

The ‘great tsunami’. In a reading, Ian (aka spirit) stated the Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island were going to be impacted by a tsunami. Subsequently a couple sold a Phillip Island property, and those in the know, kept the pending event secret. Why?? **If true, wouldn’t a spiritual group want to save lives?? Including their unaware members and their families who live in possibly effected areas?? For reference, the average tsunami height is generally 3 metres, but up to 9 metres high. These areas are up to 60 and 112 metres above sea level respectively, however large sections of metropolitan Melbourne would be in far more danger.

Within Sphinx there are many inconsistencies in advice, case studies and readings. At one stage spirit was advising members to buy property at Cannon’s Creek. Cannon’s Creek is located the north end of Western Port bay and most houses are only 6-8 metres above sea level. **I wonder if those who knew about the pending tsunami, asked why am I buying a house that will most likely be flooded??

In the Counselling Course, Pearl provides a written case study transcribed from Hahnemann. Again, vague, contained generalized statements, nothing definitive, and only facts known to Sphinx. Mine started, ‘As a child … was anxious, often agitated and nervous. He was unsure of his place within his family and within society. He was self-critical and developed a poor attitude…’ ‘He was not surrounded with much love, ... he was at odds with his environment.’ ‘.. he felt disempowered, unable to achieve and identity...’ ‘.. came into this life with a sense of doing what is right and a need to protect ...’ ‘In reaching adulthood he lacked purpose, vision and clarity…’ It concluded, ‘…. is a healer and cares about people, with a good moral compass. …. has the ability to be a good counsellor…’ ** Some quick observations: It was lucky I found Sphinx?? (sarcasm). Note the structure of the case study, doom and gloom, but I can be saved. I’m directed toward a Sphinx modality (ie Counselling). And, interesting Hahnemann stated ‘a sense to do what is right and need to protect’ and here I am writing about Sphinx.

The Sphinx responses to inconsistencies include; ‘that’s what spirit wanted you to see at the time?’ or ‘it’s your karma?’. Or equally, may spirit just doesn’t know!!

I had a reading from another Sphinx medium which was different again?? In a recorded reading with Ian (aka Crazy Horse), he only focused on known information. There was no insight into the real secrets and issues we all hold within ourselves?? I questioned a comment made which totally contradicted the previous medium. Ian said, “(they) are wrong.” **Now I have a dilemma. A senior experienced Sphinx medium, trained and certified by Ian, is wrong and he is right?? I wonder if (they) were counselled or received remedial training?? Or maybe Ian’s wrong?? I then, purposefully provided false information and a name, and was provided a story based on that information???????? Personally, the medium before Ian was far more accurate.

In my reading, Ian provided information, if acted upon, would cause relationship issues. I will discuss ‘relationships’ in detail later, with examples which will validate the comments written on this site dating back to 2012.

In my experience, Hahnemann and Ian (aka Crazy Horse) certainly don’t uphold the Sphinx claim of “integrity and accuracy” ** WHAT I SUGGEST TO ANYONE HAVING A SPHINX READING, OR WANTS TO CONFIRM MY FINDINGS, IS TO PROVIDE FALSE INFORMATION & SEE IF THE MEDIUM (aka Spirit/Guide) IDENTIFIES THAT. IF NOT, THE ACCURACY IS CONFIRMED!!

During the lunch break of a course, Ian and Pearl drove their three (3) dogs to a local dog park. They left the park with two (2) dogs and drove back to the course, unloaded the two dogs from the car and returned inside. Then realizing a dog was missing dog, a student search was conducted back at the dog park area and the dog was located. The spiritual explanation offered was, ‘they (Ian and Pearl) were blinded by spirit and couldn’t see they left a dog behind’, and the event ‘was a test of leadership for the group’?? ** Really??, or maybe they just forgot the dog!

Episode 4 – Trance’s to follow

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Re: sphinxspiritual.com.au Ian and Pearl Rogers
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Date: April 06, 2024 10:30PM

Life gets anxious when everything is due to personal karma, receptivity to Spirit -- everything gets hyper personal, you're hyper-responsible.

This is the same emotional landscape of those of us who grow up as Adult Children of Alcoholics or were children in custody of mentally ill care providers.

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