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Date: April 01, 2024 07:14AM

Sphinx Spiritual – Episode 2
A common tread with all cults is the leaders have extraordinary powers. Let’s examine Sphinx.
1) Ian is a Council Spirit back on earth who readily channels Crazy Horse and can trance the remaining Council Spirits.
2) Ian can trance Jesus! Originally, Jesus trances were only open to the select few. The trances were conducted at their Pyramid on their farm. The attendees were sworn to secrecy because the common man wouldn’t understand, etc, etc. Ian completed a Jesus trance for the mediumship circles (Circles), and each could ask one question. Again, there was no measurable content to validate and the common wishy-washy theme of ‘keep working hard’ etc continued. These trances are special and impact Ian’s longevity. Looking through the Sphinx website, marketing, youtube videos, etc, I haven’t found any mention of this ability. Why??? Why isn’t Ian sharing this ability with the world??? Further, I ask myself why is Jesus supporting a profit-making family business and small localized insular group??? I understood Jesus wanted to spread his message to all people and certainly not at a fee!
3) Ian can do Spiritual Surgery. I quote the Sphinx Services site, “With few exceptions, it can treat almost all conditions of the body. It will appear miraculous and revolutionary. In the hands of an appropriately trained and evolved person it is neither.” For $330, Ian will channel Spirit and use that energy to treat “most human conditions”. Some sphinx members swear it works, but unless you remove natural recovery and placebo, it is questionable. Like most Sphinx modalities, there’s proviso’s to why something doesn’t work. For Spiritual Surgery they include, a) the condition is karmatic (spiritually carried forward karma), or b) the person is not receptive.
I offer to Ian to assist in promoting this modality. I will fund Ian to conduct Spiritual Surgery on patients with medically diagnosed conditions, with supporting medical reports, scans, etc. Ian can conduct as many sessions as required and the results/medical evidence can be re-elevated. The findings can be scientifically presented, expanded (training new healers) and used by mankind.
I was never been involved in their Circle, but stories from ex-communicate members sound a clear warning. Circles are held on various nights, and consist of a head medium and about 10 aspiring mediums. The aim is to build mediumship skills and practice their spiritual guide communication. Sessions last about 1 hour and cost about $130 per month. Progress is reviewed by Ian and Pearl, and aspiring mediums progress to Ian’s Monday night advanced Circle, where he can anoint a Mediumship. Circle entry requires an interview by Ian.
A Circle test is to nominate what is written on a piece of paper. The Circle Leaders, Ian and Pearl, and Spirit in trance, should all be able to complete this test without issue! I offer to all to prove that capability (please contact). I also ask group members (to re-confirm the Values of Honesty and Accountability), and request such a test?? The refusal or failure will clearly highlight the bona fides of the individuals/group!
Like all cults, the leaders are beyond reproach. If questioned, one of Ian’s responses is ‘I have already proven myself’. I’m not sure to whom, but my evidence certainly doesn’t align with his assertion?
Episode 3 (Readings & Trance’s) to follow.

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