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Date: March 27, 2024 06:13AM

Sphinx Spiritual – Episode 1
The Sphinx background. On the wall in the Mornington training center is a picture of the Sphinx Spiritual Council (Council). The Council comprises Ian and Pearl, Crazy Horse (an American Indian Chief), Leonardo da Vinci, Sigmund Freud, Lady Dianna (the late Princess of Wales), Sir Francis Bacon, Ghandi and Zootor (an extra-terrestrial). The Council knows everything and according to Pearl, “you can’t argue with spirit.” Now, Ian and Peral are different because they’re ‘spirits’ back on earth (in human form), continuing the Councils spiritual work. Ian spiritual guide is Crazy Horse and Pearl’s is Samuel Kristian Hahnemann (a homeopathic healer). In past lives, Ian was the brother of Crazy Horse and Pearl was Joan of Ark. And together they were the King and Queen of France. If anyone’s interested, later this year Ian and Pearl are taking a Sphinx Group to Europe to revisit those Francian days. Their daughter Jemimah’s guide is Lady Dianna, and all can communicate directly with their Council guides and Ian can trance the entire Council and Jesus (which I’ll detail later).
Sphinx holds 11 spiritual values which allegedly will lead us humans to being fulfilled and loving. I only intend to focus on two values; 9. HONESTY and 4. ACCOUNTABILITY. Feel free to explore their website and other media.
The fee offered services and training by Sphinx are many. Spiritual Circles, Mediumship, Hahnemann Healing, Mind Alignment, Concomitant, Spiritual Surgery, a Diploma In Spiritual Counselling, Dream Interpretation, Relationship Training, Spiritual Parenting, Philosophy, Spiritual Readings and others. There’s ‘Deep Trance’ nights where Ian trances Council spirits and provides worldly insights. And, of course you can purchase those recordings from their online store. There are also International conferences for Sphinx members for development. I intend to expand on all these topics moving forward.
I always questioned Ian’s (aka Crazy Horse’s) ability. Before I became involved in Sphinx, Ian did a recorded reading and made statements that were 100% false. I will go into a lot more detail later. Further, later I had a recorded reading with Ian (aka Crazy Horse) and purposely provided false information to which he provided a story - a story based on a lie?? I will provide many evidenced examples which will question the spiritual bona fides of Sphinx.
I guess even at this stage, a reasonable person, must be asking, if Ian and (aka Crazy Horse) can do what they allege, why does Crazy Horse get things 100% wrong??
Any of the Sphinx clan reading this will now be jumping up and down and attesting to Ian’s greatness. What I say to you, there’s many hidden secrets within Sphinx which are about to be exposed, from which you can re-examine your beliefs and values, or not. If you don’t believe Ian (aka Crazy Horse) gets things 100% wrong, next time Ian’s in Trance – ask ‘spirit’ to name something Sphinx doesn’t know, like a school teacher’s name. See what happens!!!
I make an ongoing offer that any time, I’m willing discuss my evidence with Ian or Pearl, and they can even trance all the Council and ‘Jesus’ to assist them.
I invite the readers to familiarize themselves with the behaviors common to ‘cults’ because I’m going to highlight many.
Episode 2 to follow.

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