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Date: March 24, 2024 08:38AM

Sphinx Spiritual – Introduction.
Hi my name is Jamie and I am going to tell you my story involving Sphinx Spiritual (Sphinx) Mornington. Let me provide some background, I first got involved with Sphinx when I attended a Trace night. From there I travelled as a non-attendee to two international conferences in Vietnam, attended other Trance Nights, completed the Sphinx Spiritual Counselling Course, had a number of readings, counselling & homeopathic’s from Pearl, and I have many group and ex-group member stories.
This will be a detailed account so I intend to break it up into segments. I will provide detailed specifics, for example what happens in a reading, Trance night, the Counselling Course, etc, as I work my way through the inner workings of Sphinx.
Topics I will cover will include: The Spiritual Council; the Spiritual Values; the Trance’s; the Spiritual Diploma Counselling Course; the Pythagoras share trading platform now trading as Stock Nostradamus; spiritual readings; their modalities and other courses; the disclosure of confidential private patients/clients information; and much more. I will finish with the integrity test’s, that prove 100% what I already knew.
My story will be one of facts, supported by real evidence, and witnesses.
Enjoy. I will let you the audience judge my credibility and the bona fide of Sphinx. I will post episode 1 in coming days.

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Date: March 26, 2024 01:09PM

Welcome to the CEI message board, Jamie.

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