Cult Behavior in the Non-Dual Sphere…
Posted by: Leslie Read ()
Date: March 18, 2024 01:41AM

Cult Behavior in the Non-Dual Sphere…
and the Sweeping Dynamic of Control and Betrayal

When Nome and Russell Smith of SAT decided to split their teachings…and remove those who might be jealous of the pending marriage of Nome from SAT (Society of Abidance in Truth…Russ was working with Candace O’Denver to establish the relatively new Great Freedom…which later became known as Balanced View.

All three — Nome, Russ + Candace — knew that I had “fallen through the cracks” — those are the exact words of Russell from a taped private session.

Over the years, as my understanding of the dynamic of deception and collusion in the non-dual space deepened along with the courage of a newly opened expression, I began to openly talk of exactly how widespread this collusion was.
There was a *very big reason* why Nome chose to silenced me (under threat), why he chose to use an ‘auric block’ for relational isolation and ‘psychic implant’ for extreme surveillance AND, ultimately, why he chose to enlist the complicity of those in the non-dual space to join him in covering for his lies.

IF I spoke-up the entire non-dual house-of-cards regarding the dogmatic ‘unreality-of-the-world’…and numerous other extreme spiritual concepts…would collapse.

It is the aspect of control that comprises THE primary ingredient of cults.

In many ways…even so called liberating teachings exhibit truly organized cult behavior on a large scale. In the words of Facebook Friend David Bingham (himself a teacher):
“I would like to add that in this modern age the Neo-Advaitan tradition of the truth existing ultimately in the sphere of the non-dual (which is followed by so many, with so many esteemed teachers ) is a deeply flawed model of understanding of the nature of the human condition and its relationship with the Infinite.
It is a form of understanding which has an in-built tendency to deeply exacerbate illusions concerning the experiences of life and in turn to generate rigidities around its interpretation. In doing so it has great potential to be harmful to the fundamental well-being of its adherents, all the more so because it dresses itself in the clothes of liberation. It is a false and incomplete freedom of the age.”

He is a rare voice of Brilliance in the non-dual world.

Nome, Russell Smith, Candace O’Denver, Adyashanti, Gangaji, and a handful of others formed the basic skeletal structure, as we know it, of non-duality in the US…out of which branched such supportive services as SAND, BatGap, ASI etc…all very protective of keeping this particular ‘story’ of what happened in this life…and the protection of their deceptions…under wraps.

The following links show the progression of my understanding of the sweeping scope of this collusion:

The ‘Compression Years’…of isolation and silencing (under threat)…existential control in which Adyashanti played a key role:

The *many* engaging in sweeping deception:

The systemic deception within the non-dual community:

Paul Selig’s message that this ‘was not intentional to me’ yet the existential controls were most definitely intentional to me:

Adya’s role:

The original letter to the ASI (Association for Spiritual Integrity):

Thank you for your interest in this story.
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Re: Cult Behavior in the Non-Dual Sphere…
Posted by: newday4U ()
Date: March 27, 2024 10:42PM

Jesus said, "the kingdom of heaven is within you."

He didn't say, "the kingdom of heaven will be within you if you only... meditate...say this mantra...accept a particular belief system...(fill in your cult's preferred practice here)."

Any belief system that tells you to look outside yourself is at best a misguided lie. The blind leading the blind. Unfortunately, we are conditioned by this world, by our upbringing, media, schooling, etc , etc., to accept that knowledge and wisdom are to be found outside of us. I have yet to find anyone who can teach me how to find the Divine by looking within.

And maybe that's the point. Maybe it's an individual path, one that involves exploring, studying, introspection and ultimately picking and choosing what brings us to our personal relationship with the Divine. A relationship that no one else can truly define for you.

It's a very sad thing that these cult leaders cause so much damage spiritually, psychically, mentally, emotionally, physically. The pain of their falsity and betrayal, and the realization of how they deliberately acted to harm us, is very hard to come to terms with. For me personally, a vestige of that pain may always linger. On difficult days, it swamps me. On my stronger days, I look within, feeling the warm glow of the Divine, the kingdom of heaven, within me.

When anyone says to us, "I have the answers you're looking for," we need to run away. It seems they will go to any length to preserve their inflated idea of mastery over us. Where is the teacher who says, "the answers are within you and here are a few ideas you might try to help you find them. See what works for you."?

The Divine is within you always, eternally, waiting patiently for you. Who lives in a spiritual kingdom? The Divine and you, child of God, forever loved by the Divine, who's waiting for you to look within.

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