Topic for discussion: a hypothesis of mine
Posted by: XKRISHNA ()
Date: August 11, 2023 04:32AM

Corboy: there's this idea that I've been toying with lately in my mind, a hypothesis which I want to bring to this message board in order to discuss it with others, in order to develop it more fully. Here it is:

My hypothesis it that certain types of serial murderers, and certain types of "cult leaders" have exactly the same psychology and are exhibiting the same pathology which is expressing itself in two different ways. It's all about manipulation, domination and control often with an element of sexual sadism (or else some other sexualized element) mixed in.

Dahmer and the Zodiac were (in their minds) collecting slaves for their afterlives. Charles Manson collected living and willing "slaves" to do his bidding in this life.

Sometimes they kill in order to form a cult of sorts, and sometimes they form a cult in order to kill. Shoko Asahara. Jim Jones.

In other words: Ted Bundy is not really that different from, say, Keith Raniere, see? What do you think, corboy? Is my idea out in left field, or what?

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