new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Strivinghard ()
Date: February 15, 2007 12:37PM

Reading over some of these most recent posts, I am distraught that it seems as though the truth is being distorted by some of those claiming to be a part of ACM. Indeed, I cannot comment on the identity of other posts but I can say that there is truth in many of these posts. Details from posts like susankim212 on how organizations like VERECOM, CROSSMAP,CHRISTIAN TODAY, CHRISTIAN POST, BREATHECAST.COM, Olivet, and Disciples of Jesus are all connected is true, connected meaning they are all founded by one person, despite what other people might say; any ACM leader should know.

What truthseeker777 and awoken said about some of ACM's beliefs such as the cloud being interpreted as a cloud of believers by ACM is also true. What cresendo said about ACM’s claims concerning time calculations is also true in that it is a teaching of ACM. If you ask anyone who is truly a part of ACM, they would know this is the case.

ACM is an organization that God can use to make people believe in the wonderful gift that Jesus has for us, but we should also be careful how we correct other fellow Christians. If we end up implicating that other Christians are liars when in fact they are not, that is very unfortunate especially when we know these Christians are not liars. I can say that what susankim212, truthseeker777, and awoken said about some of the details on ACM is true, especially concerning the structure of ACM and some of their beliefs.

What CaptPorridge said about how there are a lot of Korean Christian organizations stating that their founder is the Messiah is also true. He has done a lot of research on Korean cults, especially those that are an offshoot from the Moonies. He has a website detailing these groups too.

As Christians, we should legitimately be fearful when there are claims of being a Messiah, just read about how Jesus warns his disciples that at the end times, there will be many people claiming to be him in Luke 21. Jesus said, “do not follow them.” CaptPorridge can tell you all about the other Korean Christian organizations with Messiah founders.

Young members of ACM might not know what I'm talking about, but any core member of ACM will know what I'm saying. Please don't lie, Jesus did not lie and would at most not acknowledge the question of fellow Jews, but never would say that he was not the son of God. No ACM leader should be lying. The accusation that all of these posts are one from one person casts the cloak of fallacy on these posts, when in fact there is truth in these posts.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Strivinghard ()
Date: February 21, 2007 07:05AM

To susankim212 and others,

I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with ACM. I just wanted to let you know that I myself am very touched and saddened by your posts and want to let you know to not be discouraged. You should not lose hope or feel that there is no God or Jesus Christ in this world. Indeed, there are a lot of godly people who are Christian, and many that can help you heal spiritually. Pray to God and Jesus too! Be encouraged and strong! Don’t lose faith in Jesus. I have seen/know how real He can be.

There can be a lot of loving people in groups like ACM. Sometimes, though, people become very defensive and say things that might inadvertently hurt the feelings of others. One should not lose hope or feel that there is no Jesus in this world because of this dialogue. A dialogue of love is the most potent medicine. Indeed, He is very real and may be working even through groups like ACM. It is wrong beliefs that Christians need to be cautious of and the people themselves in these groups can be misguided but still have a loving heart. Don't be distracted from the Truth with wrong beliefs. If only all of us Christians could have the same kind of enthusiasm as those in groups labeled as cults. I will pray for you susankim212.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: truthseeker7777 ()
Date: February 22, 2007 05:45AM

just wanted to thank you for your kind words. I had closed my old name of truthseeker777, to this one by adding another 7 and posted a more complete explanation of why I did that on the Former Cult Members and Affected Families portion of this Forum you can see that at:
I do not know how anyone else is doing who expressed concerns on this site. I hope and pray they are doing well. As for me, I am busy with work and school, this year I will graduate. It is kind of nice to be busy, and I am not really focused on my spirituality, I know that part of me is there but for now I just do not want to focus on it. I believe in my heart that it will be okay and that as time passes and I can come to understand what happened and my role in that I can be fully united and whole again.

Thanks again Striving Hard, and everyone

Re: new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: D.W. ()
Date: May 16, 2008 11:34PM

Hong Kong Churches now realize problem of David Jang's Group (Davidian).

In context of Chinese speaking Christians, The Gospel Herald (Media) and Young Disciples of Jesus (Another Campus Ministry) are doubted.

HK Churches' Independent Enquiry Committee (IEC) worked out on the question, and published its "Report of Findings" on April 10.


Section II 1&2 are IMPORTANT:

<begin quote>

The Committee unanimously found that it was unable to exclude the following strong probabilities:

1. YD promoted doctrines similar to that of Unification Church, including (1) the first coming of Jesus to the Earth was a failure and (2) their pastor (Muksanim in Korean, in abbreviation, Msn ) is the “Second Coming Lord” or “Second Coming Christ” in Mainland China; and

2. YD developed rapidly in Mainland China and established bases in various major universities, and promoted the above doctrines in an organized, systematic and strategic manner. In addition, it has adopted an authoritative management style.

Because of the above reasons, the Committee unanimously expressed its serious apprehensions and concerns.

<end quote>

*YD = Young Disciples of Jesus

Re: new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Strivinghard ()
Date: September 08, 2008 09:51AM

Hello truthseeker7777,

It's been a while (over 1 yr) since I last replied. I actually saw your message when you replied but was busy with studies and never got around to replying. I am glad that you are on the process of healing and have been healing gradually myself since i was involved in David Jang's groups. I was hesitant to openingly speaking against his group but feel more mature now in my restored spiritual faith.

Remember, truthseeker7777, to nurture your faith in Jesus and serve those around you. God created people to seek love, but after the fall, people lost a direct spiritual connection with God. Consequently, we as humans end up looking to each other for praise and love to feel good about ourselves. That's why love bombing can be so effective in binding people to a cult group. That is also why the world's people work so hard to build careers, buy expensive cars, buy Louis Vuitton bags, make money - it is to gain the appreciation, admiration, and "love" of those around us and to fill that empty void in us.

Modern Society teaches us that having a good career and wealth is a part of gaining human admiration and respect, but that is only true because greed propels those who are poor to seek the status of those who are wealthy. If I as a person were not greedy and didn't care about the status associated with wearing a 5 carat diamond, then it's just a rock worth nothing. But because people desire the human admiration i.e. "status" associated with diamonds, it gains in market value and becomes extremely expensive. What is gold really worth? What is ocean front property really worth? What is a Rolls Royce really worth? It's the need for human praise that makes them expensive...

What groups like ACM does is admirable in aggressively spreading the gospel, but the big issue is the teachings of "MSN" David Jang after these people accept Christ. Who is David Jang really? If only more evangelical groups existed without having a cult status. Why is it that the world's historically most enthusiastic and devoted groups turn up as cults in the end? Christian cults have existed as long as Christianity has existed. Why can't the complete legitimate body of Christ have such enthusiasm in spreading the gospel?

Re: new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: September 08, 2008 07:33PM


Please avoid preaching, which is against the rules.

Re: new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: D.W. ()
Date: September 08, 2008 11:24PM


What is your impression after reading HK IEC Report of Findings?

I think David Jang should resign from position of WEA North America Director.

Re: new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: solea13 ()
Date: September 09, 2008 09:11AM

Modern Society teaches us that having a good career and wealth is a part of gaining human admiration and respect, but that is only true because greed propels those who are poor to seek the status of those who are wealthy. quote]

I would like to point out that people have other reasons for having good careers than simply amassing wealth and gaining the 'love and admiration' of others. People are teachers, police, firefighters, secretaries and any number of other occupations upon which every single one of us depend for the smooth day-to-day running of our society. To claim that their only motivations are greed and the desire to buy diamonds and 'Louis Vuitton bags' is simplistic to say the least.

One of the things that many cult leaders and followers like to do is de-value 'normal', everyday occupations and to claim that the people who perform necessary jobs are materialistic, shallow and self-serving.

This is not true and it is a point of view very compatible with 'cult-think' because it means that the only work of value is the 'spiritual' work done in service to the cult. Thus no matter how routine and menial the work is, the cult-members eyes are kept fixed on the rewards that will come to him/her in the afterlife.

Many people do choose an occupation that will bring them a good income. Some people do like to have the best of everything. So what? Who can judge that? If those people are willing to work hard, long hours to support that lifestyle, that is their choice. Not only that, they are probably providing an important service to the company they work with or their clientele.

People seek good career opportunities to enhance their income to support their family comfortably and especially to take care of their children. There is no problem with that whatsoever.

Then again, there are also people who are drawn to certain occupations because they feel called and wish to use their time and talent to help others ... doctors and nurses are obvious examples, but even in cases where it is not so obvious, such as short order cook, those people may work with a lot of care to give their best service to others.

This may all seem very obvious but when people are involved with cults they often lose sight of the importance of regular work and believe themselves more spiritual than the people who we all depend upon in normal life, from bus drivers to business owners.

Re: new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Strivinghard ()
Date: September 09, 2008 10:23AM

My apologies for preaching, rrmoderator, I realize that I was subconsciously speaking to a subpopulation of the large number of visitors to this website.

Solea13, sorry if my view seemed onesided and understand how my view might be misconstrued by many people in the United States and Europe. Certainly there are many people both religious and non-religious who do things for non-materialistic reasons.

However, what I was saying should pertain more specifically to the culture of materialism that is prevalent in Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Asia generally, where ACM and Jang's group is based and has its strongest members. Economic growth has unfortunately made many people both rich and poor quite materialism there, more so than you would see in the US or Europe certainly. If you have lived in places like Korea, China, Hong Kong, or Singapore, you will probably know what I mean. Certainly we Asians have motivations other than materialism, but seeking after materialistic wealth, status, and respect does play a prominent role in this region of the world.

Hence the idea of "face" and the great value that Asians attribute to education. We feel it is the one way to get a good job and gain respect within our clan. Our value comes from what those around us think of us, not as much what we can do independently. That's why we consider the idea of being independent and self-relient as a somewhat foreign Western idea. Of course there is also the contravening idea that we need to be humble and harmonious in our society; the real situation is quite complex but there is indeed an strong undercurrent of wanting to be rich without being obviously so.

Even in the old days, education was very important because it was the one way of advancing to become a wealthy and notable person by being magistrate. The magistrate could then confer gifts to his family clan and honor to his village. Sorry if anyone feels that I am misrepresenting Asians, since those overseas in US/Europe do think quite differently, but anyone who has had lived and interacted with locals in Korea, China, Hong Kong, or Singapore should know that there is some truth to the observations above. Moreover, ACM, YD, GH, and the rest of the DJ group has it's major roots in Asia.

Solea13, hope this clarifies what I was saying, yes? My culture muddled what I considered to be self evident to a particular part of the world. Maybe that's why I have difficulty sometimes getting Americans and Europeans to understand me and my culture!

D. W., I have read the HK report in the past and can say that they have reliable sources. YD is the Chinese version of ACM basically. I don't want to say too much more since there are some YD, ACM, GH, CT, OU, Crossmap people who may know of my offline identity from what i say.

Re: new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: D.W. ()
Date: September 09, 2008 09:03PM


What do you think of David Jang?

Are you also convinced that he is Second Coming Christ by One-to-one Bible Lessons?

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