new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: December 11, 2006 08:07PM

Since some of the questions you are asking are legal questions, perhaps you and your sister should discuss this with a lawyer.

If you suspect criminal behavior contact the police.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Kenya ()
Date: December 12, 2006 02:23AM

Kenya ACM does not use bribes to recruit or keep members. If we did that, then report it to the police. Then wouldn't they resolve it for you very simply?

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: cresendo ()
Date: December 13, 2006 03:02PM

Hi, am shoked you can say that. Last saturday i met one of my sister's friends in school who you told to either take the money or work for you. those were the two alternatives. You have even come to our home in my absentia to convince her and my mother to go back. I am speechless and sad that you can bluntly tell a great white lie. I have met more of the members who left and they say of the same thing. Annabella and Sarah were the ones in my home and pastor James the one who offered her money.
Have a nice day.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Kenya ()
Date: December 14, 2006 03:33AM

Once again, ACM never bribed, or attempted to bribe anyone with 280 USD to recruit or keep members. (20,000 Kenya shilling is approximately 280 USD).

And again, why don’t you go to the police or church leaders to make accusations if there is something wrong? Why do you keep lying on the Internet without showing your face?

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: susankim212 ()
Date: December 14, 2006 09:43PM

i am specifically writing to reasure those who feel threatened by acm.those people are not harmful atleast not physically what i said before is true they can harm u spiritually there is a time i thought i could stop them by posting on this site but i really cant the effects i feel are especially on my soul spirit because i no longer beleive in myself and my God thats worse than anything else.i am especially perplexed by their reaction to this site(ACM leaders) the words they have used on this site are especially ungodly they have used name calling i mean they want people to see who they really are.they will destroy themselves.i mean watch and learn they insult their own members just for saying the truth they betray even what they beleive in the-- "community of love and all ".
i may have let myself down by beleiving in them thats my weakness in acm i met humans i dint know existed i am not bitter am happy for the experience i want u to know they are strange and cultly but they have managed to confuse me i really have no idea what to beleive anymore i am messed up i hope no one ever goes through what i went through .they may seem nice but in the end it will get to u.if they are not a cult i dont know but what do we call someone who beleives they are christ i fell because i wasnt a staunt christian for that i am entiry to blame i should have known better and they should have felt more remorse for what they did instead they covered it with money i dont even to talk about that.u know what really shocks me its the idea that they really beleive what they are doing is right....i dont know i dont want to judge but the truth is they are judging themselves by their reactions again i am eternally grateful for this site..may the good lord keep u

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Musibi ()
Date: December 14, 2006 10:58PM

Dear Dr Margaret Kilonzo,

My name is Major Patrick M Musibi, OGW, KAF (Rtd). I am a member of the Kenya Church Task Force where I am in charge of Research and Strategy. I am a founder member of the Task Force which preceded the coming up of the Kenya Church.

The Kenya Church is a loose federation of Churches in Kenya for the purpose of engaging the church in contemporary issues affecting society. Our main project since inception has been the constitution review process. We have also participated in Operation Manna which was a church response to the famine that faced the country in 2004.

Our offices are at Ufungamano House, 4th Floor, Room 401.

Because of being a loose federation, we are not registered and participation by churches is voluntary. The structure of the Kenya Church is as follows:

Advisory Council
Executive Committee
Task Force

I have gone into all these details because I have come across your posting on this forum concerning a ministry called Apostolos Campus Ministry. In your posting, you refer to yourself as the Executive Secretary of the Kenya Church which is located on the 2nd Floor of Ufungamano House.

First, as a founder member of the Kenya Church Task Force, I am not familiar with you neither have I ever met you. For you to purport to be writing on behalf of the Kenya Church is being dishonest, a characteristic that I would not associate with a Bible-believing Christian. Secondly, we do not have a position of Executive Secretary, and lastly we are located on the 4th Floor, not 2nd Floor of Ufungamano House.

By your post, you have used the name of the Kenya Church in vain. If you would like to take up an issue with the Kenya Church, we kindly welcome you to our office where we can discuss.

We would appreciate it if you could identify yourself. As I have pointed out, we do not have a Dr Margaret Kilonzo in any of the organs of the Kenya Church.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: cresendo ()
Date: December 15, 2006 04:23PM

I attended one of their gatherings in Hazina towers 20th floor where another young girl was preaching and she was so convincing and i felt everything she said.later i have learnt that she left the organization when she was told that the pastor David is "christ" . Anyway i just want to tell you i know what you are going through., it has been hard to convince mysister to go back to God and to church. They met her when she was very vulnerable when she had lost a friend in an accident and she believed that it was a gift from God. She was comforted and i was too but then it lasted for a short time when they started asking her to spend the whole day working for verecom and when she wanted to go for holidays with us she was forbiden-she had signed a contract indicating that she would be with this church for life. thriving on someone when they are vulnerable is wrong and they took advantage of her and ruined her spirituality and the Love she had for God. she feels that God betrayed her.
Its sad and i now feel we cant do anything about it because they have covered their tracks so well and people who know them in and out are too scared and weak spiriualy and mistrustful of others to come forward and speak out. The battle belongs to the Lord and we should pray earnestly for the truth to be revealed and for the ones who have been hurt to be healed by Jesus. Take care,i will pray for you too.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Kenya ()
Date: December 16, 2006 08:32PM

To Brother Cresendo:

As you know well, we are a small young fellowship in Kenya and though this will be a lengthy post, we would like to take this chance to explain.

The IDs you are using make it seem like there's many people, but actually it's the same one (or two?) guys writing from various Internet cafes and different angles. And as you know well, we at Kenya ACM are only 5 members.

Anyone can see that there's a flow to these fake posts. Someone comes in one direction: "Hello, I'm Dr. Margaret Kilzono executive secretary on the 2nd floor¡¦"

Now you've posted again as someone's sister. But be honest ? among the 5 members in the whole fellowship, there was no one like the sister that you are referring to. You criticize first and we are only replying to your criticism.

This last post complains how we don't reveal. "If only we didn't 'cover up our tracks¡¦'" But who is covering? Actually, we want to reveal everything. We tried. But what did you say when we met face to face? You said, "Where is the evidence? It's not me! I don't have a problem with ACM¡¦"

I'm disappointed by your indignant tone, as if you are someone who really loves justice. But you have no interest in justice at all ? only agitating and twisting the truth.

You are the one who uses the Kenya Church and the people whose identities you've stolen, like the famous "Margaret Kilonzo" How ridiculous to threaten Bible Study students by investigation with Kenya National Security!

And you distort the meanings in Bible Study. In John 21:15-17, the message is "Feed my sheep." My sheep is talking about the sheep of Christ. In other words, the sheep belong to Jesus Christ. The point is that we need to be the ones who tend His sheep with the loving heart of Christ. But you twist is around and accuse the person who teaches "tend sheep" of saying he's Jesus Christ.

And you do the same thing when you talk about money. If we pay a stipend for work, you call it a bribe. Hearing you say that is disappointing. Do you really think we bought someone with 280 USD like you accused us of doing? As a Christian with a conscience, can you really distort the facts to that point?

In the same way, you call fellowship membership cards "contracts"¡¦

If you don't speak the truth, then we cannot help but go about things legally, just like the moderator suggested. Christians going to secular court is shameful. But we'll do this legally if that's what it takes. Then you'll know we we're not covering up any tracks, but rather saying everything justly and fairly. And if there is any issue with faith let's be judged by a church leader, third party, or church organization.

It seems we have almost reached the end. I hope that everything will end with my explanation here.

Lastly, I want to say that I think this is not a battle between you and Kenya ACM, but a battle between yourself and your conscience. We will earnestly pray for you.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Japan ()
Date: February 10, 2007 09:09AM

To Moderator,

Here in Japan, a Major of Sulvation Army named Makoto believes all of accounts written by Margaret, 777, cresendo, and other personalities who seemto be the same one having intention of destroying the reliability of ACM.

Makoto makes much conflicts over many Christian cites using selective ( negative only)translations from this cite.

Please clarify whether above accusers is the same one, as Keyna written in last December.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: February 10, 2007 08:22PM


That claim does not check out.

Posting under more than one user name on this board is against the rules.

And those who violate the rules will be banned from the board.

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