new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: truthseeker777 ()
Date: October 21, 2006 10:27PM

I was there listening to the same thing too but that's not how I heard it. For someone to say something so stupid that a man is Jesus.... does that make sense? You can't falsely say that this is how they taught the bible.

You shouldn’t speak vaguely like this either - you have to say when, who, and how they told you. Otherwise, who knows if you left our ministry after fighting over money, or if you are a pagan or an atheist pretending to be a Christian?

Come with clear evidence, and go to the pastor of your church or report to some Council and then make accusations. Unless you do that, then your actions are reckless.

Just like in Deuteronomy19:15-19, in order to accuse a church or ministry, you need witnesses, and without a witness testifying to it, the one who slanders with the false evidence ends up being punished instead.

So first, give clear proof. Second, go to your priest or pastor first before talking about it in this kind of site. And let it be judged there. How can someone say something so stupid that a human is Jesus? It's hard to believe. Would these missionaries really be teaching something so stupid like that? That's what I want to know.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: markets57 ()
Date: October 22, 2006 12:38AM


I have been following this thread for a few weeks. I have been following because I am a member of this fellowship (I have been for the last 4 years) and it is a group that has truly put into my heart a love for God and for Jesus Christ that I had never known before. When I read the blind allegations and half-truths that other members have been posting in this forum, it makes my heart tremble with sadness. The people I work with in ministry work dedicating their lives to God, praying daily to be united with God's heart, and giving praise and glory to his son Jesus Christ every day.

I know all the leaders and ministers of the groups that have been listed above. I want to testify that (as truthseeker777 mentioned) they do not work for money – they do not even have any money. But they work praying the Lord's Prayer for daily bread so that God can nourish them as they do their work. Even against slander like this, they will keep working, so that God's will can be done.

Let me point out the contradiction of earlier statements:

BTW it is not about money, b/c they do not have any money. It is about something greater. I wanted to know the word, I wanted to be a part of something pure and good and godly. but be sure any people who join from America they are about money, they ask you for your social security number so don't give it, but if you did, keep an eye on any activity.

If we don't have money and we are not about money, why would anybody assume that the group would want a social security number to steal your identity and get bogus credit cards? Social security numbers are not necessary on the membership cards, and have been taken out on the latest edition. It was an oversight to have put that in, but rest assured, our fellowship is not intent on stealing your money. You can ask anybody if they have ever been forcibly asked to give money. It just doesn't make sense.

As for the Reverend David – he is our leader. We follow him because he is a great Christian, and through his messages, he has taught us how to more deeply revere God and Jesus Christ. We are thankful because he has spent a lifetime as a pastor and seminary professor just to know the Word deeply so he could teach it to others. He has given his life for God, and to say things like he claims to be Christ – this is ridiculous. He lives so Christ can be glorified through His sufferings, not the other way around.

So I wish that rather than being quick to condemn, you can see that our fellowship is trying to do the will of God by preaching from the bible the messages that this world needs to hear. If you want to condemn us for being evangelical Christians, that is your right. But do not lie about what we are. If you can claim that our theology is wrong, please post what you have heard, and we can discuss civilly.


new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: joyceprescot ()
Date: October 22, 2006 01:37AM

Sorry. I apologize for two things. One is that Jesus is man, and the other that david is Jesus. These aren’t true but just assumed and I’m sorry for that. he didn't give a lecture about that. So it could be slandering him and become a legal issue so I want to apologize in advance. Because I apologized I hope it won’t make any legal case. I’ll retract it, but everything else is true.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: driver ()
Date: October 22, 2006 01:20PM

I used to be a member of this group during the 4 years I was a college student. I was very proud of being a member of ACM, and I am still proud of it, because their teaching is based on the Gospel.

If this group really teaches that one man is Jesus, if this group really believes that, then it would be the core purpose of their mission. So they would have to teach that. It would be imperative. But in four years, they never taught me that. Why?

Think about that. Raising one person for four years, it’s not easy. Why would they let me go without letting me know that this man is Jesus if that is what they believe?

Actually, my family is Christian, and since birth I have been Christian. My father is a theologian, and I have been raised as a Christian. If there were conflicts with the Christian way I have been raised, then I wouldn’t have become a member of their ministry.

They taught me Jesus Christ and the cross, and they taught me that through the cross we are saved. They never denied Jesus Christ or the cross. During my four years with this group, I gained more conviction that Jesus Christ is my Savior. Their soteriology is right.

The two people (truthseeker777 and awoken), did you guys ever hear that they said that Jesus is not Christ? Did they ever deny that Jesus is Christ? I never heard about it. I swear to God, I never heard about it that they deny Jesus Christ.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: somethinglike ()
Date: October 22, 2006 01:29PM


This club taught me well about the love of God.

The members are sincere. You can tell by their prayers. Not just something off the top of their heads, but something earnest that comes from the heart.

I had my doubts because I’m from New York. I said everything to them face to face. So this member answered, if you have faith, then pray “Guide me to the truth.” God will hear your prayer and take you the right way.

I’ve never forgotten that prayer of faith and the lesson of entrusting to God. Talk is so cheap…

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: susankim212 ()
Date: October 22, 2006 08:21PM

i want to start by telling ken yes all those ministries are the same ACM VERECOM,EAPC,CROOSSMAP,CHRISTIAN TODAY,AIRTEL,IBTIMES CHRISTIAN POST.i am a student in an university in Central Africa so i know because i worked for them ,they are all part of the pastor davids scam.we were oriented as their future workers and we later declined after we all learnt the truth.thats me and my friends,we were all told all that but we never told each other to avoid being called judas(betrayer ot the :the christ:)who happens to be a korean i have met him and he is sooo not christ.hes so human it hurts.he is called pastor david jang some korean name.i have his photo and his messages in a cd please contact me for more information.there are so many missionaries who are now in africa for him they are all young and have bad pasts they have really bad experiences because he preaches suffering and carrying the cross for the lord,they look disturbed as he never gives them money for upkeep so dont beleive chariots claim about money its so not for money she might be one of them.we worked for months for God it was never about the money we had choices but we chose to stay because turning ur back was said to be turning off god'acting as jonah'.seriously for me it was a psychological torture because i needed God and the circumstances showed me that there i would surely meet him.but nothing they took my soul because i dont beleive anymore in the sanctity of the me thats inhuman their goal to destroy the paths of christianity.i am young and i could have done greater things if not for my faith being crushed i am very passionate of christ especially after the genocide in my country and seriously all christians lets fight this people its our war we have to defeat all this antichrist who threaten our existence.they are evengelise in campus to get great brains to exploite for their interest with no cost to them i tell u i know.i have worked with them

again i have evidence 1 the time -last year 2 who-missionary in africa(korean name}3 how-through the last message of their basic course-TIME AND DATE.i have a recorded voice also in my phone i plan to give all this evidence to our campus head for that they can be stopped from our campus and country.

i thank u for this forum coz i having visited it has been helpful coz i have shared my pain i will make sure i all those affected share with u friends from other african countries will be posting soon their plight so that u belive me.this is mockary and blasphemy to the christian society be WARNED

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: truthseeker777 ()
Date: October 22, 2006 11:11PM

Now if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, who is the one slandering and accusing (some did call an exmember of the group a pagaen)??

This ministry does preach that Jesus died on the cross, and that Jesus Chirst is Lord, Yet this ministry also preaches that Jesus will not return on a cloud, as written in the bible, but on the hands of 144,000 people who have been purified by the Holy Spirit. These people are to be the remnants and the ones who will lead other to Christ- who they believe is David. This is why they evangelize so crazily, they are so invasive in their way of evangelizing, and if you do not evangelize then you do not have faith, faith in what, faith in the above teachings. BTW I did not ask for this to be told to me, SO why would I lie about it. I just wanted to do bible study, and then comes this offensive teaching.

YES they believe that David is Christ, if you were part of this community for four years and they did not tell you, was there ever a situation where you were upset by the way they were acting about him- david. Maybe that is why they skipped this kind of message, you know they do not have to give it to everyone. Did they ever ask you to do things that was uncomfortable to you? did you ever have questions? Maybe they never told you because you never seemed that commited untill recently??

these people are nice, and they make you feel that there is love there, and there are good qualities. BUT, at the same time they require such things from you: I have seen people having to fast if they did not find new members, I have seen people feel sad about having to leave their family, I have seen people being moved around from place to place who don't really want to go but if they don't they feel they are being a Jonah or Judas. I was compared to Judas recently, which did not affect me becasue David is not Christ! There is mind control, everything that you believe if it is not the same as the community then you need more faith, or that you are not praying enough.

Actually I feel more bad for the members of this 'community' who are not American, South American, African, or European. The way in which the missionaries are treated is bad, they are all young, and they are moved around so much, they are treated so expendably for the sake of the mission.

And BTW I am expressing my Freedom of Speech, and Press. I am not afraid of any threats to free speech in this forum, or any other. I hope that anyone else who wants to speak out can feel as free.

There is one basic reason I am using this forum, and it is so that people like me who are (where) in this community who feel an internal struggle, a voice inside of them telling them that this is not right, can be like me and listen to it sooner than later. Don't throw away your life, and dreams. Being committed to God is awesome, and pray where He wants you to be. If you see something as being strange, leave, that is your freedom. and when you leave it does not mean you have left Jesus. Jesus is the light and the truth, and He will light your feet.

looking through this forum, I see that there are many many false teachers in the world, what do they want? Power, they want to feel like someone cares what they say and will listen to them and follow them. There are many people who want to be a god, this is so sad. yet what is sader is that for every false teacher there are people, maybe in the hundreds or thousands, who believe it is true and that their leader is true and all others false. "There is nothing new under the sun".

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: truthseeker777 ()
Date: October 22, 2006 11:23PM

Sorry. I apologize for two things. One is that Jesus is man, and the other that david is Jesus. These aren’t true but just assumed and I’m sorry for that. he didn't give a lecture about that. So it could be slandering him and become a legal issue so I want to apologize in advance. Because I apologized I hope it won’t make any legal case. I’ll retract it, but everything else is true.

who are you? anyone who wants to speak here has right under free speech, and free press.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: highway ()
Date: October 23, 2006 06:43AM

Listen to Romans, Acts and Gospel messages in the CD.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: ken359 ()
Date: October 24, 2006 08:02PM

I found more conversations relating to this group

this one is really positive

and this one some one is asking which group is better to joing:


these are the only sites I could find that do not seem to have been created by this group

Hope it helps this discussion

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