new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: bluesouljah ()
Date: September 28, 2006 09:51PM

I couldn't find a pic of their pastor, unless it's one of these guys: [].

Their director of Central and South America is a Jesus though (or "es Jesus"). Haha. (click on the link to see what I'm talking about)

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Titan ()
Date: September 30, 2006 11:45PM

Interesting quote from deuteronomy. Christ said turn the other cheek though. If ACM are a cult, they would not admit it openly. We should pray for them. They are young people with few responsibilities at the moment. As they get older the burden of their religion, if it is a cult-worship, will take its toll. I've seen happen before.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: max29 ()
Date: October 01, 2006 11:29PM

If this club is a cult, or if it is not? There may be no way to really know. As I understand there are many cults aggresively targeting college students in particular, be careful college students it was not like this when I was in college.
And back to ACM, if it is a cult shame on them, they should understand that what they are doing may turn people away from the Lord, especially if they get hurt by this fellowship (also anyother minsitry that is too ruling over the lives of it's members). If they are not a cult then it will be revealed by what they do. By the way does anyone know what this group does, do they go into any community and help people regardless if they want to join their club or not? Do they do any community service? Prayer is important, if your looking for a ministry to be a part of, look and see what they do, not how they might make you feel. IF their leader says he is Jesus is one thing, if a missionary said it is another. This missionary had to have heard this from someone, who heard it from someone else, this missionary did not just come up with that on her own. This missionary spreading this about the ACM leader probably is not alone, there must be other missionaries who are saying the same thing. Which leads me to ask does ACM say that Jesus will return in this way? No, Jesus will not come in that way, as a secret wispered from person to person, and only on college campuses, among only those aged 18-22 yrs.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: max29 ()
Date: October 04, 2006 01:10PM

I have looked over their websites, and they seem to be relatively small, though they boast to be in so numerous countries it seems they do not have many members in any of them, since I do not see very many pictures. Maybe they are benign and there is no need to hold a forum discussion about them. It seems that most people do not believe a word they say about this Korean Messiah.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Surojit ()
Date: October 05, 2006 03:17PM

Hmmm...I remember joining this ministry sometime back and attended their Bible study sessions for a year or so during my stay in the US of A. However, I could not continue as I had to return to India.

As far as my memory serves me, I do not remember hearing such funny things from them. Rather, I had a very enjoyable and memorable time with the members who were always courteous, helpful and fun. The Bible studies were very good too and it helped me to understand the deep love, grace and mercy of Father God and love of Lord Jesus towards me. Frankly, I do not recall hearing weird things like "so-and-so pastor is Jesus, etc."

I wonder if the person, who has started this thread, heard correctly. My suggestion to the person would be to continue with the Bible studies (I think their Bible studies are really good) if he/she feels okay with it or quit if he/she is not. The choice is wholly his/her's.

Another thing I was wondering - many people in this thread are speaking of Korean cults and Korean Messiahs. Is this ministry originally Korean or American? I thought it was American...anyways, does it matter muh whether its origins are in USA or Korea? According to me, what matters most is what the fellowship/ministry is teaching, if the doctrine is not weird, why raise such a ruckuss about it? Also I am quite sure that ACM is no JMS or the Moonies (Unification Church). I have never come across any pastor or leader in this ministry who looks like the JMS weirdo or the MM (the Moonie Madhat). Neither have I heard their names ever being mentioned or associated with this ministry. Rather I will always remember and cherish the love, grace and fellowship I shared with the members.

Moreover, I heard that this ministry has a strong presbyterian background and its affiliation with WEA speaks volumes about them. Is Presbyterian a cult or is WEA a cult group? Any fellowship/ministry with such associations/denominational background should not, I feel, be slandered in such a manner. I hope that the one who has posted up this thread checks his/her own heart (as I strongly suspect that maybe some other 'rival' fellowship maybe behind this whole matter).


new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: Gimlikun ()
Date: October 08, 2006 03:20AM

Can you please delete my post? Thanks.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: ken359 ()
Date: October 08, 2006 10:20PM

There is a strong Korean presence; I heard that the majority of the missionaries are all Korean and mainly young girls. There is really something frightening about it, why should the club lie about its origins? Because they may have fear that once people know this is a Korean based group that most people will rightly fear it is another Moonies or UBF.

In Addition, there are many similarities between UBF and ACM, yet those similarities are diminishing very rapidly. One more point is that UBF was also a member of the NAE until the organization dropped UBF for being a cult.

It is interesting to me that the ACM members are using this forum, maybe they can clear up some fundamental issue brought up here on the first question and origin of this thread:

Is there are Pastor who is some where at the head of ACM or its Afliates who is really Christ returned incarnate in a Korean Man??

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: awoken ()
Date: October 18, 2006 09:35PM

I am a christian and i had joined this ministry in Africa kenya. Yes they say that their pastor is Jesus, they say that there is nothing like rupture,they say that Jesus will not come riding on a cloud as it is written in the book of Revelation clearly, they instead interpret it as Jesus will come riding on a crowd which is the 144000 members they are seeking to register for life if i may add. You sign a contract to be with them for life and never to discuss any teachings you get from them with any other person.Especially when you are a leader and you are reqiured to preach the message. i was one of their leaders and when i knew everything my eyes were opened and i left. Please believe they are a cult.

If you are a member you probably dont know the whole truth because you have to ask alot of questions to get the truth which they dont give. I can quote one of their leaders who told me that yes they are registered under a legal not cult like organization but they did so only to get recognition and to get registered. Have they told you that when you join them you completely give over your life to them? your degree and everything you have wanted to be is obsolete and you have to work and read for them. they asked me to choose between my parents and them,on an easter holiday.

I speak from the bottom of my heart to anyone who reads this and thinks that it is not a cult. Read the bible well,
If Jesus was here, it says our eyes will be opened and we will know Him. If their Jesus was Jesus why didn't he know when i was talking to him what to answer. ,Jesus answered questions before he was asked it says so in the bible. He knows our thoughts and our names,he did have a clue about me! If you knew me from my mothers womb why didnt you even know my name?what i was thinking at the moment?

Their messages are fresh and convincing,they seem to answer the questions we always ask. But those who have attended their meetings have you realised they only read one part of the message and focus on only that part but when you read the whole text it means another thing than what they said.

I was there for almost a year, a head member of their organization and i know what am talking about. Read your bible well, ask the Holy spirit to interpret for you,after the teachings, reread the text (the whole message). When someone tells you he is Jesus you better run,we are in the age of the antichrist and Christ said that many will come in His name and we should be wary of these men.

Oh and if they are in your Uni its because your uni is probably the leading in your area and they are looking for smart young people. And their leaders,mostly Koreans have had huge favors from this David guy who they call Jesus that they actually owe their lives to him.

Am happy to find this site and i hope i will help people.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: chariot ()
Date: October 21, 2006 04:38AM

I was there listening to the same thing too but that's not how I heard it. For someone to say something so stupid that a man is Jesus.... does that make sense? You can't falsely say that this is how they taught the bible.

You shouldn’t speak vaguely like this either - you have to say when, who, and how they told you. Otherwise, who knows if you left our ministry after fighting over money, or if you are a pagan or an atheist pretending to be a Christian?

Come with clear evidence, and go to the pastor of your church or report to some Council and then make accusations. Unless you do that, then your actions are reckless.

Just like in Deuteronomy19:15-19, in order to accuse a church or ministry, you need witnesses, and without a witness testifying to it, the one who slanders with the false evidence ends up being punished instead.

So first, give clear proof. Second, go to your priest or pastor first before talking about it in this kind of site. And let it be judged there. How can someone say something so stupid that a human is Jesus? It's hard to believe. Would these missionaries really be teaching something so stupid like that? That's what I want to know.

new cult-- apostolos campus ministry --help needed
Posted by: CaptPorridge ()
Date: October 21, 2006 06:22AM

How can someone say something so stupid that a human is Jesus? It's hard to believe. Would these missionaries really be teaching something so stupid like that? That's what I want to know.

Well lots groups that teach that their leader is the Messiah, and quite a few Korean based groups also, so yes, it is certainly possible they teach this. If this group is a cult, then their leader would probably claim something like that.

What is the name of the leader of this group?

If we knew his name, perhaps we can clear a few things up, and if he is Korean, I might be able to find out what kind of reputation he has in Korea.

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