Smokescreen of oversight and large-scale cover-up in the Non-dual community
Posted by: Leslie Read ()
Date: March 14, 2023 03:10AM

On March 2nd (Admin of) the FB Association for Spiritual Integrity Discussion Group posted:
We are excited to let you all know that the Association for Spiritual Integrity has been invited to present at the Harvard Divinity School Conference….Jac O’Keeffe, Philip Goldberg, and Rick Archer will be leading an interactive workshop on "Lessons from a Young Organization Making a Difference,” about the work of the ASI (The Association of Spiritual ‘Integrity’).

Given that the *hypocrisy* is overwhelming, the following is my response:

Is this the same Rick Archer and Jac O’Keeffe who I addressed the following (clarified) letter (dropbox link below) to?


While I was told Nome, Russell Smith and Candace O’Denver (who goes by too numerous aliases to mention) that they were NOT members of the ASI, and could, thereby not help me (understood)…

Instead, upon hearing about the existential harm to this life and saying “How can we help?” …

Jac O’Keeffe and Lauren Medeiros met with me on Zoom for 30 minutes concluding, only, that this is a ‘wild west’ and

Rick Archer who, on a private messenger thread with @ 50 others, has chided me regarding my reporting…and the description of the deliberate separation of my family…defiantly asking me “How’s that going for ya?”
…when this case is arguably one of the most existentially damaging to a life/lives…not to mention to the integrity of the teachers/teachings.

Are these the *same people* who are going to the Harvard Divinity School??

How about a live and open meeting with one of the more significant teachers associated with Nome/Russ/Candice: Adyashanti?

Adya could look me straight-in-my-eyes and tell me (unequivocally) that not only does he know nothing of Nome but he, himself, didn’t have his (own) hand in the ‘Compression Years.’

How about that?


Truth & Integrity contain non-duality but non-duality, most definitely, does not guarantee truth *nor* integrity.

Re: Smokescreen of oversight and large-scale cover-up in the Non-dual community
Posted by: Leslie Read ()
Date: March 27, 2023 01:55AM

As of 03/24 the above message had been taken down by an 'Admin' on FaceBook ASI (Association of Spiritual Integrity) Community thread.

Rick Archer has been a long-time protector of the Adyashanti brand.


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