Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: April 27, 2023 03:27AM

Yes stick to the rotten pedophiles of the rotten Iskcon isntitution. The forum is yours maestro.

Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: XKRISHNA ()
Date: April 27, 2023 03:33AM

This forum does not revolve around either one of us, or around anybody at all.

We're bother former members of a cult, you and I.

I'm trying to be nice here; I am trying to get along with you. Why do you insist on being so snippy? That was a rhetorical question and I don't expect you to reply.

Your name, your age, your sex, your family history, nothing. I know nothing about you other than that you are a former member of Chris Butler's cult.

Just think about what I am telling you now, please: I cannot attack you personally, since I do not know anything much at all about you, that is personal.

You are taking it personally, and you shouldn't.

Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: April 27, 2023 04:51AM

Listen. Many of us were forced to take abuse for years and not take it personally in the cult.
Do not assume that there is no heart or feelings behind the screen.
Let us keep it civil. You do not need to remind me of my faults or my mebtal state.
I am aware of it more than some strangers and working hatd to correct the issues.
Now please contiune sharing your knowledge. Iskcon is your departmment obviously.
I am sorry for my lack of tolerance.

Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: XKRISHNA ()
Date: April 27, 2023 05:09AM

And I apologize for being heavy with you, Truth Wins. I never meant anybody any harm.

I've been forced to learn to not take abuse from others personally too. I've learned that from a lot of bitter experience, years of it.

You really have no idea about what I've had to live with, since I am here to talk about pedophiles in ISKCON, and not my own problems and issues.

About six years ago I lived at New Talavana (I lived there for about a year), and I saw and experienced things there that I rarely talk about, with anybody. Incredible things.

I used to live in fear that Tapahpunja and some of his goons were going to climb in to my place through a window and whack me out. Later on, they really did conspire to kill GK.

This was relatively recently, since after the pandemic began, that they conspired to kill GK. Just in the last few years.

So yeah, I believe I get it. I've been burned by ISKCON too.

Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: XKRISHNA ()
Date: April 27, 2023 05:21AM

There is a devotee at New Talavana right now, who I have been told has been caught in possession of child pornography in his place of residence.

I am not going to say his name because it's hearsay, what I am telling you now. I cannot prove it, and I have no real evidence of it, but I got this information from somebody who used to be a part of leadership there at New Talavana, somebody who would be in a position to know this sort of thing.

But this man, the one who I was told was caught in possession of child porn, is a Prabhupada disciple who has been a part of ISKCON for over fifty years, and those Prabhupada disciples cover each other's backs like Mafiosi.

So he was never turned in to the authorities, for possessing the child porn. It might not even be true, but I suspect it is. I've met the man. I thought he was creepy. I would not doubt if he was a pedophile, one bit.

Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: XKRISHNA ()
Date: April 27, 2023 06:18AM

Here's a sort of funny story that will prove that I REALLY WAS at New Talavana.

There was this one devotee named Madhavendra Puri das. He moved to New Talavana around the same time I did, and he was second-initiated shortly after coming there (late 2016). I believe he'd come from RVC, in Kansas City.

Anyway, this joker used to pretend that he was crippled, so he could take it easy and not have to do much service. He could walk, but he walked like somebody with advanced Parkinson's: he had a very unsteady gait, he took very short steps, and walked with a cane. It would take him ten minutes to walk one hundred feet. He'd get people to carry things for him, do work for him, do his service for him.

Then we started to suspect that it was all an act, since his paralysis seemed to come and go. Sometimes it seemed like he could walk normally, if he did not think he was being watched, observed.

He did this for months, for over a year. For a long time.

So they put a hidden camera in the pujari room (he was a pujari) and with it they were able to observe that this guy was healthy, when he didn't think anybody was looking.

This guy was not crippled at all; he was just pretending to be so he could live on Easy Street. When nobody was looking, he was healthy again. They caught him on camera multiple times, going about this elaborate act. It's really sort of humorous, to me.

Can you imagine such a thing, as pretending to be crippled so that you can be as lazy as you want? How boring your life must be while you are going about this elaborate act? What kind of pathetic person would do something like that? He was not even that old; he could not have been more than fifty.

Eventually Madhavendra Puri got kicked out, expelled from New Talavana for forging the temple president's signature on some bill that he did not want to have to pay. He was nothing but a con-man looking for an easy life. I have no idea what his birth name is, or where he is today, Madhavendra Puri das.

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Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: XKRISHNA ()
Date: April 28, 2023 01:13AM

He's basically saying "All you have is verbal accusations and hearsay. You've got nothing on me." Disgusting, it is. And this was from BEFORE Vedasara came forward.

pg. 4, Allegation #10 & Decision #3:

When xxdd told MGd about my actions in 2013, it was claimed that I touched her 3 or 4 times … then in the initial xxxdd/xxdd complaint to the CPO it was many times…then xxdd’s comments on my 1st comment on the initial complaint then had increased to 50, 60 or 80 times … now in the final decision it has become an “almost daily”/”nightly ritual” covering the period from 2005/2006 to 2010…in this case I see a deliberate misrepresentation of the situation in which they want to present me as a malicious maniac, despite the fact that their own testimony at the very beginning was completely different.

Where is the evidence for the ‘nearly daily’ and ‘night ritual’ allegations that escape the commission’s statement – “however, on the basis of the evidence available, the commission concluded…” As “evidence” it is only the testimony of xxdd, xxxdd and myself … why is the“evidence” presented only by the prosecution, and my testimony is ignored?

Was the xxxdd’s testimony credible only because of her statement…? To draw up an indictment, there must always be some concrete evidence, beyond the mere verbal accusation.

For my part, when I testified to the CPO, I confessed to touching xxdd inappropriately 3 times when she was over 18 years old. Why is this not taken into account…? It turns out that the commission accepted the statements of one side, despite the fact that the specified number of touches increased in each subsequent statement of the prosecution, until it turned into a “daily ritual.”

Why is my comment about inappropriately touching xxdd 3 times when she was over 18 being disregarded …?

This consideration of a one-sided narrative thus also affects the factual validity of Statements #1–9 concerning other interactions …

Statements #1–9 … either never happened, are taken out of context, or are grossly exaggerated…


The general presentation of this document appears to be fraught with the following anomalies:

Post factum… defining and evaluating the past in terms of today’s political correctness…

Misleading information… due to over-explanations that may lead to individual assumptions… misrepresentation of situations and wordings out of context… and excessive exaggeration of information.

In conclusion, I want to express that I am not trying to say that my behavior was correct. I sincerely repent and ask for forgiveness for my wrong actions. I wrote this letter only because I don’t want the Vaishnavas to see me as a malevolent maniac who organized a gurukula to satisfy gross desires … this being the perception that is emerging from the presentation of materials that is now being widely distributed in ISKCON.

I really wanted to please Srila Prabhupada with my service and tried to do what I could according to my ability. However, at some point I fell under the influence of illusion and made mistakes, for which I will bear the responsibility all my life.

And yet, since the shastras tell us that we should not mislead people with our silence, I had to cover the events from my side … all the while, accepting all the punishments meted out too me.

In the dust of the lotus feet of Vaishnavas, Your servant,

A.V.dasa [Anirdesya Vapu Dasa, formerly Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami]


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Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: XKRISHNA ()
Date: April 29, 2023 11:31PM

The following letter was forwarded to the Vedic Inquirer by someone connected to management in Mayapura.

I'm posting in it the interests of public safety.

If you feel so inspired please ask leaders for an immediate investigation into the grave allegations made by those who were abused. An immediate suspension of those involved is the correct course of action under the circumstances.

Trigger Warning!! Sexual and Pastoral Abuse


Jagadatiya Prabhu is very sneaky. He has designed a special system to carefully select his victims. His assistant Devakinandan employs young men that jagadatiya likes. Then Jagadatiya Prabhu checks them out and pretends to be physically affectionate to them, stroke their arm or leg. If they don’t ‘look’ uncomfortable, he engages more. Once he confirms that they are ‘willing’ he then moves them into his personal land office seva. Once they are in the office he then abuses them and when he is sexually satisfied, the young man is then sent away. When they get this demotion, they become very insecure and this is how he uses his position and power to control them. It’s disgusting. Dear Leaders, Mayapur Dham is our birth land as much as anyone else’s. We are local devotees born and raised here. Our village masses, family, friends, even fellow Muslim brothers are so horrified and disgusted at how we have been treated. We all want our justice.

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Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: XKRISHNA ()
Date: May 15, 2023 03:28AM

"Photo taken May 4, 2023 at ISKCON Mayapur.

L to R:
Sikhi Mahiti,
Satadhanya (child rapist),
Riddha (child abuser),
Subheksana (Mayapur Co-director and disciple of longest running child abuser in ISKCON's history: Anirdesya Vapu / BVP),
AV Priti Vardana Swami (disciple of longest running child abuser in ISKCON's history: Anirdesya Vapu / BVP.)

Subheksana (head wrap) is 1 of 4 Mayapur Co-Directors. He's seated here at a table of devotees being honored in Mayapur, two of which are confirmed child abusers: Satadhanya and Riddha.

This photo is relevant because it shows a top Mayapur leader acting chummy with two child abusers."


Re: ISKCON: 40 years of pedophilia going strong
Posted by: XKRISHNA ()
Date: May 15, 2023 06:05AM

"In his complaint, the victim security guard also alleged that the accused monk also threatened him getting his sacked if he divulged the event of sexual abuse on him.

The victim also informed the police that previously too other staff of the temple were sexually abused, though they remained silent in face of threat."


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