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I am a 40-year-old survivor of the Pseudo-Hindu, Agnihotra, Homa Therapy, Bizberg, Shree-Cult. I was born in 1982, in Washington D.C. at ‘Agnihotra University’. My mother was robbed at gunpoint in the late stages of her pregnancy. Fran Rosen-Bizberg (my mother's best friend and confidant) was instructed to be present at my birth through “channeled guidance”.

“Fran” would play an outsized role in my life and development, and have lasting impacts on my psyche. Eventually, In 2021, Fran’s only child [...] would publicly denounce her for her abuse [.] [He said,] “She uses her ‘messages’ to maintain a tight control of people within the group and has placed herself beyond all accountability.”

[Fran's son] naturally has felt like a brother to me, for most of my life. He is three-plus years my senior, and for a long time, played the “big brother” role. [He] was the person who helped “guide” me to his mother’s farm in Poland at the age of sixteen, where I was coerced, overworked, underfed, and made to believe that I had an eating disorder.

I am in the early stages of processing the compounding traumas of my life. This story is far too large for a single post. What I hope here, is that at some point, now or in the future, the truth of my life will be told, should something happen to me. I am doing everything I can do to survive this emotionally. Especially now, that I am a father going through a divorce, and my immediate life and assets are being undermined, by what I can only describe as a lifelong and very insidious defamation campaign. The objective of which is seemingly “designed” to drive me to commit suicide. Let me be clear, I will never do that. Despite my various traumas, I have always fought through my anxiety and depression to try and help make the world a better place. This is who I am, and who I will continue to be, God Willing. I have carved meaning into pain, tried to be grateful for my many experiences, and utilized them to help strengthen my resolve.

In 2020, I established the GOLDEN LIGHT FOUNDATION, as a ‘Hedge Fund For Humanity’. My Will and Testament are for this organization to continue into perpetuity. I hold onto this vision, for my daughter and all children who have inherited a planet, scientifically agreed, to be in crisis. The goal of this organization is to enact positive change and help alleviate suffering. To research, design and build a lasting and sustainable future for humanity.

I occasionally practice Agnihotra, and endeavor
to honor all peoples and traditions. I beleive that most people of Faith and Spirituality are good, yet so much pain and suffering persists from the many groups and leaders who take advantage of genuine seekers of Truth and Consciousness.

I have a life of stories about this group! I hope I can get them all published.

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