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The Shabd is the inner Sound, the vibration of God. We are all part of God. We are the same essence of God. A Master connects us to this vibration and thereafter we practice the meditation technique to elevate us to higher realms. The Shabd draws us up into the higher regions, finally reaching Sach Khand, the abode of God.
Past Light and Sound Masters, also known as Gurus of Surat Shabd Yoga, throughout history have warned against false masters, fake masters, and have also said that we have the responsibility to tell others if we have discovered that a master is fake.
In that spirit of needing to tell the truth and protect others from being misled, we who have been duped by false masters in the past, are sending this to you with love and caring.
Cult leaders may also be false masters. A false master is usually also a cult leader.
According to Sant Swami Bhagirath of Bihar, India, a Guru of Surat Shabd Yoga, a person who has attained even the low astral level may also have attained powers there. But if that person misuses those powers by producing miracles or otherwise violating the basic precepts, they lose their powers.
Hue Dang Trinh, who proclaims herself to be Supreme Master Ching Hai, is a fake master. We urge you to read Sant Mat books and do your research to learn about the true path. Here are some areas proving a fake master.
A Satguru means a true teacher or true remover of darkness or deliverer of light.
Sant Mat means the Path or Teachings of the Saints or Masters.

1. EGO
A Satguru will never talk about themselves, never boast of their power or level, and never degrade the levels of other Masters. Hue Dang Trinh has committed these transgressions numerous times.
A Satguru will never produce miracles. It is up to the disciple to practice the Sant Mat meditation diligently to experience miracles within.
A Satguru will talk about their own Gurus or Masters and their lineage. Hue was initiated by Master Thakar Singh, a disciple of Master Kirpal Singh. Hue was sent by Thakar Singh to Taiwan as his representative. Instead, Hue went rogue and started proclaiming that she was a Master and initiated people. She did not have the training or the blessing of her Master to do this. She stole the Sant Mat method and said it was a special method revealed to her by a fictitious 450 year-old Master in the Himalayas. She even stole the concept of the spiritual diary from Thakar Singh but it was missing pages describing the inner lights and sounds. Her pronunciation of the five holy names are incorrect.
Thakar Singh sent his representatives to Taiwan to deliver a letter to Hue pleading with her to stop doing initiations that she was not authorized to do. After reading the letter to herself, Hue said to her the disciples gathered around her that the letter was pleading with her to come back to India so they could bow at her feet. That was a lie verified by the representatives present. She of course refused to do anything.
Equanimity means mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation. A Satguru will always display equanimity. Hue frequently loses her temper and screams at disciples and others. She has said this is to erase their karma but it has the effect of lowering the self-esteem of her victims.
A Satguru will always display love and kindness and those around a true Guru will take on those qualities of love and kindness and be infused with this tremendous love. Those attending Hue’s retreats often experience fear, or an absence of love.
A Satguru will only talk about spirituality and the Shabd. A True Teacher will never talk about politics or draw your attention to worldly events. They will emphasis the importance of going within to connect with your higher Self, with God. For many years now, Hue has talked about politics and the world and rarely mentions the Shabd, the Word of God, the Sound of God, and the importance of going inwards. She has spread false information including that Trump is a messenger from God to bring peace to the planet and she ignores the facts that Trump during his presidency said over 30,000 lies, has had numerous sexual affairs while married, did not pay his bills in his real estate business, in effect stealing from others, and empowers white supremacy hate groups.
Hue has also said that Putin was good until he invaded Ukraine. She has said that the cruel dictator Kim Jong Un is a good boy and recently even said that North Korea has the least amount of karma.
True Gurus say that God does not talk to you like giving you messages. Those messages come from the negative force. True Gurus say that when you think you are hearing messages it is your own mind talking to you. Hue frequently will say that “heaven told her.” She is hearing her own mind. These things are not true. Hue said the world would end in 2012 and when it did not she claimed credit. She is now saying that the world will end in 2027.
A Sant Satguru will emphasize the importance of spiritual devotion, meditation practice, devotion to God, love, and kindness for others. The mantra taught by a Sant Satguru is used to quiet the mind, achieve single point concentration, achieve peace, and enter the spiritual realm. The Shabd, the Sound of God, helps devotees rise above the negative emotions of the world, and takes them into the inner realms.
Hue’s threats of the end of the world are used to get her disciples to do what she wants, often to their own mental, emotional, and financial detriment. The effect that has on people uproots their lives, scares, and scars their children and in general keeps people in a state of panic. When her predictions do not come true, she claims full credit for saving the world.
In 2012 she told her disciples the world has been saved for a minimum of 10,000 years, only to contradict herself later saying the world will end in 2022, then 2023 and now 2027.
She also threatened her disciples that they can be “uncreated,” a very frightening proposition which is not true.

Many of the people who have stayed with her are depressed from being told everyone is demons and not knowing who to trust. She used to teach that everyone was God, but now teaches everyone is demons, used to teach loving connection and now sows mistrust and suspicion. The main damage has been in the way she makes her followers feel about other people.

This may be Hue’s true mission, to save animals. But being vegan alone will not save you from having to be born again. And it will not guarantee that you are born into a human body.
A Satguru will never boast about their accomplishments. Hue has said she has smashed machines that are controlling us. That she personally got rid of karma. That she locked Maya up. She says she is God and higher than any other Master. She says she has been famous people in Earth’s history including Jesus, George Washington, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, and many Asian Kings and Queens.
A Satguru will never complain about their own health, their work, or their disciples. Hue has said that her attendants and people around her are from hell. She constantly complains about the amount of work she has, how hard she works, and how she doesn’t have time to sleep or eat.
Hue has said that you have nine minutes to eat your food before demons eat it. She says she talks to survivors on Mars. She says she talks to aliens, to spiders, to beings in the middle of earth. She says she talks with the Chief of the Covid virus. She says that demons made people vote for Joe Biden and that is why Trump lost the election. She also blamed demons for electing Senator Warnock of Georgia. She says she has created spiritual blessing lines across the planet. She says that there are portals in hell in areas of Earth. She says that President Biden, VP Kamala Harris, and previous Speaker of the House Pelosi are demons. She says you can exist without water and food.
All Satgurus say that you should support yourself through your own work and not take money from others. Hue supports herself through the sale of her jewelry, clothes, and artwork which mainly disciples buy. These items are exorbitantly overpriced. She also sells the vegetarian meats to the Loving Hut restaurants where the owners and workers barely make enough money to survive.
Satgurus do not place numerical values on your spiritual merit. Hue has made up a list of things you can do to increase your spiritual points, like sitting in the sun, and wearing her jewelry and clothing. These will not take you to higher spiritual realms. Only the practice of listening to the inner Sound will get you there.
15. SMTV
Hue has created the Supreme Master TV online channel. The developers, workers, and presenters are not paid. They are told that they earn spiritual points by doing this work. Many work long hours and are like slave laborers. Hue says that SMTV is watched by billions across the cosmos. Not true. It is not even watched by many people here on Earth.
A true Guru affirms that all spiritual beings belong to God but only through the human form can they practice the Sant Mat method of light and sound meditation to reach the higher realms. Hue, on the other hand, says that women are more spiritually evolved than men, that white people are more spiritually evolved than black people, that certain countries are more spiritual. She says that North Korea (a country whose people are suffering under a cruel dictator) has the least amount of karma and that Denmark (one of the most progressive countries on the planet) is one of the countries with the most amount of karma.
Hue says that she is higher than every other Master on the planet, that all other Masters are only the third level. On numerous occasions, she has threatened her own disciples that they will go to hell if they do not follow her directions.
Sant Mat Satgurus say that if you do not reach Sach Khand this lifetime through your meditation practice, then you will come back into a human body placed with a good family where you will be able to continue your practice the next lifetime. It may take up to four lifetimes to achieve true salvation. Satgurus say that you cannot practice light and sound meditation on higher realms if you haven’t reached Sach Khand during your lifetime as a human. Hue says that you can continue practicing your meditation after death on a higher level. This is not true. Hue says that she has created a spiritual realm above the 5th level where she brings her liberated disciples and others such as presidents. A spiritual soul cannot go to the 5th level unless they have reached that through their meditation practice.
At the same time, Hue says that souls cannot go above the 5th level, only she can. This is not true. A Sant Mat Satguru will take you to the 5th level and God will elevate you from there to higher realms where you will merge with God.
Hue has said that you can’t get to the higher realms through the Sound. This is not true. It is only the Sound that elevates you.
A Sant Satguru will tell disciples to listen to their doctors and take the prescribed medicines. Hue has attacked and disparaged the most senior scientist physician in the United States, Dr. Fauci. She has said the Covid vaccine does not work and urged disciples not to get vaccinated saying that it had terrible side effects and does not work. The truth is that the Covid vaccine saves lives and prevents hospitalizations.
Because of the guidance of this fake master, the group held super spreader events during the Covid lockdown where at least one person died of Covid because of the exposure.

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Clinton Donation Case


Yah Lin ``Charlie'' Trie also solicited large amounts of
foreign money. In Trie's case, the cause was the Presidential
Legal Expense Trust, set up to help satisfy the legal bills
incurred by President and Mrs. Clinton. In March 1994, Trie
brought nearly half a million dollars in small-denomination
checks and money orders to the law office administering the
Trust. The checks and money orders, it turned out, were written
by followers of a Buddhist Sect called Suma Ching Hai. Many of
the followers were reimbursed in the amount of their
contributions. Ultimately, the reimbursement money came from
accounts in Taiwan and Cambodia.
None of the aforementioned individuals would speak to the
Committee about their fund-raising activities. Sioeng left the
country soon after the campaign finance scandal broke. The
Riadys likewise have stayed out of the United States, and
declined to meet with Committee staff working in Indonesia.
Huang and Hsia have remained in this country but have both
asserted their Fifth Amendment privilege against self-
incrimination. Trie initially left the country but recently
returned and was arrested. He was indicted on January 28, 1998
and charged on 15 counts, including conspiracy to defraud the
DNC and the United States. The indictment charges Trie with
participating in the conspiracy by, among other things,
purchasing access to high level government officials through
contributions made to the DNC.

B. The Rose of the Ching Hai Buddhist Sect

During its investigation, IGI conducted extensive computer
information searches, interviewed numerous donors
telephonically, and contacted several experts on cults and
religious sects. Based on these efforts, IGI determined that
Trie likely laundered some or all of the funds through members
of the Ching Hai Buddhist sect to the Trust and that many sect
members were, in fact, coerced into making the donations.
The Ching Hai Buddhist organization is headed by the
Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai. According to IGI's findings and
other published information, the Supreme Master studied
Buddhism in Taiwan, where she maintains her headquarters. Aside
from leading the sect, she also designs her own line of clothes
and conducts fashion shows.\51\ She encourages her followers to
make donations to and purchase items from Ching Hai.
Notwithstanding her teachings to her followers to focus on the
spiritual and not the material, IGI found that Suma Ching Hai
generally travels and lives in an opulent style. Indeed, IGI
reported that she is considered a fraud by many other Buddhist
groups.\52\ IGI also reported on certain unconventional
practices within the sect, such as the sale of the Supreme
Master's bathwater to her followers (which she apparently
claims has curative properties).\53\
\51\ Final report of IGI, stamped ``Draft,'' May 15, 1996, p. 5
(Ex. 10).
\52\ Id. at p. 4.
\53\ Id.
As a result of its interviews with experts who had studied
the Ching Hai sect extensively, IGI learned that its
membersoften donate sums to the organization greater than they can
afford.54 IGI concluded that it was highly likely that the
funds donated by members of Ching Hai to the Trust were not given
\54\ Berger deposition, p. 24.
\55\ Ex. 10.
IGI also discovered that the donors to the Trust were
solicited by the Supreme Master at large meetings in Los
Angeles, Houston and New York. Many of the members IGI
interviewed said they did not have check books or sufficient
funds with them at the meetings, so in some cases fellow
members wrote checks on their behalf, and in other cases money
orders were provided and people simply filled them out with
their addresses and social security numbers.56
\56\ Berger deposition, p. 24.
For obvious reasons, the Committee looked closely at
whether the Ching Hai members reimbursed the sect for the money
orders they had filled out or whether the sect simply funneled
its funds through its members to Trie and ultimately the Trust.
The organizer of the Ching Hai meeting in New York, Zhi Hua
Dong, addressed this issue when he testified before the
Committee on July 31, 1997.

C. Testimony of Zhi Hua Dong

Zhi Hua Dong is a computer systems administrator in the
physics department at Columbia University. He served as the New
York contact member for Ching Hai and was one of the organizers
of a March 16, 1996 meeting of the group in New York. Dong
testified before the Committee and explained how the donations
were gathered at that meeting. A couple of days prior to March
16, Dong was contacted by one of the Supreme Master's
assistants and told to purchase $20,000 in money orders and was
assured that he would be reimbursed for the purchase. He was
not told why the money was needed. Later the same day he
received another call from the same individual and was told to
purchase as many money orders as he could. After contacting a
few other members from the New York area, Dong was able to
purchase $70,000 in money orders.57
\57\ Testimony of Zhi Hua Dong, July 31, 1997, p. 151.
Dong testified that he and his wife met the Supreme Master
Suma Ching Hai at Kennedy International Airport along with
other sect members.58 Dong's wife, Tracy Hui, drove
Charlie Trie and the Supreme Master into Manhattan. Dong
followed in another vehicle. Upon arriving at the Ritz Carlton
Hotel in midtown, Dong went up to the Supreme Master's room
where he delivered the money orders he had been asked to
purchase. At that time the Supreme Master explained to him that
they were helping President Clinton raise funds for his
personal legal expenses. Trie, who was to be initiated into the
sect at the meeting, was also in the room and wrote down the
full name of the Trust so that people would be able to spell it
correctly on their money orders and checks. Before leaving,
Dong observed the Master removing $20,000-25,000 from the stack
of money orders for sect-related expenses.59
\58\ Deposition of Zhi Hua Dong, June 17, 1997, p. 49.
\59\ Dong testimony, p. 153.
During the meeting that night, which was held at the Inn at
57th Street, the Supreme Master addressed about 150 new
initiates, all U.S. citizens, and told them that President
Clinton was a good person and needed their help. After
requesting them to contribute to the Trust, the Master turned
to leave the room and to go downstairs to a private meeting.
When some of the new initiates tried to follow her, she turned
and in an angry tone told them to stay put and attend to
business.60 When one of the followers tried to ask a
``spiritual question,'' she angrily told him that it was not
the time for spiritual questions.61 According to
Dong, her tone made some of the members uncomfortable,
\60\ Dong Deposition, p. 79-80.
\61\ Dong testimony, p. 170.

The voice was very strong, very strong, you know,
from my perspective, I feel some energy coming out, and
her tone, you know, could make people uncomfortable . .
. there is one person stand up, after Master talked,
stand up, asked a spiritual question regarding the
practice. Master was very angry . . . It's a very
strong voice. That could irritate people.62
\62\ Dong deposition, p. 112.

Immediately following the event, Dong went back to the
Master's room at the Ritz-Carlton and helped count the funds
that had been raised. Between sixty and one hundred of the
blank money orders had been filled out by individuals who did
not pay for them.63 The Master added a number of
checks and money orders from another meeting, and, according to
Dong, the total amount finally given to Trie could have been
more than $400,000.64
\63\ Dong testimony, p. 158.
\64\ Id. at p. 161.
Dong had never met Trie prior to the New York meeting, and
he testified that from the way Trie talked, he was under the
impression that he worked directly for President
Clinton.65 This was the only time Dong was aware of
the Supreme Master ever asking for support for a political
figure.66 Four days after this New York meeting--on
March 20--Trie called Cardozo to set up their initial
\65\ Id. at p.163-164.
\66\ Dong deposition, p. 114.
\67\ Id. at p. 24.
Dong testified that in May, 1996, Trie called him and asked
him if they could meet at the airport while Trie was changing
planes in New York. At this meeting Trie was very upset because
the Trust was investigating the source of the contributions. He
told Dong that the Trust was being ``very cautious'' because it
was ``an election year.'' 68
\68\ Dong testimony, p.163.
Several weeks after the event, Dong contacted the Ching Hai
headquarters in Taiwan requesting that he and his fellow
membersbe reimbursed for the $70,000 in money orders that they
had purchased with their own money. Dong testified that up to this
point he had received little or no reimbursement from the individual
members. Dong and the other members who had advanced funds for the
money orders were eventually reimbursed by the sect in three wire
transfers, one for $20,000 from Taiwan, one for $30,000 from Cambodia
where the sect had a chapter, and the balance in a wire transfer from
Los Angeles chapter.69
\69\ Id. at p.165.

VI. May 9, 1996 White House Meeting

After receiving the initial investigative report from IGI,
including information about the Ching Hai Buddhist group,
Cardozo scheduled another meeting at the White House for May 9,
1996 to again discuss the Trie donations.70 The
meeting was attended by Cardozo, Schwartz and Libow on behalf
of the Trust, and Harold Ickes, Jack Quinn, White House
Counsel, Bruce Lindsey, Deputy White House Counsel, Cheryl
Mills, Deputy White House Counsel, Evelyn Lieberman, Deputy
Chief of Staff, and Maggie Williams, Chief of staff to the
First Lady, on behalf of the White House. Cardozo did not know
why it was necessary to meet with so many senior members of the
White House staff, especially in light of his insistence that
the Trust operated independent of the White House.71
The White House apparently made the decision as to which staff
members would attend.
\70\ On April 24, 1996, Trie visited the Trust for the second time.
He met with Cardozo and Schwartz and brought a shopping bag with him.
Cardozo testified that when he saw Trie approach he thought to himself
``Oh my God, he's got a million dollars.'' In fact, Trie had an
additional $179,000 for the Trust. Because the Trust was investigating
the first batch of donations, Cardozo refused to accept the donations.
Because IGI had been specifically instructed by Cardozo not to
interview Trie, they had instead prepared a list of questions to be
asked of Trie at the April 24 meeting in order to gain a better
understanding of the source of the donations. However, neither Cardozo
nor Schwartz asked any of IGI's questions at the meeting. Deposition of
Michael Cardozo, May 7, 1997, pp. 129-130.
\71\ Id. at p. 115.
During the May 9 meeting, Cardozo explained the key facts
surrounding Trie's donations to the Trust, and called upon
Libow, the Trust's attorney, to provide the group with a
summary of IGI's findings regarding Ching Hai and its leader,
Suma Ching Hai. Libow described IGI's findings in great detail
including their conclusion that at least some of the donations
may have been coerced.72
\72\ Id. at pp. 155-156. IGI's conclusion was ultimately proven
correct when in July Cardozo received a letter from Ching Hai member
David Lawrence. Cardozo circulated the letter to all of the people who
had attended the May 9 meeting, as well as Mrs. Clinton. The Lawrence
letter confirmed that in fact many of the donors did not contribute
their own funds:

Unfortunately as you suspected, the funds were raised by
the efforts of a concerned party who was unaware of some of
the terms mentioned in your letter. In particular, none of
those in the private association involved in the fund
raising knew that the individual U.S. citizen donors were
required to use only their own funds. In my case, $500
given by money order was advanced by the association or its
leader and not reimbursed by me. We were led to believe
that reimbursement was optional. I am sure that none of the
members or leadership of the association knew otherwise. In
addition, I was not made aware of the other terms mentioned
in your letter. I was not aware that the Trust ``will make
periodic public reports of fund contributors.''

Letter from David Lawrence to the Trust, July 5, 1996, p. 2 (Ex. 11).
The group discussed the pros and cons of returning the
donations and the type of press coverage such a story would
generate.73 Mills raised the question of whether
returning the money would be seen as some sort of
discriminatory act against Asian-Americans, but in the end the
group supported the Trustees preliminary recommendation to
return the money.74

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