Slow Onset QAnon Recruitment Bait & Switch
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 27, 2022 10:05PM

.From QAnon Casualties on reddit


He started off helping me because I am disabled - appeared to have a heart of gold. He asked my advice, was very sweet & warm. I feel duped & naive. We finally started chatting privately & just casually about current events, family issues, social media & BOOM! ????

Politics. It seemed normal at first but then it was "Trans is fake, Gender Issues, Biden is a pedophile, Liberal Lies, watch these videos NOW, here are ten sources, you are living a lie, we are in DANGER from China, Mexico, plutonium, Ukraine is fake, Putin is our ally, I VOTED TWICE FOR OBAMA, I GREW UP DEMOCRATIC. Conservatives actually love Jews, there is no anti semitism, I actually hate Trump too but he is covered wrong in liberal media." Stuff to relate to me and show me I had missed some things, pretending it was for informing & helping me. It sounded to me more and more like hate and rage, not debate.

Finally I couldn't keep up with the daily political rants, and I said I think I am too liberal to date you. I asked to talk about other things. ????????

That was it.

I was railed with insults until I was sobbing. I felt blindsided bc it started with social issues & current events. ...... I should have known it was too good to be true, because I was in awe of even speaking to me one on one.

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Re: Slow Onset QAnon Recruitment Bait & Switch
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: December 30, 2022 03:09AM

Please don't Feel Alone...

Was living in a small town about an hour and a half, one each way, from two 'big cities.' Got on an on-line dating site. Wrote a four paragraph 'get to know me' section. The fourth was, in essence, "Look, if you're a Trumpy, let's forget it. I couldn't be with a woman who voted for a proud pussy-grabbing rapist and racist."

Women made contact. They seemed nice. Five times I drove to meet a woman for coffee, a 'get to know each other' bit.

Five times politics came up, and when I expressed a distaste for Trump, each woman was surprised, angry, or horrified. I asked each, "Didn't you read my biography on the site?"

"Most of it."

Finally I realized that the Trumpys don't read a lot, and I moved the fourth paragraph to first. Amazing how my number of 'contacts' went down -- but so much nicer.

Another time I met an attractive, athletic, obviously sharp woman. Took her for an easy hike so we could talk... Turns out she was QAnon. Oh, goodness. I asked her for proof, saying, "I've heard the claims. But I've yet to see proof. I'm open to believing what can be proved. Do you have some?"

She was smart. She knew she had nothing. She dissembled, "I've researched this for years," as if that proved something. I replied, "So have I! But there are only claims, not evidence."

Yeah. Big "No-Go" there, too.

Another woman, a beautiful Santa Barbara beach bunny who I dated years ago, got into QAnon, too. Once I told her I believed Trump to be a racist rapist, not a savior of trafficked children, she hung up on me and hasn't talked to me since.

Once they're there, it's sad, but there's no helping them. It's like with an alcoholic -- they can't be helped until they see it themselves...

Strangely, the dynamic for QAnon is similar to that of some Incels. They find a group, they feel respect as a fellow member, and...

So, again, don't feel bad. You're not alone...

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