The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light (UFO Islamic cult)
Posted by: IllCookie ()
Date: October 21, 2022 09:20AM

Ran by a guy named Abdullah Hashem who refers to himself as Aba al-Sadiq. They seem to preach the idea that he is chosen by God to rule over the world as a theocrat like some "philosopher-king" and that all other governments are ran by Satan. Seems to be shia islam with a mix of UFOs and new world order conspiracy theories.

Thought nothing of it until I came across a sermon where he defends the ability for him to take peoples wives link

There is a blog that levels a heavy amount of accusations against him and his religion and some of them seem to be extremely heavy []

One of their more odd videos is a claiming of a "miracle" to one of his followers having a miscarriage, the implications behind this seem to be terrifying []

There seems to also be a youtube channel "Abdullah Hashem Exposing" that seems to have ex-member testimony on some of the cultish stuff that this group encourages and does.

Wondering if anyone on here knows about this group because they seem relatively obscure from the public despite all mass-migrating to some commune in the UK and doing this for 7 years.

The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light (UFO Islamic cult)
Posted by: IllCookie ()
Date: November 16, 2022 11:38AM

I went ahead and spent a bit more time trying to research these guys.

It seems Abdullah Hashem previously ran a website called "hashemfilms" back in 2005-2010 in which he made documentaries "exposing the new world order" and going after groups like Raƫlians. He made a bunch of series like "The Anti-Christ Dajjal Series" and "The Arrivals" which seemed to be fairly popular across the muslim world. For some reason he joined up with this group following a man called "Ahmad al-hassan" then schismed from it and formed their own group where he was in connection with Allah. An ex-member here claims that he would take peoples wives without the husbands knowing and how his followers would be ready to kill anyone in a heartbeat.

A lot of there videos, like this one [] , seem to require complete obedience to what their leader requests and calls for abandonment of judgement and critical thinking.


"It is a very easy equation, if you think that I am the lawmaker and in my hands are all things, the permissible, the punishment, and the rewards of all creation, and that I am the Riser that thousands of Prophets and righteous believers have been waiting for, and that I am the one who would fill the Earth with justice and equity after it has been filled with oppression and injustice, then you will do what I command, and with all happiness because you know that I am him. But if you have 1% doubt then you will not, and if you did then you will not find comfort and you will destroy your life and yourself. This is the truth. And if you submit and there is any doubt whatsoever in your heart then it is as if you did not submit at all."

It seems like they moved their location from Germany to Sweden to the UK - I spent time trying to figure out where their village in the UK was located but gave up. Seems like this guy got his followers hypnotized.

Re: The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light (UFO Islamic cult)
Posted by: shadow ()
Date: June 13, 2023 11:10AM

Their location is Webb House, South Lodge & Land, Victoria Avenue, Crewe, CW2 7SQ. They bought the Webb House in Crewe.

In late 2000s the cult leader Hashem together with his friend McGowen who is part of the cult, infiltrated the Raelian movement and made lies about them trying to extort them for money if they don't want the footage posted. US court ruled in favour of the Raelians so the father of the lie Abdullah Hashem escaped from America to Egypt and became a fugitive on the run. []

After settling in Egypt, in 2015 he started his cult, Joseph McGowen was living there with him for a couple of years but in 2015 he left and went back to America, only to return again after some time and join the cult. In 2008 Joseph McGowen sent emails to a rival filmmaker where he goes into details about Hashem's mindset and dealings, these emails are posted on the internet.

Joseph McGowen says that he stopped being friends with Hashem and left him but he went to his home and gifted him a new laptop that he bought, he used these manipulation tactics way before he started his cult in 2015. Joseph McGowen says how nothing about their documentary was true, they lied about everything to gain fame, he says that Abdullah Hashem was acting strange since long time ago, for example he told McGowen that he was this and McGowen was that, that they were special and were going to rule the world. Now it makes more sense after Hashem claims to be the reincarnation of Alexander the Great, the Islamic prophet Muhammad and other nonsensical claims. Abdullah Hashem is a narcissist with a God complex.

Lisa Wiese, a German citizen, was married to Abdullah Hashem's brother Abdulrahman Hashem and they lived together in Egypt in the early 2010s before the invention of the cult. Later she divorced his brother and left but after Hashem started his cult, in 2019 she went together to India with one of the cult members Mohammad Ali, who is a high ranking member of the cult. Lisa went missing in India, while Mohammad Ali came back to the UK. Lisa's relatives made a report to the police that she is missing so they started an investigation, now they want help from Interpol to find the man who went to India with her, she is a missing person with a yellow notice in Interpol. Whatever this man did to her was by the orders of the cult leader Abdullah Hashem. It is highly likely that he is hiding in the Webb House in Crewe as he is from the UK and a high ranking member of the cult, but even if he is not there, then Abdullah Hashem is definitely there as we see him posting videos on YouTube from Webb House which he bought in Crewe, UK. This is an article about Lisa in Indian media. []

Another important thing to add is that a couple of years ago, one of Abdullah Hashem's Egyptian friends who was part of the cult left and exposed him on YouTube, I don't know if his videos are still up, but he said that once while Hashem was together with his brother Abdulrahman Hashem, Abdulrahman exposed Abdullah in front of everyone in their house, calling out his actions, his behaviour and the way he was treating people, so Abdullah Hashem didn't say a word to his brother but instead went crying into his room where he started cursing him, and Abdulrahman is Lisa Wiese's ex husband from who he has children.

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