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Posted by: samphrones ()
Date: September 16, 2022 08:17AM

i moved to a small off-grid community in august 2019. mid life, very alone, with great dog. looking to begin again. 'the town' is actually two teeny tiny towns within a few miles of each other about 25 miles south of santa fe. the public face of both towns is similar. geared to tourists along 'the turquoise trail' route 14 between santa fe and albuquerque. good tourist bait. initially i found both towns charming. found a property i could afford (but barely) and moved in. the pandemic happened and very isolated here i have been subjected to nearly ongoing gaslighting abuse. not casual. not just locals not liking city lady moving in. the extremely well orchestrated campaign of hateful annoyance, break ins, thefts, vandalism, coincides perfectly with a crazy wisdom fringe group i had bad run in with in la back around 1997-2002. there's a group of senior chogyam trungpa students around there. and also an affiliation with e.j. gold who was/is in northern california, never heard anything about him being here. but it just feels
like he is here, and the abusive climate i fell into then i am back in now. in santa fe county, new mexico. ??? it doesn't make any sense but there it is. met nice couple when first moved here who head the albuquerque shambala center. they tried to interest me in it but my experience in la was too terrible to ever get involved with it. long story short i am seeking information about these towns if anyone has any. i have called the police more times than i can count (15/16?) and they continue to not care one bit. reports on file though they say. prowlers at night, etc. have had locks changed twice then spares get taken. i should leave here--yes...but am deer frozen in headlights at least for now. the length of the pandemic isolation coupled with this ongoing gaslighting has me cuckoo for coco-puffs as i think (hope) some of you can relate to. never a straight answer from anyone here. blanket silence. blanket of not-welcome. my hypothesis is that there is a public face to the shamballa teachings and a private face, much closer to the abusive tactics i've learned about trungpa himself. these people seem like a melange of trippy dippy gurdjieff-sufi, meets trungpa meets ej gold
crazy wisdom, gaslighting abusers. there's a man here briefly introduced to--as 'bob'--who is a dead ringer for reginald ray (who i have only seen online images of) ??? there's a building on main street of madrid with the shamballa sun painted on it and two life-size cut-out figures who look very much to be padmasambhava and lady yeshe tsogyal. they are dressed in western gear and on horses in front of a shop where when brand new here i was badly swindled in good crazy wisdom
fashion. there's also a liberal heaping of ken kelsey's merry pranksters going on and yes, manson--creepy crawly raids. their pre-murder escapades were just breaking into affluent home, casually taking stuff and/or rearranging the furniture. am sadly without a single friend or family person to help. not working, am scared to even try to
find a place to rent. but i need to get out. but i'm not IN a cult.....they do not seem to want me to move though. there's just a sheet ton of magick being worked. sticky and thick. i am good sitting duck for now. have had all family heirlooms (there were not many), artwork, last week an ipad. this week purse, but was returned, outside in mud, all there but cash gone. these people present as so-clean! successful, vegan off-grid sustainability pioneers. impressive. hippy dippy but great (i thought) and they are artists. etc. lots of cannabis going on and everyone has a gun. now cannabis is legal in new mexico there's a big push--they want to make madrid and cerrillos a cannabis recreation destination! which chills me to the bone. new mexico is very poor. i can understand local government wanting to do all they can to support tourism in all forms. e.j. gold has a thing for old mining towns? i try to tell the police, no way these incidents with me are isolated incidents. these people move like a single hive. there's a mindset and ideology behind this crazy making craziness and i know because i was indoctrinated into it 25 years ago. different people, same shtick. crazy wisdom seemed cool at first. back then. like a fast track to enlightenment i am ashamed to say now. in early 2002 i had a breakdown as a direct result of antics very specifically pertaining to ej gold. and the man called keith rainiere looks very much like a young man who was ej's pride and joy back around 1998. ucla book fair. they called him oz. he also bears a stunning resemblence to da free john. but! i didn't want this post to be so long and convoluted but i've been putting off coming back to this forum for too long. i i may well be way off and crazy but i would not post here without serious concern i have thought long and hard about the validity of. but as the police keep telling me, i have no proof. not enough solar to install an alarm. cameras. no one to help. also, if going down this rabbit-hole, look at meow woof arts in santa fe--seems related. i remember being told way back that grr martin was good friend of ej. ok. that's it. not proofreading or editing because i might not post. this is all just fyi and to raise awareness and if others are being affected in this area or anywhere. i know the dharma ocean compound in crestone went to a well-respected tibetan buddhist teacher--so that is good! thank you that this is here.

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