The Smokescreen of Oversight
Posted by: Leslie Read ()
Date: June 16, 2022 04:13AM

The Smokescreen of Oversight

New blog post describing the dangerous precedent of pretending to over-see abusive and, possibly, criminal activity in the non-dual spiritual community.

Yet….if the oversight association — in this case the Association of Spiritual Integrity — has no real ‘teeth’ or, worse yet, is in collusion with the teachers it gives the false impression of ‘oversight’ and acts as nothing more than a smokescreen, deflecting g stories of actual harm.


Re: The Smokescreen of Oversight
Posted by: S_truth ()
Date: November 17, 2022 02:19AM

Same is happening in martial arts. Me too groups are actually ways to further abuse and shun those who have been exploited while those running the me too groups continue to support the abusers and predators. Martial arts is actually vampirism while they promote survival of the fittest most conformist. In actuality we are the survivent of the most nurtured. Survival of the species does not mean most evolved of course.

My advice to everyone is that all groups have cultish tendencies. The extent of the exploitation and means of deceiving differ. However the end goal is the same: no respect or dignity for human life unless they can use and discard you, power driven and focused on collective domination no matter whether overt or covert. The covert ones are the worst.

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