Cultic Company and Management Praxis Workplace
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Date: June 15, 2022 12:14AM


If your company seems like a cult, it might be

Two psychiatrists warn about the risks of abusive behavior behind practices meant to strengthen employee loyalty

(Small quote from a very informative article)


Miguel Perlado, a psychologist and expert in cults, works with people who are involved in abusive group dynamics in non-cult contexts.

“I have worked with cults, but also in the context of theater or music, where there may be dynamics of abuse of power, unequal relationships that serve to control the individual or that favor abuse of women,” he explains. He has also consulted for companies seeking to improve their labor practices.

“There are business contexts in which practices that we otherwise consider abusive are idealized, because they monopolize the lives of workers and leave them no space for their personal lives. Within the organization, they are a sign of involvement and dedication,” he says.

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