The Play of Collusive Gaslighting in the Reporting of Existential Harm and Abuse
Posted by: Leslie Read ()
Date: June 08, 2022 04:33AM

Many of you have read the following letter…addressed to the ASI - ‘Association for Spiritual Integrity.’
While the ASI gave me a platform in which to address my concerns I am now convinced it operates as merely a ’storefront’ to deflect responsibility.

In this letter I describe a bit of the existential controls over this life and the lives of my family…and the collusive efforts to cover-up this story and protect those teachers.

Here is the letter to which I was told by Rick Archer (BatGap) to just ‘walk away’…
(The short recording at the end of this letter details the occult controls over 4-generations of my family.)

Additionally Rick of BatGap as well as those who run SAND (Science and Non-duality Conference) have not only denied knowing anything of what happened (not true) but have gaslighted any reporting of what occurred. “From what I've seen you write and heard you say, your focus on these people is having a negative influence on your psychology and your relationships.”
“All I’m saying to you Leslie is, this thing seems to dominate your life. Is it really your mission in life to bring these people to justice, or whatever you hope to do? How is that coming along? How long have you been at it and how much progress have you made?”
These statements of Rick Archer’s are straight out of the gaslight playbook and point to collusion and cover-up in the non-dual community.

I’ve finished the outline of my reporting…including names of teachers and photos.
Recently I was asked if I was concerned with the possibility of defamation lawsuits involving certain spiritual titans.

My answer: “No. Because these teachers know I am telling the truth. Furthermore, they took their lies deep into the Santa Cruz County Court system and they would not want to risk a re-opening of the case.”

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