Does anyone have informations about the Good News Mission / International Youth Fellowship / Ock Soo Park?
Posted by: ginseng ()
Date: May 17, 2022 03:49AM

Hi everyone,

One of my friends is part of the Good News Mission church and I'm wondering if anyone could tell me a bit more about it? There's been a few topics on this forum about it already, but they're all quite old and I can't seem to find anything recent.

I'd also like to share what I found about it and the little experience I've had with them.

I don't know much about cults, so I'm not sure if it fits in Rick Ross' definition of one, but it definitely feels cultish to me, as well as controlling and unsettling. It's considered a "guwonpa" (salvation sect) in Korea, so as far as I know, it's viewed as a cult there.

About my experience: My friend lives with the pastor (of his city, not Ock Soo Park himself), as well as several other members of the church. I went to his house to visit him, and the pastor wanted to talk to me. It's his home, so I thought it was normal and that he just wanted to chat to see who was the person that was brought to his home. Well I was wrong.

He asked me a bunch of questions about my upbringing and my family (at this point I was already really uncomfortable), then proceeded to talk by himself for A WHOLE HOUR. Wouldn't let me talk, and preached to me the whole time (mind you, I was just there to see my friend, not listen to some rando tell me I was going to hell and that I needed to open my heart to Jesus or else I was pure evil). My friend had to translate as he was talking in Korean, and it was so, so uncomfortable.

Basically, it was about how we are all born evil and how we need to open our hearts to Jesus etc etc. Lots of insistence on the evil part. Oh and apparently the time of the apocalypse is coming soon because we will have our sanitary passes in the form of qr codes on our hands, and it’s the mark of the chosen ones (or something like this).

Anyway, I've also skimmed one of Ock Soo Park’s (the creator of this church and of the International Foundation of Youth - which, from what I learned, tricks people who want to teach English in foreign countries into joining it, and makes them attend some kind of religious formation instead) books and, I'm not exaggerating, it made me feel physically ill.

It was basically saying that if you believe you're good you will become arrogant and become addicted to drugs / prostitutes / etc and that you should humble your soul and break your heart. That you need to consider yourself bad to be able to listen to other people. And of course, everything related by Ock Soo Park made him look like a savior ("I invited lepers to the restaurant and it was the first time in their life they were so happy" bla bla bla. He seems really full of himself).

I also learned through Korean websites that around 2010 a bunch of people died because Ock Soo Park and his church pretended that something called "ddobyul" was a drug (it's not) and that it would cure people from cancer. Then dissuaded people from seeking actual cancer treatment to take the ddobyul instead. Unsurprisingly, they died.

Anyway, I'm pretty appalled by everything I learned from this organization. And would like more info or testimonies if you have some! And maybe protect people from going there. According to what I’ve read about cults and the checklist of this website ( it definitely seems like one to me.

Thanks for reading

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