Queenslands Apostle John says you can control COVID 19 ?
Posted by: Littlelight7 ()
Date: May 14, 2022 12:02PM

Update ! Just when you think things could not get any worse they do ! To find out that your neighbors pastor is acting like Kenneth Copeland? I kid you not ! He literally said you have the power to form a protective bubble over your community with positive prayer ,and can stop the spread of COVID 19 ?
Oh it gets more twisted this started back way back in 2014 when he wrote a crazy book claiming he has power over others like a " little god " he dubs this apostolic authority ! He Alley is that convincing that he has 40 countries duped into this scam of prosperity heresy, word of faith and what makes it more dangerous is that he believes he is just like King David or Moses ! Dear God in heaven this man has come unhinged and leading 40 other churches world wide to his summit conferences,and telling them that they can claim spiritual authority and protecting by forming a ring of fire around their homes ? He twists the Bible so bad saying it's just like Genesis where 2 angels are sent by God with flaming swords to keep Adam and eve out of the Garden because they were banished because of sin then he claims he can summon these cherubim to form a walk of fire or ring of fire around the community of Rockhampton Queensland? What !this is worse than David koresh . The whole of Rockhampton he is trying to isolate and lead them into his Strange doomsday cult of kingdom now ! C peter Wagner tried to pull this with Todd Bentley a man that claimed he was to receive this apostolic gifting and afterward he was punching people in the stomach ,and kicking people in the face with his biker boot laying claim to be hearing from God ? All the while his girlfriend was hissing like a cobra and shaking her head violently saying " it's a elephant ! It's a elephant !

And the world is wondering why Australia is the most locked down country in the world ?! Why
Simply put they are messing with the occult !

Australia is filled with witchcraft ,occult ,new age and now Alley wants to join forces with these unsuspecting aboriginal communities to transfer some kind of anointing ? Dear Lord this is another Jim Jones !

Wake up people get away from this man please .if you don't you could loose your own life .

Houses can be rebuilt ,even animals replaced , but humans cannot ! Do you want to happen to you what happened at Jonestown ? How about David Koresh !
Look what happened .
This man has lost his mind and thinks he is Jesus Christ!

The isolation is with these N AR churches and they are still at it even after Todd Bentley , Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland are still going strong .this time it's in Queensland ! In a small community calked Rockhampton! Queensland . If you are attending this church or pastors that are being taught this deceptive teaching laying claim that you need to be under a spiritual father type image ! You better get out . Do not play the hero do not say anything to them run for your life and don't look back

Stay away from the apostolic ,pentecostal , word of faith heresy teachers ! Get away from those telling you they hear messages from God in dreams ,signs ,visions and wonders !

This is Not of God
It's dark ,evil and it will lead you to a path of destruction.
Do not think this could not happen again ,it's already happening under a banner calked peace apostolic church in Rockhampton !

For more info look up Rick Ross
On u tube . Compare these past cult leaders that were doomsday type teachers. David Koresh disaster at waco , Jim Jones road to Jonestown , and compare these documentaries with what Alley is doing ! Please get educated .

Your life cannot be replaced !
This man is a dangerous narcissist .

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