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Re: Liana Shanti - Human and Child Trafficker
Posted by: WhiteKnight ()
Date: September 09, 2022 11:04AM


1. A charismatic leader who is the ultimate authority.

A single, charismatic leader who is the ultimate authority on all things and whom the cult members follow unquestionably.

Liana is the single charismatic leader with her Photoshopped looks, voice, and fake stories of her childhood. Few of her followers have ever seen her and she never ever appears on video exposing herself.

Always a “Glam Shot” portrayed to her followers as an object of desire and admiration so that "you can be just like me” if you do as I say and pay for my courses.

Liana is the ultimate authority on all things. Her followers ask Liana if it’s in alignment for them to do things and Liana will respond with yes or no answers (sometimes more) Example: if it’s in alignment for them to move to a different state.

Liana refers to herself and also (in the the 3rd party) as being recognized as the follows:

Psychic, Visionary, Seeress, Spiritual Teacher, Medicine Woman, Teacher, Mentor, Shaman, Energy Worker, Artist, Nutritionist, Wellness Educator, Lawyer (suspended license), Able to speak to the dead

Liana is also a direct conduit to Jesus Christ

If anyone questions or Challenge Liana’s teachings too much they are dark energy or Luciferian.

Once a follower has been removed from the group, there have been instances of public shaming by releasing "personal details" to humiliate that individual and intimidate others.

Liana makes false and outrageous claims regarding having personal IP information revealing location details for her critics, She further claims to have possession of confidential Cult Survivor database details to intimidate anyone seeking help to leave. Liana threatens lawsuits publically against critics. Liana sends letters directly to ex-members that leave threatening lawsuits if they share any information. There is numerous examples of intimidation available.

2. Almost perfect uniformity of beliefs and behaviours.

Critical thinking skills and differences of opinion - even on minor issues - are actively discouraged, usually by means of strict rules, a rigid hierarchy, and subtle brainwashing techniques.

3. An elitist attitude combined with separation from the larger society. In other words, there's the belief that the cult is right and everybody else is wrong.

Even in cases where the cult members don't actually live together, they are usually encouraged to spend most of their free time doing cult-related activities and to limit time spent with outsiders.

Liana encourages members to listen to her recordings as often as possible, all day and during the night while going to sleep

4. Weird or wacky beliefs that fall outside of societal norms.
For some people any kind of belief in God is considered to be a weird or wacky belief. (regardless of your position on that) believing in God is in fact a generally acceptable societal norm.
As is going to a place of worship, praying and singing religious songs. But cults tend to go beyond this sort of stuff.

For example, Liana’s cult believes that if anyone gets the covid vaccine they are dark energy and will be stuck here on earth for eternity. They will go not the void. Essentially they sold their soul to the devil.

Also, the only way to heal your inner child is to divorce your husband and anyone who doesn’t do the mother wounds, father wounds, narc wounds programs are narcissistic and are dark energy.

Liana encourages members to do several coffee Enemas throughout the week to heal from parasites and remove dark energy from their body

Dinosaurs never existed but dragons did!

Liana claims she’s been struck by lightning 3 times and has the power to see the future and the past.

Liana claims she can heal people with her voice.

Liana can speak to the dead

Claims to be a seeress (prophet)

Liana claims that at the age of two she would have cried uncontrollably and become emotionally distraught because she didn't know what Jesus wanted her to do on this earth.

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Re: Liana Shanti - Human and Child Trafficker
Posted by: zhzmom ()
Date: January 17, 2023 10:23AM

I truly regret posting this last summer. It has hurt someone I love and that was never my intention. I am unable to delete it according to the rules of the forum’s owner and “rules” which is unfair. We all do and say things we wish we could take back.

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