Morningland Curch Renamed The Monastery Destructive Cult
Posted by: FrankieTease ()
Date: April 30, 2022 05:17AM

I began the task of speaking out as a survivor of this group beginning of 2022. I will soon release a memoir of my family's story. I did a historic overview podcast episode at Frankie Files Podcast recently free to download/ listen to. I'm seeking to speak with other survivors who want to speak out too. Everyone has stayed silent too long.

Morningland started in '72 by Dan Sperato & Patricia Sperato in Long Beach, CA. Abuses include child endangerment / trafficking, sexual abuse, false healing claims, financial exploitation, psychological and spiritual / religious abuse, to name a few. While the original leaders are deceased, ideas, location, teaching, abuse lives on through trained clergy Gopi Saravati, Gopi Chokru, The Lama and others.

They now call themselves an Intentional community and I am personally familiar with their 'intentions' as I was once a Gopi in training.

So much has gone on, too much to type here. A site by ex members is posthumously up at for a bit of history, though its not comprehensive. Survivors, previous disciples, I urge you to speak out with me and contact me via details on my podcast.

I am quite surprised no mention of this place is on this forum, that brought me here.

Thank You, Frankie

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