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Re: Isaac Shaprio - sex with students
Date: July 24, 2022 03:26AM

A close friend of mine confided to me that he had corresponded with a woman who confirmed these allegations. It was a female student of Isaac Shapiro (he wouldn’t tell me her name) who was once a sexual partner of Shapiro’s for a couple of years.

My friend asked me to tell no one what he relayed to me, but a woman, I feel I have to share what I heard. This man is just too creepy and predatory to be left unchecked.

She relayed to him that someone in his Sangha group had actually confronted him about his sexual behavior with students. I believe they actually blogged about it (maybe someone could find the blog?) I think it was in Holland. Apparently the Dutch retreat centre was made aware that he was sleeping with students and told him he couldn’t teach there anymore. I gather that he was eventually allowed to return if he promised to stop having sex with “devotees”

This woman said she was aware that before her time with him, he had slept with other students, and that even while they were together he continued to fuck "disciples". When confronted with this behavior in the Sangha group, he went in full-on neo-advaita bypass mode and said something like “there is no teacher, there is no student.” (something his fraudulent “guru” Papaji used to say)

He told me other things she said like “as awareness” polyamory is closer to Truth than static relationships. Apparently a lot of “Tantric” types are drawn to Shapiro, so it’s not a stretch that this goes on. It sounds like he justifies it with pseudo spiritual mumbo jumbo, and the sangha goes along with it. So, there’s got to be people out there, men and women in his Sangha that know full well about this.

The power differential between someone seen as enlightened and “in the lineage of Ramana Maharshi” (via Papaji) and a mere student/devotee is huge! Abusing this for sex is simply disgusting.

I hope more information can come out about his behavior through this forum, and that it becomes known out in the open so no more woman will be mistreated by him.

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