When You See Ghandi
Posted by: langlorimer1 ()
Date: January 14, 2022 10:07PM

I am new to this group. I have made two posts explaing my involvement in The Dharma Yoga Center, a Yoga Cult. I was to be famous as a Messiah they called me going to Israel via a Siddhi these Yogis showed me, teleportation. My Guru one day said to me Oh look there's Ghandhi! I turn to my left and there stands Ghandhi, dressed in khaki pants and a white collared shirt. Together with materialization of things out of thin air these Yogis displayed to me and with their rhetoric of me being The Second Coming performing a "miracle" (teleportation) from NYC to Israel and seeing a dead man, Ghandhi, stand before me.
My experience in this cult is like no other. You can call me crazy, delusional or not believe me. I attempted suicide because I ran from this bullshit. I wanted to be famous but not a Messiah as these Yogis called me. Others have died in this Yoga Cult for running. There is no statue of limitations for attempted murder. Therefore although it has been several years since my involvement I still seek out legal representation.


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Re: When You See Ghandi
Posted by: The Whirlwind ()
Date: January 15, 2022 12:17AM

On this website, you wrote "In all total I have had 18 hospitalizations and four psychotic breaks due to this experience."


Langdon, you have been writing about this group for years, since 2015 at least. Your history is easy to find by performing a simple Google search.


If somebody told me that they'd been hospitalized 18 times and suffered four psychotic breaks in ten years' time, then I'd have to conclude that this person is mentally ill indeed.

Get some help, friend. I do not judge you. I've been hospitalized too. I am neither a lawyer nor an MHP, but I strongly believe that you need way more help than a lawyer could provide you with.

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Re: When You See Ghandi
Posted by: facet ()
Date: January 17, 2022 03:45AM

Hi Langdon,

They sound really irresponsible. Congratulations on getting through it all.

Wishing you best in your pursuit, although sometimes the fullest justice is to talk about it as you have done, and to get yourself back on track living your best possible life, focusing on things that are absolutely nothing to do with them, even court, though I completely understand why you would want to seek the legal route.

All the best, keep looking after yourself :-)

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