Chris Butler (Jagad Guru): Meet krishna’s spiritual slave master
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: November 25, 2021 07:58PM

I have written enough about butler, krishna and the cult.
So I just wanted to share with the whole forum a sample of the shameful abuse that goes on in the cult. Please see the link at the end of the post.
I know that not everybody reads the 800 pages written on him.
This is the kitchen rules. Judge for yourselves.
This is slavery in the name of service to guru and god.
This man and his wife deserve to go on trial for using and abusing vulnerable souls for decades of free labor.
They even fine the free labor slaves. Can you imagine?
Cooking, cleaning, laundry, making money for the wailana business, donating money and now most likely milking the americans via the tulsi gabbard campaign donations.
But hey no worries. It is all for krishna. It is all service. It is all blissful. It is all purifying. It will free you from all sins and get you back on a plane to the spiritual world. Fee of birth and death. Happy ever after.
The dude is the only pure representative of god. Coming across him in this lifetime is more rare than winning the lottery jackpot.
If you dare commit offenses against him, your spiritual life is over. Kaput. Finished. Doomed for eternity.
Imagine how messed up thos whole philosphy is.
I see this narcissist for who he really is: A spiritual vampire. A master manipulator and brainwashing expert.
If he was not so skilled, he would not be able to make abuse pass for love.
I call this parasite out as well as those who support his abuse and find it normal. May they all pay a bitter price for gaslighting so many souls for so long.
I wish them as much misery as they have caused many.
To hell with humility and forgiveness. Spiritual abuse in the name of devotion is UNFORGIVABLE.
Please take a look at this list. And if you ever come across their group or have a loved one who gets involved, show them this list.
If you are a Tulsi gabbard fan, think twice. You vote for her you vote for butler.
The krishna team in the white house. They see that as the ultimate perfection and saving grace for the planet. Fake loving devotees in charge of the world.
While the guru isnstalls fear in all devotees, while they control all the followers, Gabbard dares speaking of oppression and freedom.
If the gods are peacefully allowing the abuse and deception, I and other ex members are using our own authority to hold them accountable. They will carry on shamelssely. They will never cease to exist. They will see US as ennemies and demons.
But we will be the thorn in their eyes. And their lies will no longer stay safe in the hands of faithful, indoctrinated follwers.
We will be called atheists and many other names. But the truth is like a Tsunami that noone can ever stop.
Sorry devotees. Wake up call number 1000000. Bliss is not all that counts. Have some self respect. Have some compassion for yourselves. For your abused souls.
To hell with eternal liberation at the cost of such humilation.
Is this truly spiritual life? Maybe it is. IN HELL!
Fear keeps everybody in prison. I have paid a heafty price to free myself from the jaws of religious tyranny and fanaticism.
And I will use this fearlessness and freedom for a just cause.

List form a twitter post:

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