The cost of “divorcing” the Krishna cult: 13 years of hell
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: October 21, 2021 09:05PM

I am taking a great risk sharing my personal story in here.
I have seen way too many posts debunking this and debunking that.
If your mind is not open enough, you may want to refrain from going forward in reading my story.
I am asking you to have great compassion and respect for me sharing this in here.
My heart, my body, my psyche are shattered in 20000 pieces.
It is for those who believe that there is more to this reality than the 5 senses.
I am sharing my story at the risk of being ridiculed or diagnosed schizophrenic.
It is a risk that I am taking in order to expose the torture that I endured for the past 13 years.
I will not get into how I was pulled into the whole Krishna scene. I wrote a post called the mystical forces that led some of us to....
In 2008, after years of putting up with narcissistic spiritual abuse, I left my center.
I was still very in love with the path but not so much with the way I was treated.
As soon as I left, life took a very wrong turn. It felt as though I started entering a vortex of bad luck.
A horror movie where the character is under the spell of a curse and witches.
One thing would happen after the other. Very severe events that drained the life out of me.
Events that would push anybody into the mental hospital. But I braved them one by one.
At first I thought it was my Karma per brainwashed by the cult and that I deserved it.
But around 2015, I started seeing a pattern that made me realize that it was all too calculated and bizarre. Pretty much like the Truman show.
I was almost forbidden to feel any happiness outside the jurisdiction of Krishna.
Things got even worse when after 2014. I tried to look at other paths and let go of an absolute Truth that was imposed upon me in the Vedas.
In 2017 I embarked on a shamanic journey and this is where it was made clear to me that the path wanted me back.
I will not go into the details that belong in scifi movies and not here.
I resisted the call of returning into that rigid prison after years of freedom.
Last summer, I was faced with phenomenon that shifted me forever. All I can say is that I was not in Kansas anymore.
This is when I was shown the full power of whatever entities are behind the worship and adoration.
I only wish a camera would have filmed my journey for 4.5 months. But I know that noone will ever believe what happened to me.
It was last summer that I was prompted to join the army of courageous souls who are exposing the cult of the science of identity.
And I can tell you that it has been quite costly.
Every post in here is answered with retaliation.
The reason I am sharing this diluded version of my 13 yeasr purgatory, is to make you understand that Krishna or any other deities one worships is not a random poster, statue...
There is a business transaction going on. There is an exchange and a relationship.
Unfortunately it seems as though my taking away my full time and devotion was not so well receieved.
It was like one of those movies similar to fatal attraction where the character cannot stand being rejected.
This is why anybody who has left the path will have a hard time believing me.
Our relationship with these DEITIES ARE UNIQUE.
My story is unique and extreme. Hopefully it will never happen to anybody else.
I want to warn every single person to be very careful when you worship deities from the Hindu pantheon.
Warn your entourage from doing so also.
Best never venture into worshipping any deity. NEVER.
Have you ever heard of stories of what happened to some when they used a Ouija board?
Well, I am giving you the same warning about worshipping deties.
Do not engage in that business transaction or ask for protection from them.
Look at the result of Iskcon and The science of Identity.
A bunch of mindless, fanatical “devotees” who have been programmed by gurus.
People who beg for more and more bliss as they get abused left and right.
People who have killed in the name of offenses and Krishna.
Yes the path does offer benefits, It does purify the heart, It does offer some solace... I have had some of my happiest moments in there.
But I am here to speak of the dark sides that Noone has ever experienced.
Or if they have,they would think it is their Karma.
Also peoole are terrified of those deities and their own shadows. I am not.
I am only waiting for the next sadistic move.
After years of misery, they crawl back to the path because they could not forget gurudeva and Krishna.
The poor souls have no clue that their psyche is bombarded by the deities whispers: come back to me! This is the absolute truth, you are missing out on the greatest opportunity...
If that deity and the path were not so powerful and attractive, people would not put up with so many austerities.
It is easier to leave an ugly, poor boyfriend than a rich handsome one.
I doubt that my life will ever get better after 13 years. Especially now that I have shared so many stories in here.
I do not want my torture to go in vain.
Maybe this post is too much for here and will be deleted or not accepted.
I hope that it will stay up as I feel it is a very important one.
In case it stays up, I thank you dor reading and I thank you in advance for not judging me.

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Re: The cost of “divorcing” the Krishna cult: 13 years of hell
Posted by: Leslie Read ()
Date: May 29, 2022 09:10AM

Thank you for the bravery of your story. What you are describing sounds very much like high-level occult powers (siddis) Which are randomly used by many, many so-called spiritual teacher who are also wanting to control others.

“A horror movie where the character is under the spell of a curse and witches.”

While occult powers cannot be proven they are very real and just because others have not experienced them does that mean they do not exist.
It is very easy to control others especially when there has been an energetic pathway that has lasted for many years. That was most certainly the case in my life with my former teachers
Once I started opening up about their controls over me the occult powers became stronger yet.


These controls are not only over my own life but they affect my two kids as well.
All told, high-level siddis can do anything. ANYTHING.

If I had one piece of advice for anyone living on this planet it would be to clear your auric field daily.
Wishing you the very best in your healing and thank you again for your willingness to share your story and move fully into your authentic voice.

I share some words of Andrew Harvey:
"It is my belief that 90 percent of the so-called masters in the modern world are not enlightened at all but are in fact occult magicians. The occult magician will use his or her occult powers to ensnare the devotee in a posture of adoration by feeding them visionary experiences, which may seem to open things up for the devotee but actually keeps one dependent on the guru. It's a kind of drug pushing as dangerous on the spiritual level as cocaine or heroin is on the physical. Because people don't know the difference between the divine and the occult, nor how accurately the occult can mimic the divine, nor how easily occult powers can be cultivated by the unscrupulous and ambitious. They take these powers and experiences to be unmistakable signs of divine presence and go on worshipping as divine these people who have, in fact, shown that they are neither good, nor kind, nor humble, nor generous"

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Re: The cost of “divorcing” the Krishna cult: 13 years of hell
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: June 02, 2022 11:02PM

Leslie, thank you so much for your validation. I often pass for lunatic or I get on people’s nerves for trying and educate them on the supernatural aspects of this reality and krishna consciousness.
I also wrote a post called the mystical powers that brought some of us…
I explain how I even landed in that group.
To be honest with you, the scifi level of my experience is next level. And I doubt it can come from Siddhis that a “human” has.
Also we were in a very large group. I did not have a very close and personal realtion to the guru. It is not like he even knew about my coming and goings.
But I know also that some humans do possess siddhis and black magic is also extremely efficient.
My theory is that some of those teachers have back up from unseen forces.
The rabbit hole goes much deeper than we think but this forum is not always the right place for these discussions.
It can trigger many who have not known such phenom. For me, straneg is my normal.
Thank you also for having the courage to share these kind of stories.
I know that it is not always easy to get judged for sharing fringe truths.
I will read the blog.

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