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Re: James & Isabella Swartz - Cult Leaders
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: August 19, 2021 11:18PM

Im going through some historical records on SW satsangs and I notice this:

James Swartz
Evidently, one day Swami Dayananda had just finished teaching and stepped off the dais to make himself available to the attendees when a mahatma who had been sitting in the back walked up to him, looked him in the eye said, “You are not teaching the tradition,” turned on his heels and walked away. Evidently, it was a shock for Dayananda who took the mahatma as his guru and learned the tradition as it was meant to be taught. Once many years ago I met the mahatma in Swami Dayananda’s ashram in Rishikesh shortly before he died.

One day, sometime after the breakup, I read a small essay written by Swami Dayananda that opened my eyes. It was called The Teaching Tradition of Advaita Vedanta and although no names were mentioned it was impossible not to understand that it was a direct attack on “modern” Vedanta à la Chinmaya. It was brilliant and in line with my own thinking which had slowly evolved over the years as my study of the tradition had become an obsession, along with trout fishing in Montana. I have rewritten, embellished it and published it on my website under the title What Is Advaita Vedanta?

I'm once again drawing on Swartz's own words to show he is attacking Swami Chinmaya. I know the full story of what happened here. Swami Dayananda openly spoke about this to his students, and I of course also wanted to know. So, two Swami told the exact same things. Will I will express in my own manner, per tradition.

It is true that Swami Dayananda was approached by someone else. Though he was not Swami Dayananda's Guru. Like myself, Swami Dayananda had three Guru's, but we can get to that. Pujya Swamiji has been offered to take over from Swami Chinamaya. But, Swami Dayananda had two 'things'. The first is that he sat at the feet of his Guru for nearly a decade, and was expected to just 'get it'. Even though he was obviously the foremost student at that time, he didn't attain enlightenment. He was so distraught he was going to walk away from sannyass and seel his books. He cant do that, but he was going to anyhow. A chance meeting with someone did tell him he is not teaching correct. To my mind it was as a market. I may be wrong, on that.

So, he goes back to Swami Chinamya and mentions this. Swamiji then sends him to another Guru to learn what he is asking about. Once that was taught, then Swami Dayananda went back to Chinmaya Ashram and studied Shankaras work and the Bhagavad Gita. That was enough.

There was a suggestion from Swami Dayananda to Swami Chinmaya how to streamline training. Swami Chinmaya was not keen, so it didnt happen. Swami Chinmaya was meant to go to USA to teach, but was ill. So Swami Dayananda went instead on his own. It is here that he had the opportunity to change things, and he did. With out permission, he set up Arsha Vidya in Saylorsburg USA. There was also no 'break-up'. By the time Pujya SWamiji got back to Chinmaya Mission, there was nothing Swami Chinmaya could do, so he gave his blessing. However, since there was a only a difference in teaching style, they went seperate ways is all.

However, and this is the point. This has been stress to me in private by Swami In India that have been extremely close to to SWami Dayananda from they were babies. Swami Dayananda has 3 Gurus. And they are placed in homage on all of our altars in Arsha Vidya. SWami Dayananda, and Arsha Vidya have great respect, and love to Swami Chinmaya. There was no falling out, as is spoken of by Swartz. Swartz tells students that it is not usual to have more than one Guru. Yes it is. Swami Chinmaya had at least two, Swami Dayananda three, and I have three. Swartz says this to people so they dont leave him to go elsewhere. This controlling and posseissiveness is fear, and is another sign of a cult leader. Spirtual teachings about freedom should free someone, from anything.

Anyhow, the position is NOT that Swami Chinmayananda is a modern Vedanta teacher. That would mean Swami Tapovan was. Difference in teachings can be fluid, there is some freedom of expression. Swami Chinmaya was a traditonal teacher. Whereas James Swartz is not. This is not to say that James SWartz hasn't taught some Vedanta, he has. But this has been jumbled up with his own personal ideas about control, abuse and power.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James & Isabella Swartz - Cult Leaders
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: August 20, 2021 04:07AM

> You know what James ? it has taken me a long time
> to figure out the source of what was disturbing
> about your personal behaviour and your teachings.
> I can put my finger clearly on it now. Just like
> the rev Moon you mentioned, you are running your
> site and teaching as a cult ! The guru can never
> be wrong and students have to conform to his views
> unquestioningly or be bullied, gaslighted,
> ostracised and cancelled. over time, it becomes
> extraordinarily difficult to separate your
> teaching of vedanta with your unresolved samskaras
> playing out as your opinions, rants and undharmic
> behaviour. it`s good to breath fresh air again
> and be free of your cult...both subtle and overt.
> You really need a teacher and to be under a real
> sampradaya`s discipline as you are a danger to
> yourself and to others.

Great post! I think, more than anything, your post highlights the deluisional nature of Swartz. Or perhaps he is so used to telling lies about people, it is his nature now. I think of Isabella, she has swallowed this more than anyone. And it is her that is openly setting the narrative as if he is the second messiah. I do wonder what it would be like if she ever realised how fooled she has been. Though I think she will stay at the helm of the cult, as it all comes crashing around her.

It's taken each of us a while to get to this realization that he is a cult leader, yet it is really liberating. There seems a release, like a bird that has been trapped inside a cage, unfolding wings for the first time. Its beautiful really.

And people are listening. There is movement from being firmly under the brainwashing of the Swartz cult operation. It's quite a significant swing, if I may say so. And that is what this is about. Simply giving the world as comprehensive an opportunity to make an informed choice. It's a service to the world, that's all. And its not a big thing either. It is simply doing ones duty. What is ones duty? If some injustice comes your way, it is in your karma stream. For a reason. You can either try to run from your duty, or you can use your own personal skills and aptitude to right the injustice. It's never a vendetta, as was projected onto me by others last week. It always about humble service, and understanding there will be judgements levied at you, but that doesnt matter. If everyone in the world simply done their duty to stand up to injustice, rather than enabling it by doing nothing and projecting onto those that are, this world would be heaven on earth.

Truth is the only thing that matters. Independently verifiable truth. I know it is the same for you. There is a strength to truth, stability & nobility.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James & Isabella Swartz - Cult Leaders
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: August 21, 2021 02:51AM

James Swartz Publishes Thought Reform 'Brainwashing' OF A Member

A Perfect Example of Psychologist Robert Liftons Brainwashing Indicators

I've came across a public punishment letter from cult leader James Swartz, to one of the members, that has been published today. This is a perfect example in which James Swartz can be tied into Liftons thought reform indicators. In total, I have listed 5 of Liftons 8 indicators...

James Swartz Cult Leader
OK. It’s a scam. So what? It’s not real. I’d be scammed if I thought it was. And I’d be doubly scammed if I accepted future proof of the virus as evidence, since future proof is not real either in so far as it doesn’t stand alone and it depends on the equally unreal concepts of past and present, which is to say time., which is purely subjective. A belief or an opinion is not proof of anything except itself. In fact the virus and the scam only seem to be real and have no effect on you, unborn eternal existence shining as ever-present blissful consciousness, so what’s the fuss? I would be triply scammed if I thought that the you that is telling me I’m a fool is real either. I don’t believe in the scam or the virus. I don’t disbelieve in them either. They both exist, however, as thoughts in the mind and in so far as they do, they are not real.

However, since there is going to be an unreal social event at Trout Lake discussing the nature of reality…Isvara willing…,the apparent me that is sponsoring the apparent event for apparent people, is required by the apparent dharma to offer guidelines respecting the rights of both apparent media-duped vaxers and non-evidence based anti-vaxers, which it seems the unreal you that is presenting this unreal opinion as if it were real, will, I assume, not be attending.

Right of the bat there is a textbook example of the 'loading of language', the special spiritual language, that Lifton speaks about in regard to Brainwashing. Not only is that Liftons, 'thought reform Indicator' number 6 (see this topics first post), it also falls under Indicator number 4 - 'Cult of Confession', where there is no privacy in the cult, anything that is known is to be known collectively.

While I do understand what Swartz is saying, (due to my own indoctrination into his cult) this is not the way people in Vedanta speak. People in Vedanta speak normally. To speak like this is quite absurd. It would also be bizarre, save for the fact that Swartz is deliberately trying to confuse the member and dazzle them with his mystical brilliance. And that also falls under these cult indicators:

1. Control of Communication = Swartz is controlling the way that communication is with students, if they show independent thinking. By elevating the teaching to this 'special language'.

2. Mystical Manipulation. Group practices set to deceive, through manipulation of religion = Vedanta. People in Vedanta speak normally.

8. Dispensing of Existence. From the quote, as a Traditional Teacher of Vedanta, I can tell you that Swartz is corrupting Vedanta, as well as mixing pseudo-science into things. Such an example above is very confusing for people, and it is also very damaging. It will lead a person to think that this world is not real. Vedanta does not teach that this world is not real. To explain it like this is a strong indicator of unassimilated teachings. This world is not independently real, but it obviously exists and has meaning. There is a difference.

The other thing, in regard to point number 8, is that Swartz uses this 'eka jiva vada' the world is imaginary again. He says that both the virus and the vaccanation exist in the mind, and are not real. I want to be careful here, as the Cult Ed admin proactively deals with any posts that can endanger life, so I am not giving an opinion on any virus, or any vaccination. I'm highlighting that for a cult leader to say that both the virus and vaccination are in the mind, and not real, is a huge problem no matter what way you look at it. Which is a prime example of the problems of this 'imaginary' teaching that the Swartz use.

Getting back to the entire quote, a person who has not went the full way in Vedanta would speak like Swartz has. I don't wish to elaborate on this, as I dont wish to place Vedanta teachings in this topic in my posts though. Just continuously expose them as cult leaders.

Source: Check his 'Talks Cheap...' E-Satsang on his indoctrination site.


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James & Isabella Swartz - Cult Leaders
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: November 21, 2021 04:35PM

Defining The James & Isabella Swartz Cult

Teachings Of Spiritual Nazi's

It is important to have a solidly grounded and practicable approach if you are to assess whether James & Isabella Swartz are cult-like leaders and unsafe. Although more and more people have bravely taken a stand against the James & Isabella Swartz cult, and the disclosure of their emails shows the true heights of evil intent they have for people, it is still useful to investigate further.

Groups and leaders who are unsafe generally lack accountability & transparency through checks and balances as these create firm boundaries and safeguards. In previous articles, we have already discovered that James & Isabella Swartz answer to no one in their purported genre of what they teach = Vedanta. Traditional Vedanta is lineage-based teaching. It would be fair to say that the lineage is a foundationally crucial aspect of teaching. And it is this that accounts for the checks and balances that all teachers have. Yet this is noticeably absent from the world of James & Isabella Swartz, for they operate their teachings without either answering to the teaching tradition or teaching actively alongside the lineage James Swartz claims to be a part of. It is clear, that for James & Isabella Swartz to teach alongside the lineage they claim to have permission to teach from, that would necessitate being answerable to that lineage. Although it is clear that James Swartz promotes himself as one of the most superior spiritual teachers in the world, the question is still valid as to why he does not openly align with the authority of the lineage he is supposed to be in? For there is no teacher that is meant to be above the lineage. Such questions as this and many others are needed to be asked to assess how dangerous he is.

One of the biggest challenges that former and current members of the Swartz cult face - is that they have a misguided sense of loyalty to the Swartz's out of loyalty to Vedanta. Yet the process for determining if a leader may cause problems for the well-being of people should be based on behaviour and not beliefs.

You need to ask yourself what the objectively observable structure and dynamics of Shiningworld is. The way to answer this is by observing the group and how someone was changed through group influence. The examination should not stop at the leaders, but also include other people of influence in the group who reinforce behaviour. In other words, if there are people in Shiningworld who actively support and enforce the views of James Swartz among the other members, then such people need to be examined as well.

Before you decide as to whether James & Isabella Swartz is running a cult, you must educate yourself about cults. Do you know the difference between a destructive cult and a benign group? Really? Then let us look at Shiningworld...

One of the main differences is that the thought reform process of a cult relies heavily upon the control of information and communication. Which is what Robert J. Lifton calls 'milieu control' - control of the environment. We only have to look at the 'Satsang page of Shiningworld to see that it is a huge propaganda machine. James & Isabella Swartz seemingly post non-stop 'emails' of adoration from 'members', basking in the platitudes of doctored praise. While it is true that they have begun to post dissenting views with more regularity (perhaps in response to us calling them out on their absurd ego-tripping), if you look at those sporadic challenges, you will see that the Swartz's continue to put themselves in the superior position of always being correct nonetheless. They have openly admitted on numerous occasions that they doctor 'members' published emails, who have no right to reply. Even a blind person could see that they are operating a propaganda machine hell-bent on showing the infallibility and god-like nature of themselves.

The warning signs of an unsafe group are based on structure and behaviour. Yet, let's say that you are in the Swartz cult. How do you know the cult bubble even exists? Is it easy to tell you have been indoctrinated? There are warning signs that show if a leader or regime control the environment and the reader will see how easily these signs apply to the Swartz's.


The Swartz Cult Exposed

James Swartz has a familiar profile that fits that of a leader of an unsafe group or destructive cult. Ten warning signs regarding leadership are based on structure and behaviour. These are associated with unsafe groups or cults. After all the reports from former members, the revealing of personal emails of Swartz, and the public behaviour of both of them - looking at all the evidence that has been brought to light so far - how many of these points can you genuinely tie into James & Isabella Swartz? Remember, all points don't need to apply to the Swartz's for it to be a cult. Though the more that can be, the more certain it is.

1. The leadership of the group has absolute authority without meaningful accountability. There is no genuine democratic form of governance that offers checks & balances through leadership, by-elections or constitution or by-laws.

2. There is no meaningful disclosure or transparency regarding the groups' disclosure or assets.

3. No detailed or independently audited financial statement or budget is published to members or contributors annually. Disclosing salaries and expenses paid out from group funds. Only leaders & a chosen few know about finances at any depth.

4. The leaders define what is right or wrong and group members are expected to essentially defer any meaningful value or judgements of their own. This is a learned dependence and often develops regarding problem-solving & conflict resolution.

5. Notable & extreme hyperactivity in the group is centred on the agenda of leadership with little consideration for the goals of individual members or their interests.

6. The Group deliberately isolates its members in a controlled environment. Information is controlled by creating strict rules or guidelines regarding books, reading, television, movies, etc. Members will be discouraged from talking to others who have independent ideas & doubts, or negative feelings about the group. The leaders will filter out contamination outside the world, and its opinions.

7. There will be no meaningful boundaries. No area of members lives will be private and immune from scrutiny.

8. The group promotes fears about the outside world. Paranoid suspicions about the groups' enemies.

9. The group perpetuates an ethos of perfectionism. Members may feel they are never good enough.

10. The group will devalue self-esteem and individual expression. For it will consider that selfish. Members who question the leadership or express ideas outside the group mindset will also be characterised negatively and labelled as go-driven, rebellious, suppressive.

11. Former members often report the same kinds of abuse by the leadership. This repetitious behaviour reflects continuing patterns of grievances.


How James & Isabella Swartz communicates is very important as it shows the way they share rules and orders. Information in Shiningworld flows downwards from the top to the lower levels, so many cult members will be unaware of the problems. Looking back to the ten-point indicator we can already see that points:

1. James & Isabella Swartz operate a dictatorship in which they are Gods. In fact, Isabella Swartz has openly said that James Swartz is God many times. As such, they answer to no earthly authority, for this would put them under checks and balances regarding their behaviour.

2. This writer has repeatedly asked James Swartz in open letters and private emails to share the financial information for Shiningworld and himself and his wife. So that it can be professionally audited. At the time of writing, he has refused to disclose this for the last 10 months.

3. Recently there was the most surreal situation in which James Swartz banished his one-time closest ally, and character assassinated him in the most public and treacherous manner. This was because the person used his democratic right and favour an opposing democratic party. Attempting to force a person to change their democratic view, and punish them if they do not - is not democracy. It is tyranny and another example of the dictatorship of the spiritual nazism of James & Isabella Swartz.

4. Shiningworld has a disclaimer in which they warn people that no matter what you confide in them, it can be used publicly. This is used to great effect in the false satsangs that they post on their website. They will regularly use members private lives as the basis to embellish with hyperbole stories that are designed to character assassinate or control members, or elevate the leadership to even higher divinity. A recent example is taking out of context a lady's private correspondence, with James Swartz advising that she should take up prostitution.

5. There is a dependence on the leadership of James & Isabella Swartz to provide solutions or solve its members' life challenges. While this may seem altruistic, it is in fact decreasing individual analysis and reflection. Thereby making Shiningworld members even more reliant on the Swartz'.
Anything that James & Isabella Swartz say or do is justified using Shiningworld's own teachings. It doesn't matter how harsh or harmful their actions have been to others.

6. All formers members of Shiningworld are considered in a critical or harmful light. While it is taught that there is no legitimate reason to leave the group. Those who leave are always wrong, as there is not one instance of the Swartz's saying that any former member was right to leave.

7. When there is an increasing number of these behaviours as well as structural authority, then there is a real cause for serious concern. There is an assumption that only a certain type of people are susceptible to cults. That strong and healthy people do not fall victim. The truth is that all people are susceptible, be it strong or troubled, or highly educated. In fact, Rick Ross has de-programmed five doctors. Cults actually want highly capable & intelligent people. Cults have refined their recruitment process & techniques to achieve this.


The Cult Methods Of James & Isabella Swartz

Some groups may withhold information about their hierarchy and radical beliefs. The personality-driven nature of cults is not shown at the beginning. Often it is only much later, and certainly upon escape that the full extent may be realised.

The Cult of James & Isabella Swartz appears to present solutions & respond to any dilemma posed as arbiters of certainty. This is the lifeblood of the Swartz, as they feed on fear and insecurity as a means of leverage. This is why Shiningworld cult members have black & white thinking, much typical of other cults. There is a low tolerance of ambiguity and the Swartz' & Shiningworld often express relentless judgemental attitudes.

Cult members get what is termed 'jewellers eye'. A restricted collective vision that searches out and finds the tiniest flaws and imperfections. As a traditional Vedanta teacher, in a respected lineage, I can attest that this judgemental nature is not the Vedanta way. It is, however, quite useful in the elevation of the 'divine authority of James Swartz. There is a hard focus on anyone outside of Shiningworld, while a soft focus on anyone inside. This obscures anything negative about themselves, so everything is polarised between 'us & them'. Indeed, Shiningworld is cast as the ultimate good, while anything outside is potentially threatening. This has produced arrogant feelings of superiority or spiritual elitism.

In fact, the leaders of Shiningworld routinely say how peoples lives have ended in tragedy once they have left the group. As with all things in the Shiningworld Propaganda machine, stories are grossly exaggerated or just made up. The motivation of which is to intimidate members to stay in the group, or keep their mouths shut.

As revealed in previous articles, there is a loading of language used by the Swartz's that is also repetitive. As with others cults, the Swartz's use this as thought reform, and is in fact thought-terminating cliches. Shiningworld members will memorise verbiage and substitute it for critical thinking. With this impaired thinking, members will make decisions, not in their best interests. Shiningworld members lose control and the ability to think independently, though as with other cults, they actually feel special with the 'attention'.

In closing, it is vitally important for you to understand how cults work. Educate yourself about the group & leader. Only then do you know what you face. Gather information, create a file, and take relevant notes. Many cults & leaders have a deeply troubled history, as revealed about James Swartz in the Cult Education Forum. There are many complaints, such as this author revealing to the world for the first time - that James Swartz is wanted for tax evasion in India.

The Shiningworld website is deliberately deceptive. And it should be realised that it is there to recruit new members. With that in mind, you should realise that Swartz's will not disclose information that would discourage people. Since Shiningworld material is therefore disingenuous it shows a pattern of deception. Indeed, the Shiningworld cult uses some neutral resources to mislead people of their intentions. However, Rick Ross, one of the world's foremost experts on Cults states in his groundbreaking book: Cults: Inside Out - that it is former cult members that are the best source of intelligence.

* All of the Cult knowledge from this article has been sourced in Rick's book - Cult's Inside Out: How People Get In And Can Get Out.


Delusions of Grandeur By Sex-Mad Cult Leader James Swartz

In His Own Words...

James Swartz Speaking to a gay person

James: I also can't see that trying to figure out your sexual orientation is a particularly noble goal.

Work out this conflict in a reasonable way or let it go altogether if you can. If you can't then just wallow in your misery until your dick no longer gets hard and the lights go on.

I am not a heterosexual, meaning that the idea of my sexual orientation never arises in my mind.


James Swartz
So you do your bhakti, etc. and get into blissful states. It is like masturbation.


James Swartz On His Ego & Desires
My seminars are packed, I have invitations to teach that could keep me going for several lifetimes.

At the same time, I have certain desires that need to be fulfilled by others and I often get ignored.


James Swartz On Servicing women, spending their money & James Swartz's divinity

The body turned sixty-nine last week…I think I would be unable to fulfil my end of the bargain as I am rather lacking in the stamina required to service women of that age (in their 30's) and would gratefully be satisfied with the attention of women of a certain age assuming that their discretional income any given month was at least six figures (or more) and, of course, was blessed with exceptional beauty…inner and outer…and never for a moment failed to appreciate my divinity and shower the devotional surrender it confers.

I’m no longer what I long to be on that level...


James Swartz Teachings that excuse the Swartz Cult abuse

Sickness is a state of mind based on the idea that the world and the mind are real.


James Swartz On the world does not exist apart from in the mind

Yes, the ‘world’ is only in the mind. There is no actual world out there, apart from material objects which enter the mind as thoughts.

In short, the bed is only in your mind as the thought/idea of the bed.

People are only what you think they are. Situations are only what you think they are. They are not real.

Robert Wayne Harrison


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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