Love Has Won Splinter Groups 5D Full Disclosure Joy Rains
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Date: August 14, 2021 11:46PM

Corboy note: Following the discovery of the mummified corpse of Love Has Won's deceased leader, Amy Carlson, some members have formed splinter groups and remain active online.

Love Has Won's two main offshoots, 5D Full Disclosure and Joy Rains, continue to offer similar products and services.

Love Has Won - Archived Articles on Cult Education Institute website


Abuse, exploitation, and a mummified leader: Inside the bizarre cult Love Has Won



Carlson .... she maintained her belief in her divinity ('Mother God') and appointed different men to the role of Father God over the years.

Carlson began posting videos online, slowly amassing followers who came to live together in Crestone, Colorado.

Love Has Won had around 20 full-time members living together, but it also reached a large audience online that would watch the daily livestreams, purchase its products, and donate money. Videos posted online often amassed thousands of views.


The group blended New Age mysticism with beliefs about galactic beings and planetary ascension, plus a hint of QAnon-style conspiracy theories. But at its epicenter was the worship of Carlson.

She said she was God incarnate and had lived 534 lifetimes, including as Jesus Christ, Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Joan of Arc.

She also said she was President Donald Trump's daughter in a past life, and that the deceased comedian Robin Williams was part of her spiritual team and often communicated messages to her from the beyond.

Love Has Won believed that ordinary people were in a state of 3D consciousness, while members of the group had transcended to the higher level of 5D consciousness.

Summary of main beliefs

* The cult Love Has Won believed that its leader, Amy Carlson, was God incarnate.

*Former members have said they experienced abuse and exploitation during their time with the group.

*Carlson was found dead and mummified in April, but the endeavor to deprogram members continues.

* The group continues to sell supplements online, including those listed unsafe by the FDA, such as Colloidal Silver which Amy Carlson used and may have contributed to her death.

This group and its splinter groups would have had an appeal for persons in the spiritualized wellness movement.


After Carlson's death, the community fractured, but feuding splinter groups say they're carrying on the mission of the Mother God.

"This hasn't just — poof — gone away now because Amy died," said Sheena from Rising Above Love Has Won, an organization that supports former members and the families of current members. Sheena requested that Insider use an alias as she still has family involved with the group.

"They're still out there. They're still trying to recruit people," she said. "They're still making these products and saying that they cure any and all viruses, diseases, brain tumors, cancer. And it's dangerous for people who might not be in the best place in their life to stumble across it."


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Re: Love Has Won Splinter Groups 5D Full Disclosure Joy Rains
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Rick Ross, who's worked closely with families and people directly involved with the Love Has Won cult, said former members and their families told him that Carlson would "sexually exploit" her followers.

"I would not say it if I hadn't heard it repeatedly," Ross said. "She would use people sexually. She would say, 'This person is ordained to be my partner,' and she would have sex with that member. And then later decide, 'Well, you were only a temporary ordained person. Now I'm going to move on.'"

Paschal said he also witnessed Castillo using his position of power to engage in sexual activities with members of the group.

Around 2018, Love Has Won also became more business-orientated. It was registered as a 501(c)(3) charity, selling expensive crystals and medically dubious supplements.

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