Major QAnon Influencer Reportedly Unmasked
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 16, 2021 10:21PM

Researchers say they have unmasked a major QAnon influencer


From the Logically website:

EXCLUSIVE: Documentary Filmmaker Who Collaborated with Jordan Sather Tied to Major QAnon Influencer Accounts


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Re: Major QAnon Influencer Reportedly Unmasked
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 21, 2022 09:26PM

(Text of NY Times article followed by discussion on Reddit.)

Linguistic Detectives Find Fingerprints: Using machine learning, separate teams of computer scientists identified the same two men as likely authors of messages that fueled the viral movement.

(New York Times February 2022)


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Conspiracy Theories Eventually Reveal Antisemitic Agenda
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 05, 2022 12:18AM

Walking away

My dad has been in the Qanon rabbit hole for two years and since the invasion it looks like they switched their anti vaxx rhetoric for pro putin propaganda, ofcourse since every world event has to be part of the plan. My dad has just admitted to me what I’ve already knew for 2 years that their “plan” is to get rid of the evil jews that control our government and banks and that everything we know about Hitler is supposingly fake.

This confirms my suspicions about Qanon being nazi propaganda that serves an anti semetic agenda, and I decided to do what I should’ve done earlier and walk away from my family.

I hope this will give other people the strength to do the same or fight back against it, and for people who are still following the rabbit hole to open their eyes about what they have been supporting. You’re not alone and we’ll get there.


Salient Comments


The dirty secret of conspiracy theories is how many of them circle back to anti-Semitism. If you see the word globalist you're reading anti-Semitism in disguise.


Yep, pretty much all of them do. If we're being lied to and controlled, who's doing the controlling and lying? Let's just default to the classic "Jews run the world" trope and go with that.


Ugh I wish I could find the article to share, but basically it showed how qAnon is so pervasive because it is this very loose collection of all these separate conspiracy theories across the spectrum.

So on here you will have one person talking about how their loved one was all into antivaxx nonsense but they suddenly switched to anti jewish stance. It is why you have other people who say a loved one used to be a hippy who preached love and peace but also had a distrust of big pharma eventually end up talking about how lizard people (jewish people) are controlling us. Its all nonsense and frankly both saddening and frightening.


All conspiracy theories, even flat Earth, leads back to antisemitism. If we're being lied to, who's doing the lying? Why not the Jews, lol.

My daughter was in a Jewish class and some parents were anti mask and vax and started ranting in the class group text, spouting qanon crap. I told them that the people whose ideas they're worshipping want us dead. Of course they don't care about facts. I switched daughter to a different school.


Yes, according to EVERY conspiracy theory since the first ones in the industrial age the jews are what we should fear. It is horrifying. They use dog whistle terms like globalist, the Illuminati, the world banks and liberal Hollywood and even the term coastal elite. All of this BS is because of racism.

Jews, gays, black people. Basically everyone that differs from the traditional white family is a threat to humanity according to these people. These beliefs are dangerous.

That’s a brave and hard thing to do. I’m proud of you. Need a substitute mom? My inbox is I open. (Idk how old you are, maybe I’d be more like a big sister. But you aren’t alone!)

Haha I’m 25 and I appreciate it. Trust me it is, I still love and care about them and I wish I didn’t have to but my dad doesn’t seem to be willing to change anytime soon so it’s my only option.


Yes definitely it’s that way with my Qrelative. She is/was Jewish and a Democrat. She’s now a QTrumper who said the Jews went to the trains willingly because they loved Hitler. (Of course not mentioning the fact that guns were pointed at them while their children were pulled from them)


I'll admit I've never seen that take before (Jews going to the trains willingly out of a love for Hitler). And here I was thinking nothing they claim could surprise me anymore!


Exactly! I actually looked up to see where she got that and it’s definitely a Q thing —same exact words she used.


I was pretty shocked when that was run by me…


This is deeply disturbing. I have no words.


Sending good thoughts your way. I was just reading about an experiment called the Three Christs of Ypsilanti. This was back in the 1950s when doctors could do a lot of experiments we would not do today. Anyway, three men who all said they were Christ were sent to live together. Apparently none of them quit believing grandiose things about themselves, but instead continued to interpret facts and circumstances according to the beliefs to which they were already committed. I guess what I’m trying to say is, twisting facts to fit one’s beliefs is as old as the hills. There’s really nothing you can do except take care of yourself. Peace friend.

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QAnon the Addiction With It's Own Social Support
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 07, 2022 10:03PM

From a discussion on subreddit QAnon Casualties:


People often confuse the “right” thing to do with the “nice” thing to do.

I used to compare Qa with addiction, but that’s false because addiction has a bottom, a point when nobody wants anything to do with you at any level. But with Q, your father will never truly feel alone because he’ll have the rest of the Kool-aid drinkers, so he’ll likely never hit that bottom and try to reconcile.

You’ve done the right thing for your kids and yourself. Part of being a parent is protecting their impressionable minds from toxic ideologies; not only would your fathers health be an undue burden on them, but he would surely be spewing his garbage the whole time and trying to indoctrinate your children.

Be strong and remember: The only familial obligation you have is to your children.

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