Love and Bliss addicts keep the gurus in business
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: May 28, 2021 08:16PM

I have been thinking a lot about what keeps many followers of mostly “Bhakti” Yoga prisonners of abusive gurus and toxic groups.
It is 100% their addiction to bliss. Something we feel all the time when we chant and serve. It is like the transcental crack that keeps one asking for more and more.
It is known that Krishna descended as Lord Chaitanya Avatar 500 years ago in order to taste love for himself. This is how sweet love for him is. He wanted to taste that love in the mood of separation.
Be it true or mythology, that love, bliss and happiness exists in the path of Bhakti. This is why people dive in so quickly and have a hard time leaving.
What is the difference really between a crack addict and a bliss addict?
One is a material addiction. The other is a spiritual addiction.
A crack addict will sell their bodies if they had to.A bliss addict will sell their souls to an abusive guru in order to feel that love and bliss.
That transcenfal bliss is not something that one can replicate with Cannabis or any other drugs. For those who have tasted it, it is a nectar that leaves ine asking for more and more.
What is the guru at the end of the day? A bliss and love dealer. The guy you depend upon to direct you to get more bliss.
Makes you dependent upon him. He knows very well how powerful that addcition is.
Like any kind of addiction, the addict loses his power to addiction and becomes a slave.
There is no such a thing as a good addiction. Addiction is addiction.
It is something that we become dependent upon. We become dependent on the guru and the group that facilitate this addiction.
It takes the courage of 10000 warriors to sit with oneself. Feeling “unloved”, no bliss. Facing the inner void without alcohol, travel, drugs, friends, family, God, food.... Looking at the wounds deeply and see what is missing inside.
Why do we need to fill that void so badly? Is it worth being a slave of abuse and putting up with so much pain just to feel happy all he time?
When we depend on others and an external agent to be happy, we will always live in fear of losing what gives us that sensation.
This is what keeps people in abusive relations. Be it a cult or a material relation.
We are afraid of facing the inner void. That dark abyss that pushes many to wake and bake or wake and chant.
Would devotees put up with so many austerities just for the sake of serving without the Nectar?
Would they be like the missionaries of charity helping the Lepers and live in the slums to help the poor? I certainly don’t think so.
The only motivation is to get happiness. Even so called giving others Krishna from their empty fridge is to get a reward. Motivated by a treat.
You know the slogan:
“Chant and be happy”!
I am not glorifying feeling miserable but what is the price to pay to always feel blissed out and happy?
The guru shouted at me and called me asshole. I got an autoimmune disorder from the stress and fear. My body is falling apart because I do not sleep working for free. I don’t have time to breathe.
But hey no worries. We are all happy robots. Did you inject your shot of bliss today?
Good! Keep slaving my friend. Keep taking the abuse. Keep living in a trance.
Bow down to the bliss dealer because you will die without him.
The withdrawl is too painful. It is not for the faint at heart.
Namaste my sweet addicts. I know that you will never understand what I am saying.
Ignorance and denial is another form of bliss.
Sorry! I do not mean to offend anyone. These are just my conclusions.
I myself used to be an addict of this bliss and know the power it had over me.
I am only here to share my views and experiences.

Re: Love and Bliss addicts keep the gurus in business
Posted by: Gaja ()
Date: May 29, 2021 02:40AM

I am addict of bliss.
Whenever I suffer and I cannot accept my life circustamces or people I have to live with anymore(thier foolishness and extrime unkindness), I go to internet and I listen to a monk who is having love/bliss aura. Then I can feel it and I can sleep well.
I am using him :( to feel better and forget bad stuff.

I wish to experience void, nothingness rather than this mental agony I am going through in relationship with few people.

Re: Love and Bliss addicts keep the gurus in business
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: May 29, 2021 04:27AM

Gaja, it is normal to seek relief from pain. I too look for ways to calm the mind and I understand your situation. Noone likes to suffer.
Happiness is an inside job. The mind is the battlefield.
My point is not to sell our soul for bliss and love. To put up with just about anything in order to get that bliss. Like spiritual,mental and physical, financial abuse.
It is when you become hostage to the bliss that it is a problem. We should not be controled by it.
I have had people be envious of a service I had because it was blissful. Noone would envy me for washing toilets.
It gets ugly when bliss feels like Golum with the ring. My precious!

I hope you get my point.

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