Agnihotra and the 'Homa Therapy' cult
Posted by: Eli11 ()
Date: May 08, 2021 12:23AM

Hi all,

I'm new here, thank you for any feedback. I am a former 2nd generation Agnihotra cult member trying to piece things back together after leaving. I have scrubbed the internet trying to find any critical words or an objective take on this group and can find nothing.

The names which define them are quite generic. Agnihotra, is a more general term for sacrificial fire based on Vedic and later Hindu practices. Homa Therapy is the term the group came up with to define the general practice of these fires and their therapeutic applications. Finally, the 'Fivefold Path' is the name of the neo religion that they founded.

The fire is practiced at sunrise and sunset in a copper pyramid, with dried cow dung and ghee as the fuel, with an offering of brown rice and mantra chanted. These people claim their master, Shree Gajanan Maharaj, is the 'Kalki Avatar', sent by God to resuscitate the ancient practice of fire sacrifice in order to heal the planet. The ash from the fire is claimed to be a panacea for everything from agriculture to topical medicine, eaten internally, etc.

My mother is a key figure in this group, all though it is quite loosely affiliated, with mini cults sprouting up around the world. She founded her own mini cult they call an ecovillage. She claims to receive guidance from the now departed guru, along with messages from other divine sources. Embarrassingly, my indoctrination and belief in my mother blinded me to the obvious for many many years. She uses her 'messages' to maintain a tight control of people within the group and has placed herself beyond accountability.

I struggle with knowing where to go from here. This group paints themselves as ecological saviors but behind the flowery facade lie messiah complexes, psychological abuse and all the classic red flags of a cult. I feel by not speaking out I remain complicit.

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Re: Agnihotra and the 'Homa Therapy' cult
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 08, 2021 08:00AM

Does Agnihotra Homa Offer Protection From The Covid Virus?


That's what's great about the wellness market - you can claim your method works for anything.

And if someone gets suck with Covid despite using Agnihotra, believers have the following alibis:

* You didn't actually have Covid

*Ritual was done incorrectly

*You lacked faith

*You carried too much bad karma

*You were involved with people whose bad attitude canceled out the Agnihotra ritual

*You have good karma and did the ritual correctly but because you are a special saintly person you got sick with Covid so you'd have extra purification and rise to a higher level

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Re: Agnihotra and the 'Homa Therapy' cult
Posted by: Eli11 ()
Date: May 08, 2021 05:09PM

Yes corboy, exactly this. There is always a corresponding unprovable explanation that someone can believe in with blind faith once they commit to living in a parallel world with suspension of logic and critical thinking.

Ironically, the only person I know that got a bad case of Covid is a member of one of these 'Homa Farm' communities and a hardcore fanatic that practices many fires and meditations daily. Not to mention a handful of Agnihotris I knew who died of cancer.. Cases of their souls being "ready to move on".. no explanation how a supposed panacea for everything failed to work miracles yet again.

It's easy to find hundreds of examples online of people making baseless claims about the efficacy of Agnihotra. Unfortunately, no one is calling these people out.

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