Do the authorithies even care about covert cult abuse?
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: April 20, 2021 04:31AM

I have been wondering who can protect those who are too blind to see they are being used an abused in the name of “service” to manipulative masters?
My heart breaks when I think of all the people who are kept awake at night working for free in order to make the misleading masters rich.
To offer him all the luxury in the world while they live in a garage sometimes.
Or in my case 4 people at times sleeping in a tiny basement.
If they had to pay them, the salary would at least be 30 K per year.
Imagine the money that is being saved every year.
When I was in the cult something that made me cringe was the use of the word “useful”. Such and such person is useful. Because they had some talents.
My hand blender is useful. A person is not a tool.
They trick people to think that serving Guru is non different than serving God.
So free labor to the master is seen as a great “boon”. The golden ticket to heaven.
Now that I am outsid looking inside, I ask myself many questions:
How is this very different from traficking or the unethical labor in third world countries?
How can such practices exist in plain sight and who will advocate for those poor brainwashed souls?
What is the difference between a brainwashed adult and an ignorant child?
Do we just silently watch these unfair situations and think it is their free will and Karma will get the Guru?
Why aren’t authorities interested in investigating religious abuse? And why is it not called a crime?
I guess the whole system is just rotten.

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Re: Do the authorithies even care about covert cult abuse?
Posted by: facet ()
Date: April 22, 2021 03:46PM

Essentially, the only person that can provide the level of safety, or protection (probably the better word) needed in dealing with these things is ourselves.

It is not just cults, it is also other groups and people. All operating on the same level.. which as you point out, and when stripping away the disguises, is the manipulation and use of other persons for their own needs.

Each of us has to learn to offer ourselves the level of protection that we would like to afford any other human being or living thing in the world.

Saving others is not possible.. but we can look out for each other, though importantly that looking out for each other would not be intentional - it would be a natural occurrence based on what you yourself learned in keeping yourself protected.. your natural instincts.

Faith is nice, because for any one person involved there are always “chances”, which may (or may not) edge the person towards realising and escaping a different life some day.

Wish you best :-)

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