Lighthouse International Group, a UK therapy cult?
Posted by: JackHaeckel ()
Date: April 19, 2021 10:27PM

Hello! New here – does anyone know anything about a cult-like self-help/mentoring organisation called Lighthouse International Group out of the UK?

Hours & hours of daily sermon-like lectures via a charismatic leader, high-demand expectations, a Scientology-like "gap test analysis", levels of attainment, pressure to invest tens of thousands, a "big project" always just around the corner, and some members are encouraged to cut-off from their families and friends and live transiently in AirBnBs. And now there's a spiritual aspect with lots of Bible quotes, etc.

There's a site here, collecting info and eventually connecting ex members, their friends and families:

But would be great if anyone had any info they could share here. Thanks!

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