Friend part of New Age Movement and thinks he is a prophet
Posted by: GreenLion ()
Date: March 08, 2021 07:59PM

One of my friends believes he is a prophet.
He had always been into spiritual things, but in the past few years and especially during Covid it became really extreme.

He watches videos such as Magenta Pixie, other "gurus", reads the Enneagram every day, blogs, etc.

Last time I really talked to him was in December as we had a big fallout after that. I am of the opinion that his mental health as deteriorated though he states that he has never felt as good as before in his life. He thinks he can influence energies and feel them. When we were on a train he was reading a blog about energies and the person writing this blog stated that energies are activated. He really thought in this minute whilst reading it he could feel them.

I just find it so unhealthy what he does but he is so obsessed with it. He knows I am against this stuff - and as stated above, he used to watch Magenta Pixie for years until she made a "wrong prediction". He never admitted to me that she is a fraud; I was always criticized I was not open: but what did he do when she made a wrong "prediction"? Look for the next "guru" online. He is doing courses online paying a lot of many, etc.

Unfortunately, he has a "friend" (who we did not like in the past, but since she is into this stuff; also claiming she can communicate with trees) he is really good friends with her now, though he told me and another close friend that he is about to lose, that he would never befriend her as he does not like her personality. His current housemate (these housemates change quite frequently), said that this "friend" acted like one of his disciples. And I think this is quite unhealthy ... the support she gives him.

He has become so judgmental about the simplest things in life, is only living for activating energies (he still got his job), but I feel like he does not care about any of his friends anymore. His whole concentration / live purpose is that "new age stuff".

And he told me in December he thinks he is a prophet, goes to places to mediate there to activate energies to lead humanity into a new era.

His other friend he is about to lose sees it the same way I do. We feel both helpless. He is always searching for "more". Sorry non-native English speaker.

Is there a way to save him?

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Re: Friend part of New Age Movement and thinks he is a prophet
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: March 10, 2021 10:32AM

Hi GreenLion,

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I had a similar experience recently with a friend of mine who I will call 'Jeff'. I am currently distancing myself from Jeff, because I don't think I can help him and I don't need to get involved. The thing with Jeff is that he has a partner who is also extremely concerned about him and is watching the situation.

I actually opened a discussion about all this a few months ago on this very forum.
It was as though 'Jeff' was starting his own cult, inviting around 30 people to his house in the evenings to meditate and participate in self-styled rituals. It was bizarre and kind of funny in a way.

These meditation evenings have ceased for now. Jeff is now throwing himself into community organizations - which is a healthier occupation, but I'm pretty sure he is annoying people with his very driven enthusiasm, which can be overwhelming.

Your question is really "What can I do for a friend could be displaying the beginnings of mental illness?"

It depends on the circumstances, but can you talk to your friend's parents or his partner or anyone else who might have a bit of background information? There may be someone else who is also very concerned about him.

Please feel free to write here and keep us updated. This is a very supportive forum.

Re: Friend part of New Age Movement and thinks he is a prophet
Posted by: facet ()
Date: March 10, 2021 09:58PM

I am sorry to hear about your friend, green lion.

It’s really difficult to deal with because it’s kind of wild isn’t it.

I don’t think that there is any way to “save” him but he really could come out of this in due time. When it has run its course. After which, it would be wonderful if you or / and any other supporting friends and relatives etc could be there despite how wild things got and to help affirm actual reality to him.. it can be hard on the other side when everybody has left you behind because trees and rock minerals are now your only friends.

Energy can be felt, it’s what we do, but a lot of these modalities and belief usually have a main guider or guru who work their (so called magic) manipulation tactics in order to take down a persons mental and physical boundaries.

The resultant state is often enhanced empathy to the extreme (we’ve all read stories of people retreating from society entirely right?) which seems irreversible.

A small understanding into the term “enmeshment” can help end this part of the problem at least, only when the person seeks help for it by presenting the problem.

This is the bit “guru” etc won’t tell you, which keeps people trapped.

Look after yourself, try not to stress about your friend to much, they have decided to go down this road and will most likely come back themselves when it continues to not work out.

Re: Friend part of New Age Movement and thinks he is a prophet
Posted by: facet ()
Date: March 10, 2021 10:22PM


Popping back with an example here, guru shunyamurti of sat yoga institute addressing an attendee who is clearly distressed (take note to take care before watching, be prepared) and being told that others suffering does not exist (aka, distressed attendee suffering presenting is an illusion, and what she is feeling due to the now lack of boundary is illusion) so not really a problem.

Shunya presents the issue of “rescuing” to the attendee, which is very often the case for majority in “healing” and “light work”, though he does not give her the actual antidote, which is enmeshment through lack of boundary - which he himself (as openly communicated) well read in many psychoanalytic works, would know about.

The distress is quickly dismissed. Shunya carries on in his student supported ashram lifestyle.

This is the type of shit we are all dealing with and told is for the greater good, the example given on how to treat our fellow humans.

In chakra teachings, an open heart side effect is the feeling of others feelings - both good and bad, which “allows” for healing of others to take place. Enmeshment is therefore masked in this way.

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Re: Friend part of New Age Movement and thinks he is a prophet
Posted by: Sydneygirl ()
Date: August 20, 2021 01:49PM

GreenLion I am so sorry to hear about your friend and relationship. I am new to the forum and have a similar experience with my sister and have wondered about her mental health as well. I may put a post up because I too wonder if they will ever come back. Please keep in touch.

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