Re: Strange Meditation Group - a personal story
Posted by: facet ()
Date: December 15, 2020 05:51AM

Queen of England is the head of an illegal international arms dealership

Hahahahahahahahah ha ha, oh someone make another cup of tea because mines just been spat everywhere :D

To unwind this one, the royals are generally a healthy public guiding force. Those who wish to avert some of that public attention and trust away from the royals and then potentially over to themselves would likely wield this type of conspiracy.

In ‘Jeffs’ case it may be that he just wants to be seen as someone who knows shit and should be respected / followed for it.

As if the shape shifting lizard thing was not enough :D Ah man.

Apologies to ‘Jeff’ and friends of ‘jeff’ if any offence caused. If ‘ Jeff’ did not just simply pick this one up elsewhere, then he’s having a little bit of power play here isn’t he.

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Re: Strange Meditation Group - a personal story
Posted by: Resilient ()
Date: December 15, 2020 08:02PM

Sahara71 There's a lot going on here, and unfortunately seems like different worlds of undue influence and trauma bonding are intersecting in this group.

For a deeper dive into conspiracy theory and new age/wellness intersection, consider the Conspirituality Podcast and Matthew Remski's writings a great education.

Grief and loss in the time of COVID is complex, and your friend Jeff does need compassion, patience and the right kind of help. What he's doing right now, though, is walking swiftly down a path which may be confusing for you and your friendship. These types of New Age circles are not new, and attract all sorts of people - no demographic is immune. I have heard people use words and concepts that they themselves don't even know how to articulate the meaning of when asked to explain. It's just jargon salad that these groups nod to - often read in books or heard by other charismatic persons. Between the hypnotic effect of the jargon and charisma and the group meditations - which are more like a group dissociation - nobody is getting "grounded", but everyone is getting some temporary relief.

Feeling and resolving your pain/trauma/grief/shock etc and engaging in mundane, everyday activities like showering, making meals, taking care of yourself and your family/friends and learning how to carry on living and loving in the reality of worldly suffering is how we stay grounded.

I urge you to be VERY careful if you continue participating in this group - even as an "observer". You can still be a friend in other ways while leaving the group meditations and meetings to him and his followers. It might be easier to monitor the changes in his behaviour this way. It may go very far very fast. Best of luck to you and Jeff.

Re: Strange Meditation Group - a personal story
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: December 15, 2020 11:36PM

Hi Everyone,

thanks for your comments. I was going to skip this weeks meditation meeting, thinking that 'Jeff' now has plenty of people in the group and I won't be missed. But then I felt like I'd like to be there to see what happens next.

"The Queen is head of an illegal international arms dealership" _- I know, right? That is the most bonkers thing I have ever heard! I was laughing about it with my partner and some of our other friends. If anything, I was laughing the hardest. Seriously. "Jeff" even sent me some some youtube video to back up this claim. I didn't watch it. "Jeff" heard it from someone else - there are a few conspiracy theorists in our village.

Last week at the meditation, I met another person who I also know through a volunteer community group (this other group is definitely not a cult though). So I just met him recently, through both of these groups. He has known Jeff for 20+ years and sadly this person has a chronic illness. He claimed to be attending the meditation classes with Jeff to receive "healing". His marriage also just split up. These are the type of people who can fall into this kind of thing. Well, I know anyone could, but especially people who are going through some kind of transition in life.

The thing is, he is the nicest guy. He is not a lunatic. Just someone who is searching. Anyway.... I'll write an update and report on what happens next. Thanks for reading, everyone.

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Re: Strange Meditation Group - a personal story
Posted by: facet ()
Date: December 16, 2020 06:02AM

“If anything, I was laughing the hardest.”

Conspiracy theory is like that isn’t it.. everything seems to be going so smoothly and then boom, "The Queen is head of an illegal international arms dealership". I did get the belly laughs reading back on that one hehe.

"Jeff" even sent me some some youtube video eto back up this claim.”

Since we know that “Jeff” is actually very kind (and you are sure that it is not kind with a condition type of kind) “Jeff” may believe that he is doing his purpose / service to humanity in sharing the information to help “wake people up”, as this is believed to the the defining force that will save humanity and / or the planet / world etc in some circles.

"These are the type of people who can fall into this kind of thing."

- I say spot on to this.

Do keep us all posted and of course, look after yourself :-).

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Re: Strange Meditation Group - a personal story
Posted by: facet ()
Date: December 16, 2020 06:40AM

Ps.. again apologies to ‘Jeff’ and friends of ‘jeff’ if any offence caused.

Sometimes I wonder if there is too much compassion and understanding tilted toward conspiracy in order not to cause upset.. maybe why so many people carry on with them since were enabling so much of it through wishes to remain compassionate.

What good does it do when the conspiracy is clearly (spit your tea out everywhere) absurd?

Re: Strange Meditation Group - a personal story
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: December 22, 2020 12:20PM

Hello All,
I went to my third meditation evening with 'Jeff' and the others. There were even more of them than ever before, the lounge-room at Jeff's place was crowded. We had to squash up together to fit in.
Jeff was in fine form, I even wondered if he had not been viewing cult material on Youtube in order to perfect his weird persona. Possibly not, but I remain very cynical. He used very slow, drawn-out speech patterns and took long pauses between phrases. I got tranced out listening to him talk, and I can't even remember much of what he said! He has not spoken like this before, he is usually a reasonably fast talker.

I don't think he mentioned much about sky-people, the Pyramids or ley lines. He did appropriate a lot of first nation people's culture, which irked me. Jeff is not a first nation person. (He does not even hang around with first nation people and previously, when I told him things I had learnt about their culture, he had no idea what I was talking about!) But suddenly he is the expert and is sitting before a group of people telling everyone everything. Oh well. They lapped it up.

Jeff had managed to gather the help of one of our local yoga teachers to play the drum and he spoke in rhythm with the beat. Then he launched into a very strange wailing kind of voice that scared me and made me think of an unhinged person. He was calling to our ancestors. Obviously they have some hearing trouble, because he had to call loudly.

I thought I would laugh, I must have had an odd look on my face, but luckily it was dark in the room. Incense burned, candles flickered. It was unnerving and I imagine if you were young and impressionable, it could have drawn you in.

Our local chief conspiracy theorist joined the group late, probably hoping all eyes would be on him - but Jeff held court. I blame the local conspiracy expert for some of Jeff's problems - I think Jeff is too susceptible to this man's influence. By himself, Jeff would be harmless. I know you will think me cruel, but by himself Jeff could not come up with half the things he spouts, he is just not that clever. The conspiracy theorist is cunning. I would not be at all surprised if he 'helped' Jeff and then asked for money. You know the type.

The yoga teacher is innocent and I fully imagine that she will try and extract herself politely from the group. Well, who knows?

After I came home, my partner told me that Jeff's partner is not supportive at all of having the people coming to their house and thinks Jeff's 'beliefs' are ridiculous. My partner strongly suggested that I don't return again to the group and I totally agreed.

I would however consider going back in a few months time to see how things have moved along.
No advice needed at this time, I'm just reporting what I've seen. Thanks.

Re: Strange Meditation Group - a personal story
Posted by: EricSlater ()
Date: December 22, 2020 05:50PM

I hope your friend will understand and deal with this one day. Observation is a useful thing, the main thing is in moderation.

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Re: Strange Meditation Group - a personal story
Posted by: facet ()
Date: December 23, 2020 05:31AM

It is often like that ! obvious that the behaviour has come from elsewhere, so it must be the case. I too hope that “Jeff” successfully comes out of this one day. He might be at some sort of Shamanism point at the moment, which these days could be coming from anyone or anywhere .

Re: Strange Meditation Group - a personal story
Posted by: shamrock ()
Date: December 25, 2020 04:00AM

I thought I would laugh

It's hilarious. I laughed as I read your story. I'm almost disappointed that you may miss a few weeks, so we won't get an update next week!

Re: Strange Meditation Group - a personal story
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: December 29, 2020 01:12PM

Hi All,

and thanks for the comments and support. The meditation group is taking a hiatus as Jeff's mother has fallen ill and will need his care. I think she ate something that disagreed with her over Christmas and things have gone down-hill from there.

My partner and I are supposed to pay Jeff a social visit some time next week - nothing to do with 'the group' this time, but just a relaxed catch up for a few drinks. I will file a full report on Jeff's mental state after the social visit. I imagine he is quite stressed-out, but I'm sure he will tell me if there is anything new happening to do with 'the group.'

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