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Understanding Qanon & Other ARGs: their impact on society and the psyche
Posted by: BobbiJeanMcQueen ()
Date: November 14, 2020 04:47AM

ATTN Researchers & Therapist

I write this post in the hopes of providing a deeper understanding as to what Qanon really is, how it started, why it exists, who runs it now and why it has a great potential to become dangerous.

All of this has been reported to authorities; but when the truth is too crazy to be believed (as is often the case with cults) people rarely accept those reports as worth the paper they've been written on...

The phenomenon of Qanon, an online cult that has spread worldwide, began as an ARG (alternate reality game) in which it's original creators could garner points based on their success in obtaining believers of their "story"; the more their tales were believed and the wider that belief spread the more points would be earned by anyone who was playing TG23, and supporting the Q game.

TG23 is an abriviation for the name of an ARG called "The Game 23" which had been created in the early 2000s. TG23 is a mind game based on the use of creative works, such as videos, memes, music, slogans, writings, etc.. in order to gain followers who believe in the selected theory.

*I will write further on TG23 at another time, in more detail, however right now I feel that disclosing the truth and what information I have in regards to Qanon is priority

Qanon functions much like any other cult; however its use of the internet has allowed it to seep into modern society on an extremely large scale due to our love of social media and our ability to share ideas instantly over the internet...
The original goal of "Q" (aka Q Clearance Patriot) was to make people believe that a person only to be known as "Q" was working alongside Donald Trump (who was working under cover), and tbeir joint mission was to save the people of the United States from corruption within the government.
Their theory gained many followers right off the bat with it'sfirst few posts on the 4chan message board, however more belivers were needed if the 3 creators of Q were to stay on top of points and win the game.
Adding things like Pizzagate (an original Q creation) and using the validity of things like the Epstien investigation and arrest in order to 'support' claims of child sexual abuse within the government and Hollywood elite Qanon moved into new conspiracy territory and gained more followers via mainstream platforms like Twitter.

In order to tie Donald Trump into the new and more successful plot of child sexual abuse and trafficking (Trump has to be part of the game if they're to continue collecting points) the game makers poised Trump the 'savior' of the children, demonizing the democrats, and adding Satanism into the mix in order to target religious persons allong with the new influx of soccer moms who spread their plight to "save the children" on many new platforms.

The game was becoming a huge success, and while its original creators merely sought to obtain points in order to win some internet clout over their friends, others who were supporting Qanon games success had more nefarious goals for Q in mind; thus the game was quickly taken over and deviated into new territory its creators had not foreseen.

One branch, Jim Watkins and his son, Ron, were focused on money and politics; Jim having been a long time republican truly wanted Trump to win the 2020 election as he fed off of the finances of Trump supporters in the name of Q. His political motivation was that of every Trump supporter (MAGA); but his monetary motivation was to wrangle that passion into more pennies for himself and he's been very well paid as a result of his efforts.

The other branch, Quinn Michaels and his darkweb followers also sought monetary success; however their end goal was far more sinister and destructive, should they have become successful in their pursuit... Quinn sought the destruction of world governments in order to usher in a new system. His support of Trump was an effort to create such revulsion throughout the populous that revolution was inevitable and the government would be dismantled as a result. Quinn and his team did not make a lot of money themselves; however their goal was world domination (all the money) not just just the immediate payout of the conspiracy cow.

It's important to note that both Quinn and his 2nd in command, Jean Sebastian Joubert, suffer from clinically diagnosed Schizophrenia and substance abuse issues. Jean, a Canadian, has spent time in jail for threatening to kill the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, and while Quinns criminal history escapes me at present, he is known and has himself admitted to stalking his ex girlfriend at the very least...

Once Quinn and Jean teamed up with Jim and Ron the new Qanon camp began claiming obscurities such as the Rothschilds and other high ranking world families were really "lizard people" and that children were not just being used for sex; but also for "adrenochrome" harvesting in order to keep the world elite young and beautiful forever. Theories consisting oof canablism, child trafficking, elite cults, panda eyes, pedo symbols, torture and murder- none of which had been claimed before made it's way into the deeper layers of the conspiracy...

Why? Because those were Jeans games and Quinns games, and in order to accumulate points those things needed to be believed by Q followers too.

Remember- Qanon is a game. It began as a game and continues to be a game today. That's something which is going to be hard to swallow for its many believers once they break free from the false reality that's been created for them.

The Game 23s theory is "Quantum Schizophrenia". Creating an alternate reality that has penetrated a persons mind so deeply that they no longer know who to trust or what to believe- it is a cult in both effect and affect, and in the age of information it was bound to happen.

The will of the followers is directed by the messages given to them by "Q" and those running the websites which allege to decipher Q clues (also known as Q drops). Supporting "evidence" is given to Q followers so that they can "research" those theories provided and "make up their own minds" as to what to believe. That strategic move allows for the Q clan to claim they are NOT a cult because they don't tell people what to believe (belivers come to their own conclusions based on unilaterally focused materials); however any researcher worth their weight in feathers knows that research in support of any one theory consists of evaluating both sides of an argument and verifying the validity of findings alongside the credibility of the source, etc... Thus what leigh men have been told is "research" is completely invalid. Aside from which, Q followers are taught to question, or completely disbelieve verified sources of information, leaving followers to research the validity of conspiracy on conspiracy websites and their supporting documentation.

This is one of the reasons that Qanon has become so successful. It has convinced its followers that they are not only free to make up their own minds; but that they have successfully done so based on the materials provided to them.

Qanon gamers tell nothing of their bias research materials, the subliminal messaging in images and videos, the mind bending power of suggestion through their memes and other media. They would never admit that the graphic images of child sex abuse and torture which are being passed around as 'proof' of their unbelievable claims are really being used to induce trauma and coerce the protective aspect of innocent peoples psyches. They cannot let people know that the true object of this game is money and power. They cannot let anyone know whose behind Q in its totality because if that singular truth were to come out then the insanity of these claims would be known and a deep embarrassment would be felt by its followers...

Jim Watkins has been outted as one of the persons behind Qanon, and despite the fact that he runs one of the most dangerous and degrading websites on the cybernet and has otjer websites which host child pornography he has been forgiven by faithful Q followers for those transgressions and accepted as the possible Q savior Americans are hoping for.

Why? To save face. If Q followers admit that they have been feeding into a lie, that they have been tricked by a pig farmer on an island millions of miles away, a unkempt balding fat man who runs one of the most despicable sites on the internet- if they were to admit that then they would have to admit to their stupidity, and that's not going to happen any time soon. They would far rather cloak his sins in the "good works" of saving the children (which doesn't really happen in Qanon; though they often take credit for the work of others) in order to hide their own shame.

The 'silent partners' (those who remain widely unknown), Quinn Michaels and Jean Sebastian Joubert, have recently created a new website on the darkweb which advertises not only child pornography and beastiality but also has an area where child escorts can be advertised for a price, and these 2 horrible people are behind one of the most prolific cyber cults in modern history; thier ties to cult Galdrex/Guldrex, Fnord, Project 89, Cicada and other ARGs/cults, all of which I will divulge in another post, have all been swallowed into Qanon, bringing together everyone from flatearthers to antivaxers to KKK to the boogaloo boys under one banner. Years of work in the making all of which had failed until now. Quantum Schizophrenia has become a widespread condition that clinicians need to prepare for as the fallout could be detrimental to society once the truth of Q is divulged.

Those who created the Q game and those who carry it on even now have been playing these ARGs and reading about mind control for well over a decade. They've studied and been prepared for this for many, many years; their only impediment has been finding a theory that would penetrate the mind deeply enough and on a wide enough scale that they could use it's instrument to their advantage, and they've done that with Qanon.

Qanons most ingenious tactic in reaching new followers was it's use of hashtags like "Save the children" as it was with this focus many joined the cult- perhaps that may be the platform on which to "break the spell" so to speak...

COVID polarized the activism within the cult around the world- that could be a hard hurtle to overcome...

My Question to You:

How do we help Q followers once they break free and/or the reality of the Q cult is unmasked?

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Re: Understanding Qanon & Other ARGs: their impact on society and the psyche
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: November 14, 2020 05:31AM

BobbiJeanMcQueen Wrote:
> My Question to You:
> How do we help Q followers once they break free
> and/or the reality of the Q cult is unmasked?

A good start would be leading by example: not spreading claims without evidence to back them up and expecting others to believe them. Qanon originating as an ARG sounds like an interesting story but without convincing evidence it should be considered just that: a story.

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Re: Understanding Qanon & Other ARGs: their impact on society and the psyche
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: November 14, 2020 05:42AM

My reply may have been a bit snarky, sorry for that. But really, if you have evidence please share it.

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Re: Understanding Qanon & Other ARGs: their impact on society and the psyche
Posted by: BobbiJeanMcQueen ()
Date: November 14, 2020 07:02AM

I'm no presenter... in fact one of the reasons I posted this on the platform was in an effort to spark interest in the psychologic community concerning cults in the hopes that I might be able to pass on what I know to those who are able to properly document the progression of events with substantial evidence to support the truth behind Qanon and other ARGs like it.

That's not to say that I haven't researched this extensively myself; but rather that the research I've done is choppy and incomplete, thus it would be better if someone else took over because I'm unable to both handle the load myself or even to present my findings effectively thus far.

I have a wealth of screenshots, links, observations and correlations between the use of various ARG tags and multimedia platforms which all tie together in an obscure way which reflects the changes in Q as they happen over time. Even if I showed you what I have it wouldn't make sense without putting the puzzle appropriately together to show the full picture as it is. That, however, is a talent I sadly do not possess...

I will add some screenshots to a hosting platform and show you some of what I have; but as I said it will be of little to no value until the truth is recognized by more than just myself.

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Re: Understanding Qanon & Other ARGs: their impact on society and the psyche
Posted by: BobbiJeanMcQueen ()
Date: November 14, 2020 08:21AM

Here's a screenshot of Qanon information including an onion link to the darkweb where 8chan/8kun has been backed up for years.

The owner of 8chan/8kung is non other than Jim Watkins, and Qanon has its own designated areas with independent moderation within the 8kung website.


Onion links lead to the darkweb and must be opened with a special browser called TOR (which is short for The Onion Router) which can be found using a simple Google search and downloaded to your computer or cellphone in seconds.

Download TOR and type in the url to see the main Qanon portal.

If you replace the url circled with "thestorm/res/1731.html" rather than qresearch/catalog.html

Now if you change the 1731.html in the aforementioned storm url to read 4574.html you will be taken to a subforum where a few "Canucks" are saying thank you and hello to a poster by the name of "Pamphlet Anon" (one of the original Q creators), and if you follow the thread downward you can see other posters telling the Canadian to shut up and go back to jail, etc... the person they are addressing is Jean Sebastian Joubert.

If thats not enough for you, remove 4574.html and in place type 10275.html and a thread from 2018 can be seen where the secondary creators of Q are trying to convince the original group to allow the board owner (Jim Watkins) to become Q

Keep reading down that same thread and you will see some of the more strategic elements of the game laid out as plain as day.

Codmonkey is Jim Watkins son, Ron.
Pamphlet Anon is/was the original Q; he was once seen in a livestreem logged into Qs profile

If you keep checking the archives you will eventually come across a new main player who goes by the name "AI Anon" which is a profile shared by both Jean and Quinn...

The AI (artificial intelligence) is a major part of one of Jean and Quinns TG23 games- TG23-42.5 which alleges that those who fall into that mind trap are responsible for taking part in a secret project to build an artificial intelligence that will benefit mankind.
^it sounds crazy and it is. Jean and Quinn are Schizophrenics on a mission to take over the world; they believe they are the illuminate, the knights Templar and alien beings all wrapped into one timeless entity that can never die- utterly insane,but thats what they truly believe.

Keep searching that onion and look deep into what they're doing, how they're doing it and where they're branching out next because Qanon is far from finished.

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Re: Understanding Qanon & Other ARGs: their impact on society and the psyche
Posted by: BobbiJeanMcQueen ()
Date: November 14, 2020 08:31AM

I just noticed the image has been resized and the onion link is illegible...

Im unable to post the unadulterated link on the forum so here it is broken up to get by the sensors:


All you need to do is add one more forward slash (/) behind the other one and change (dot) to a period and the onion will work.

Plase do look into this. Its not a story- Qanon is a dangerous ARG which is spiraling out of control

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Re: Understanding Qanon & Other ARGs: their impact on society and the psyche
Posted by: facet ()
Date: November 14, 2020 09:33PM

My Question to You: How do we help Q followers once they break free and/or the reality of the Q cult is unmasked?

Advise them to educate themselves on the historical role of public relations in society.

They will likely already be avid you tube researchers, they have been trained into it. Use this existing element.

If they do decide to search (it is always possible that they won’t immediately, or at all) they will come across a couple various long PR docu series which will could be strong undoers of what they have been programmed to believe.

The risk you pose, unfortunately, is in coming across as a conspiracy theorist yourself. Omitting any dark web materials, there needs to be a sufficient basic public breakdown of the named people (real names are a good start) you mention - as best as you can, keep the traumatic stuff for the authorities.

Trauma added to any realisation would not be helpful in the earlier parts of getting people to re-realise reality.

Ever see the hilarious film Happy Gilmore?

Character Shooter Mcgavin hires a seemingly unhinged fan to try and manipulate situations to his own advantage. The film is not reality, but the gist is that Shooter ends up being the sore loser anyway. It’s the way things go.

Same story with The Wizard of Oz, which conspiracy theorists have a field day with in order to get their followers to distrust it, not to watch it - as the narrative is likely expose them.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 11/14/2020 09:38PM by facet.

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Re: Understanding Qanon & Other ARGs: their impact on society and the psyche
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: November 15, 2020 06:30AM

Thanks for the links, BobbiJean. I looked at the pages you linked to but I can't make any sense of them, unfortunately.

I hope someone can make a more easily digestible text/video with the information, for the less informed/intelligent like me.

In the Netherlands a popular satirical show recently did an item about Qanon which seems to have had some effect. It helped spread understanding of how easily we can be lured into a conspiracy-theory social media bubble. Here it is on YouTube with English subtitles: []

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Re: Understanding Qanon & Other ARGs: their impact on society and the psyche
Posted by: shamrock ()
Date: November 16, 2020 01:55AM

You don’t need Tor to view 8kun. It’s on the regular web at []. Also, I believe @codemonkeyz no longer works on the site. I don’t know why he quit.

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Re: Understanding Qanon & Other ARGs: their impact on society and the psyche
Posted by: BobbiJeanMcQueen ()
Date: November 16, 2020 04:19AM

People are finally starting to talk about their involvement with Q and CodeMonkey quit because he knows Q is going to fall and he doesn't want to be any further implicated than he already is.

He deleted his account on Parle quickly after making comments that he doesn't want to be his fathers "false front" or "do his bidding anymore" CM also said that he has seen his father, Jim Watkins, posting as Q on 8chan/kung multiple times.

Another component of the Q group is Cicada3301 (which is a branch of TG23); an insider who worked with cicada did a YouTube interview last night watch here where Thomas Schoenberger has been outted as one of the people behind Q.

I expect soon we will hear from 23 players, Project89 supporters and members of Fnord as everyone tries to bail out before they're found out to have more to do with Q than they are willing to admit to...

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