Am I Dipping Into The Beginnings of Some Internet Cult or Am I Paranoid?
Posted by: ghostwhispers ()
Date: October 05, 2020 12:54AM

I don’t know if this is an appropriate place to post about this but I don’t know where else to post.

How do you tell if a group is a cult/becoming a cult? I used to follow this guy on social media who was on a short lived reality show and he started using his online platform to talk about a lot of philosophy and spiritual stuff with mathematics as it’s basis and after the reality show stopped airing, he started posting more things like this and even naming the system that he was talking about and putting certain info behind a Patreon paywall (but it’s really, really important information! That’s why you have to pay for it!) Another thing that’s suspicious is that his alternative/goth aesthetic attracted a lot of teenage girls and he’s definitely tried to make this group seem like a safe space for outcasts. I have nothing against any alternative subculture, I dress like Gaga and Marilyn Manson had an alien child together. However, spending my teen years in a music scene with many guys in eyeliner and tight pants in their mid 20s with mental health related messages in their songs and large teenage female fan bases took advantage of some of their fans and it went on for quite awhile so I’m a bit suspicious of pretty guys with alternative aesthetics and similar fanbases. I’m not sure if I should be more specific on the person I’m talking about or the name of the group in case I’m wrong but it’s been getting more and more suspicious over the years. I’m not sure if this guy is just trying to make a living and compiling his own findings for others (he did write a couple books and I do know of new age/spiritual authors who also have active social media platforms...) but it just seems like an iffy situation and I’m sorry for ranting and being vague but I don’t know where else to ask or how specific to be. I’ll provide more info if it’s truly needed, I just don’t want to accidentally draw negative attention to something if I’m just paranoid and just need to stop researching cults and mind control for a bit. Haha.

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Re: Am I Dipping Into The Beginnings of Some Internet Cult or Am I Paranoid?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: October 05, 2020 04:52AM

Hi Ghostwhispers,

I understand your concern. There are a lot of suspicious groups around who try to sell us all kinds of strange material, and sadly these groups tend to appeal to people with mental health problems.
Some of these groups are entirely harmless, however it's difficult to tell exactly what they are up to, unless you get heavily involved in them and see for yourself. ( I don't suggest that you try that!)
Often, these kind of groups can be in operation for years and years before reports of abuse begin to emerge, and the majority of people involved are genuinely in the dark about what goes on behind the scenes.
Often, even if people are being exploited by spending all their money on worthless information, or even being exploited by having sex with the leader of such a group, there aren't any laws being broken and no-one is ever held to account. I'm not saying that that is what is happening with the group you are suspicious about - who knows?

Also, some weird people actually do believe the strange information that they peddle, and do genuinely believe that they are helping people in some way. Having said that, trust your gut.

And yes, it's fine to name the person you have suspicions about here on CEI forums, as other people may come out of the woodwork with information that supports your suspicions.
However, if you feel uncomfortable about naming the individual, then there is no pressure to do so.
You are welcome to talk about the concerning behavior without necessarily naming the person.

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Re: Am I Dipping Into The Beginnings of Some Internet Cult or Am I Paranoid?
Posted by: ghostwhispers ()
Date: October 06, 2020 05:25AM

He goes by Morgue and was on AMC’s Freakshow. His group that he’s formed is called Hyperianism. His website, [] states the following.

“The goal of Hyperianism is to create a new humanity and a new Earth.
Explore the site to discover what you are, where you are, and why you are here.
Reach the next level of evolution and claim your power.”

He has a few social media pages under the name Morgen Night but that seems like another pseudonym. I personally find him difficult to contact because I did want to ask him some questions about Hyperianism before making any judgements but I’ve been watching this movement grow for awhile now but I didn’t receive a response. I feel like his video content is getting more and more “out there” and his behavior in later videos seems different than his earlier ones.

This is his YouTube channel. []

He seems to be delving into political and conspiracy theory type videos more recently but I feel like his videos come out so fast that I have a difficult time keeping up with them so I gave up. His first book is titled “The Metaphorical Suicide” which is about metaphorically “killing” yourself and creating the new “real” version of yourself. It’s not that long, easy to comprehend, and I honestly found it to be an interesting read. I haven’t read anything else by him. His videos started out easy to follow but became more and more complex and as I said, I had a hard time keeping up with his content. I’ve seen a few comments on his social media calling Hyperianism a cult and occasionally he responds by saying that it’s an “anti-cult” based on “logic and reason” and promotes thinking for yourself. So far from the content of his I’ve seen, this checks out. I know there was an issue in one of his Facebook groups (that he’s admin on but isn’t very active and it’s mostly moderated by a handful of fans/followers) where the members would get very aggressive if someone questioned or challenged an idea in his books or videos. Morgue did notice the hostility in the group eventually and posted that he didn’t approve of it and politely asked for it to stop, saying he wanted to encourage discussion, but I never really saw him participate in these discussions. He does seem to livestream a lot though so perhaps that’s where he chimes in. I can still sense a bit of hostility in some member’s comments to each other, but overall it’s not as bad as the one incident I mentioned earlier. The movement seems interesting and harmless thus far but every time I decide to try and follow it again, I just get a weird vibe from his videos. Maybe that’s what he’s going for. I find it kind of strange that I can’t seem to find much about him online, making him a bit enigma-like, in my opinion.

I will admit that I’ve been interested in various new age movements for the past decade and started hanging around my favorite new age shop and listening to speakers and took a class on divination there as a teenager and I’ve always been hyper vigilant about certain speakers or groups that I met up with there, as the first new age book that I ever picked up had a list of red flags to look out for and I’ve definitely dodged some suspicious situations. I was homeschooled and very depressed and lonely and lost as a teenager and that shop was the most socializing I normally experienced and on some level, I knew this would attract predators, my parents already were afraid of me getting roped into something cult like since they grew up in the 70s with Jonestown and the Manson family and such and they knew I felt ostracized by my peers and was very much a “free spirit” and as a teenager just being aloud to go places without adult supervision, I was determined to prove to my parents that I wasn’t going to get involved in anything dangerous, so I’ve been on the look out for signs of cultish groups or predatory guru types for over a decade now and sometimes I do feel like I’m reading too much into things because I learned what to look for so early on, and this could just be some weird guy on the internet with genuinely good intentions, but I’ve been suspicious of the Hyperian movement for at least a year now and I’m just starting to wonder if I’ve caused myself to be overly paranoid or if there’s something strange going on here. I haven’t really interacted with anyone else involved in the group, I tend to just lurk and I do have trouble making friends due to being so introverted and I have a difficult time trusting people so I can’t say what the followers are like but at a glance they mostly seem to be in their teens and early 20s, which is a fairly vulnerable age group.

I don’t know. It doesn’t seem malicious but there’s something about Morgue and Hyperianism that just feels off to me.

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Re: Am I Dipping Into The Beginnings of Some Internet Cult or Am I Paranoid?
Posted by: Resilient ()
Date: October 06, 2020 08:16AM

Respectfully, there are a few red flags for me in that Hyperian quotation, including the "founder's" backstory and some of the details you provided.

If you're open to advice, since his videos give you a weird vibe why not take a break for a month or two from the group and notice how you feel? Sit with your suspicions a bit.

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Re: Am I Dipping Into The Beginnings of Some Internet Cult or Am I Paranoid?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: October 07, 2020 05:24AM

I took a look at the website and the youtube channel of "Morgue" and I gotta say, it looks like a whole lot of bullshit to me.

Here's quote from one of Morgue's books, called 'Ontological Mathmatics':

"Ontological mathematics, is the study of the mathematical wave nature of existence. This is not a reality of matter, rather, it’s a reality mind, of thought. And what is thought? Thoughts are mathematical sinusoidal waves. So ontological mathematics is the study of the mathematical waveforms of mind that make up all of existence and your very being. The spacetime world isn’t a material reality at all. It’s the Holos, which is a mathematical Fourier projection from a frequency singularity known as the Source."

Sounds confusing and far-fetched. It seems to be saying that we are our thoughts, and that our thoughts are mathematical constructs?

This seems very unlikely, since mathematics is an abstract science created in order to explain reality - it can't just step in and become that reality.

I would steer clear of this stuff if I were you, Ghostwhisper.

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Re: Am I Dipping Into The Beginnings of Some Internet Cult or Am I Paranoid?
Posted by: ghostwhispers ()
Date: October 08, 2020 11:56PM

Thank you both for your input! I’ve only been casually keeping an eye on his content over the past year or so to see where the movement is headed since I had suspicions of it being cult-like. I’ve just been questioning my own suspicions on and off and thought that I’d ask for some outside input.

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