Light workers, past life regression, etc.
Posted by: Krise78 ()
Date: September 17, 2020 04:09AM


Over the past few months, my sister-in-law has been obsessed with TikTok. She is pretty much on there 24/7. She also started getting into light workers and past life regression. She had a past life regression done on her back in June, and since then, it has been a non-stop journey into craziness. She started talking about meditation and the Akashic records. Then she got into astral projection. Now she believes she is an angel whose wings were clipped when she defied her creator. She claims she can see other people’s wings as well. She said she talks to dead people and she has a sanctuary on the astral plane. She is on missions (one involved a diamond she got from a special dragon) and she looks to people on TikTok for guidance on her missions. All of this deals with the 5d and the ascension. She has been giving people on TikTok money and paying a lot of money for tarot readings and readings to find her twin flame. All of this has caused her to leave her marriage (it appears to be a stage in the ascension). She said that people who don’t understand will fall behind. My brother is distraught and frustrated by all of this. He knows it is her newfound spirituality causing all this but she is not willing to even talk about it. He doesn’t want to lose her. They have one child together, and it has been tough on her as well.

I know what I described is not a cult per se (although there are some cults like this out there such as Love Has Won), but I feel that my SIL is brainwashed by all those people on TikTok. I Can’t believe that she actually believes all this stuff but she really does. Has anyone known of anyone to get brainwashed by social media? What can we do to get her to see that all this is not real? Thank you in advance.

Re: Light workers, past life regression, etc.
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: September 17, 2020 09:06AM

Social media is definitely used by problematic groups and leaders. Also by predators preying on vulnerable people.

Do you know who she is giving money to?

This can be helpful: []

As can this book []

Even though an actual cult may not be involved, a lot of this information still very much applies.


When someone you know becomes involved in a destructive cult there is one rule, which is consistently applicable to any cult situation--don't act hastily or panic. It is unwise to offer any response without first educating yourself--by specifically researching the group/leader in question, the general subject of cults and carefully considering what response best suits your individual situation. After this process of education you will better understand your options and can develop a practical strategy.


You should also consult with knowledgeable mental health professionals, educators and clergy about your concerns. But remember, only talk with those who agree to keep contact with you, your comments and concerns confidential


Whenever you talk to a cult member you should always try to stay positive. Find subjects of mutual interest and attempt to maintain and/or build upon your rapport. Be friendly, reasonable and look for areas of possible agreement. Don't be confrontive, punitive, combative and/or argumentative. Don't denounce the group, its leader(s) and/or beliefs and practices. But this does not mean that you should be deliberately misleading or phony. Don't give false information and/or act obviously out of character. Never use the word "cult" to describe the group or terms like "brainwashed" and "mind control.

Re: Light workers, past life regression, etc.
Posted by: Krise78 ()
Date: September 17, 2020 11:59PM

There is one lady On TikTok (Katnboots) that claims to do past life regressions and spiritual surgeries that my sister-in-law paid over $100 to. She also paid another TikToker (Walterhughes) for psychic readings And other people for various readings. Now she is giving random people money because she claims she is doing good in the world. She’s oblivious to the fact that people can be scammers on the internet.

She currently believes she can do past life regressions, so now she’s offering her services to others. She has not started charging though.

The information you provided definitely applies Thank you for posting it. I will check out the other references as well.

Re: Light workers, past life regression, etc.
Posted by: BobbiJeanMcQueen ()
Date: November 14, 2020 08:42AM

I have seen many people brainwashed by social media, including numerous people buying into theories like your sister in law has...

I'm looking to find a way to help them as well if we can.

I don't have any answers to give; but I can tell you that you're not alone

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