Providence/ JMS / Christian Gospel Mission (Korea)
Posted by: Kaizen ()
Date: May 12, 2020 12:47AM

This religious movement founded by Jung Myung-seok has been discussed previously.

Unfortunetly there does not appear to be much material on this website regarding this movement despite that fact that it is alledged that Rick Alan Ross was involved in an successful intervention with a former member of this group.

The main source of information regarding the inner workings and methods/tactics of this group were by Peter Daley who seems to have issued an apology to Providence / Christian Gospel Mission (Korea) and removed his website, you can find the apology here:


I am unsure if the apology and removal of content by Peter Daley was a result of lawfare by the movement, or what motivated once of the groups biggest critics and detractors to issue an apology and remove his website. If someone is aware of the reasons behind this or has any thoughts on the matter please can you post a comment.

Further the founder of this movement has been released from prison, but there does not appear to be any live sermons or seminars, or workshops, infact there appears to be very little noise from this movement and the same intensity of coversion/proselytising seems to have diminished.

Please if anyone has any material on this group, or can point me in the right direction on where such material/information which is historical or up to date would be appreciated.

It seems that the group operates a "resort" or "retreat" in Korea, where they hold events, and I assume that is where the JMS leader himself would likely be based surrounded by his loyal followers who likely fly in from various parts of the world to listen to his talks/seminars/ for a price.

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