Ascension Pioneers, aka Polona Somrak, Polona Aurea Dawn
Posted by: facet ()
Date: May 09, 2020 02:08AM

Ascension Pioneers (polona Somrak) aka Polona Aurea Dawn has been an online presence since before 2012, claiming to guide people in various ways through their seeming ascension process, along with her own. Guidance had to be paid for, along with card readings and activation meditations. Some posted for free, however regular donations were pleaded for over YouTube and Facebook. Polona also sold artwork claiming it had spiritual vibration, and now sells various other metaphysical garb.

Using a blog (diary of an ascension pioneer) (Serapina Light), a Facebook page, YouTube, and once for a very short time a forum, ascension ‘updates’ were posted by a seemingly nice and well intentioned lady claiming to be an ascension guide, a title that was later dumped because in her then words - there are no guides and there is no guidance. Guidance continued anyway shortly after the statement was made.

Periodically, this lady would upload a video of herself where one of her followers had challenged what she had said or something she had done in some way, and the video would be all about spiritually shaming and discrediting that person amongst her followers, both greatly and publicly, it was awful to see and occurred at least six or seven times to various people in my short time of observing. The hurt and damage this would have done any spiritual seeker is terrifying. Followers would group to gang up against that person until they disappeared offline.

To add to this, every so often Polona would upload a video and encourage those who viewed to write in to her with their experiences, confusingly only to post another video as quickly as the next day complaining for 20 minutes that people had written in their experiences to her, and what was the point because it was worthless to her. In some cases she would share what was said, and discredit it with added disgust.

At one point it was noted that Polona tried to loose one or some part of her followers, claiming that she would no longer be uploading videos, this lasted albeit three months before the same rambling videos were posted up and simply continued, most of them talking complete and utter 90 mph nonsense.

In the early days, the (completely bogus) concept of twin flames was heavily posted upon, Polona believing that she would some day meet hers.. which she did, the man who designed her web stuff for her, Jani Koren. One or two videos of them both being ‘twin flame pioneers’ appeared along with a new blog featuring them both, before some kind of disasterous end to the relationship which saw Polona delete all evidence of him from all of her outlets, who knows what happened there. Jani the so called powerful twin flame pioneer disappeared completely.

It is clear to me that this woman is manipulating the general public with certain spiritual beliefs and behaviours, in order to make a profit.

She also appears to enjoy selling a highly pictured lifestyle, as typically presented by instagram ‘influencers’ types via persistently posting of selfies and ideal lifestyle in nature, dresses in costume style pictures.

Polona sings an endearing opening song on some clips, which ends in the words “love is all I know’ however the hatred towards anyone opposing her fixed values (as posted) really does not match up with this statement in any sense of the word.

Ascension trends have been going since well beyond the speculative 2012 dates for apparently doing so, with many still using this story to manipulate people into handing over money with very little to gain from it aside from a lesson in being duped and a world of hurt if used as a target by this woman.

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Re: Ascension Pioneers, aka Polona Somrak, Polona Aurea Dawn
Posted by: Windjourney11 ()
Date: March 30, 2021 10:14PM

I’m really happy to have finally found a thread about Polona. She does a good job of shutting down all opportunity for criticism by disabling comments, hiding her contact info, etc.

I was involved with her work for a while (I'm not proud of it) and I can confirm she is a delusional narcissist that seems to have taken a turn for the worse as of late. Whereas before she was more just a typical egocentric New-Ager who at least focused on the so-called light and love, she has now completely given over to some weird evangelical Christian/paranoid conspiracy theorist worldview— anti-vax stuff, archons, and belief in an impending apocalypse. She encourages all sorts of bizarre & extreme “healing” methods such as "antiparasitic" supplements, enemas, strict vegan diets, homeopathy...without any consideration of how that may influence her vulnerable followers. Alarmingly, she now speaks often about her own death, how she has little time left on the planet and can't wait to go "home."

Over the last few months her videos have become especially dark and hateful, where she usually spends the whole duration complaining about how horrible all other people are compared to how “pure” she is, and how “dense” and “distorted” everything on Earth is. She enjoys blaming everyone— and I mean everyone— apart from herself for her endless maladies. For the past couple of years she has also talked about how Satan/Lucifer/evil aliens are personally targeting her because she is such an exalted angelic being. This, to her, is why she struggles in life, and anyone who challenges this is immediately censored and blocked.

Her recent video is one of the most venomous I have seen. She comes close to threatening her viewers when she says they should watch their backs because she is certain something bad will happen to them by the end of this year, and that this is somehow God’s will. It is truly vomit-inducing, yet also sad, because she is clearly having a mental breakdown.

Like the above author wrote, she loves to condemn others publicly. I witnessed her humiliate and denigrate followers simply for asking her basic questions. During my time involved, I saw follower after follower go from total adoration to suddenly leaving the group because of the cruel treatment they were subjected to. She uses her Patreon platform to not only cover her living costs but to create a filtered group of ass-kissers who pay up to $27 a month for what is often low-effort or little content.

I wrote this not out of any resentment (honestly I would like to put the whole thing behind me) but because I want to share the reality of this fake guru and to encourage any follower who is on the fence about her to trust their gut feeling.

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Re: Ascension Pioneers, aka Polona Somrak, Polona Aurea Dawn
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 31, 2021 07:52AM

Welcome to CEI, Windjourney.

There's been a lot of crossover from the metaphysical scene into QAnon. Ditto with the wellness and yoga communities. It's like the Venn circle diagrams.

There's a relatively new online Messianic conspiracy group called sabmyk that's been cross-breeding with QAnon.

Dunno if your former teacher uses this material.

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